Monday, October 15, 2012

Unreal Candy Review

I have always wanted to do product reviews, and have picked a few categories that I would like to test. One of those was healthier candy, since I am a huge chocoholic! I had been hearing about Unreal Candy while reading some running/exercise/health blogs and wanted to try it out!
First I checked their website, and looked up where to find it locally. Target was on the list so I stopped in and looked, but couldn't find any! Bummer! I contacted the company in the meantime, hoping they had some samples or some coupons. Rachael emailed me right back with some info and a promise of coupons. Hooray!
I read the info in preparation and was excited to see

  • No corn syrup
  • No hydrogenated oil
  • No artificial flavors
  • No GMO’s
  • No synthetic colors
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients, including:
    • Traceable cacao beans from Ghana and Ecuador
    • 100% sustainable and organic Palm Kernel Oil sourced from a sustainable and organic plantation in Brazil
    • Dairy from free-range cows pasture raised without antibiotics or added hormones
    • All natural origin colors, coming from plants like beets, red cabbage, etc.
    • 30% less sugar, 60% more protein and 250% more fiber per serving on average compared to the leading competing brands
WOW! I am loving this! Only 2 days after hearing from Rachael, a box arrived from FedEx. I couldn't imagine what it could be! Much to my surprise and delight, Rachael had sent me a box of chocolates!

The teenies were very excited! They couldn't wait to help me taste test the candy, and what better critics are there? Teenagers are the pickiest people I know! There were 5 varieties, with 2 of each variety in the box!

We started off with the Peanut Butter Cups. The first we thing we noticed when we opened them was how chocolately it smelled, like that famous name brand PB Cups. YUM! My daughter said "These are actually better!" We had split the package, and immediately opened the second one so that we could eat more!
The next night, we tried the Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar. It smelled just like a Snick.....well, you know! That night, there were 4 of us trying it out, so we each got a bite. Even the hubs wanted in on this after he heard how good they were! He can be worse than the kids, especially when it comes to healthy foods. After I assured him that this was not diet candy, just more natural candy, he was all over it! My son took the second bar and bolted from the room so that he could eat it alone!
The picture of these was eaten by my daughter's ipod. Apparantly, the ipod was jealous of the taste test, and wanted in!
The next night we tried the Candy Coated Chocolate. These are in very pretty Fall-like colors, and taste just like those initial candies. I was skeptical about these, I love those initial candies, and we visit their store in NYC whenever we go. These were divine, one of my faves. There was a slight aftertaste, I think from the shell coloring, but it was not unpleasant, and I scarfed down the whole bag. My daughter stole the other bag and ate them pretty quickly as well!
The next night we tried the Candy Coated Peanut Chocolates. These are also a fave of mine, especially after i read in a magazine that they were one of the better candies for you, because the peanuts are a good fat, and most of the candy is really peanut. I sometimes get these initial candies in the yellow bag when I go to the store to eat in the car on the way home. The Unreal version was fabulous! We really enjoyed them, and these did not have the aftertaste that the plain ones had.
Tonight we tasted the final candy, the Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar. There was only one in the box, because my son absconded with the other one at some point over the weekend! Little sneak! My daughter and I tasted the remaining bar, which is similar to that Heavenly Candy Bar. It was also very delicious and chocolatey. We are huge fans of caramel here, so you can never go wrong when it is involved!

I have to say, I cannot wait until I can find these in stores! I love that the ingredients are so natural, instead of all the chemicals you find in other candies! They have the same amount of calories that you will find in regular candies, but are a much better alternative! I highly recommend them if you are a chocoholic!
I will close with a little blurb about the founders, but want to be sure everyone knows that I was not paid for this review. The candy was sent to me free of charge, but with no expectations as to how I would like the candies! I simply promised to write an honest review on my blog.

Nicky Bronner, a kid determined to prove he could unjunk candy, and Adam Melonas, an innovative chef, have collaboratively brought an UNREAL™ idea to life.  UNREAL™ products are made with wholesome ingredients, with more fiber and more protein.  The dairy comes from free-range, pasture-raised cows without antibiotics or added hormones.  The palm kernel oil hails from a sustainable, organic farm in Brazil.  The cacao beans are actually traceable, sourced from farms in Ghana and Ecuador that do not employ child slave labor. UNREAL™ takes the extra step in developing their candies because it’s the right thing to do for people and the planet.  With a simple idea brilliantly executed, UNREAL™ Brands has become a magnet for creative professionals. One from Google.  An interior decorator.  A P&G’er.  A guitarist from Glaceau.  A dog named Lola.  In short, an eclectic mix you’d never find in any other company in the world.  But it works.  Why?  Because they’re drawn together by a common mission.  To challenge what we’ve come to accept in our food.  To change the way junk food is made.


  1. Very Cool! I'd love to try them too. Wonder if/when they will be available in Canada?! Is the calorie count any better - did you notice?

    1. Sandra, I would check their website for Canada availablility! The calorie count is pretty much the same, but there is less sugar, and the ingredients are pretty much all natural!

  2. Replies
    1. Lindsey, they really were delicious :)