Monday, October 29, 2012

Yoga and Hurricane Sandy

The power is starting to blink off and on so I thought I would try to post one last blog before we lose internet!
Let me just interject here, to say that, no sooner had I typed that sentence, that the power blinked again and I am currently without internet! It will come back, though, which is great, hopefully I will post it fast enough before it blinks again!
When we woke this morning and still had power, I decided to hurry and get some yoga in! Since Sandy is heading right for us, our chance at losing power is pretty good! I pulled out Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga and rocked out an hour of yoga with weights.
Can you see the rain on the window? It is crazy windy out now, our big tree in the front yard dropped a HUGE branch into the street, so hubby had to drag it in.
After yoga, my daughter and I played Just Dance 3 for an hour, so I definitely got a good workout in! They are starting to evacuate our area, but we have chosen to stay. We are not in a flood zone, and we are worried about looters coming in after everyone leaves, so we are staying here for now.
Good luck to everyone effected by Sandy, and stay safe!
I am going to publish this quickly, before the power blinks again!