Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy New Year.......Now!

The gals over at I'm Fit Possibleand My Life My Way came up with a brilliant idea! Why wait until New Year's Eve to make Resolutions? Why not make them now? I couldn't wait to jump on board this wagon! Now, during that crazy Holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, I will be on the right track. LOVE it! Tara said it so well on her blog I am sharing it with you:

 To help you get started, here are my Top 5 Goal Setting Tips to help you set some really wicked, achievable, inspiring, hug-worthy goals:

1. When it’s written down it becomes real (I said this one already).

2. Write down short and long term goals-but don’t stop there. For each goal you have, you MUST write a few action items (or process goals) in order to help action your goals and keep you on track.

3. Write them down in the present tense. I am as opposed to I want to.

4. Stick with the positives as opposed to the negatives. Remember you bring about what you think about.

5. Share them! Your friends and family want to know. Maybe they can help you. Don’t be shy.

Thanks Tara!!!
So here are my goals:
  1. I am going to run 3 times a week. I have them already written down on my weekly calendar, so I have an appointment with myself to do those runs! My family knows I plan to run them, and will make sure they don't ask for any rides or favors during those times!
  2. I am going to participate in Run Find Your Happy Pace's Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Challenge which runs until December 22. I will do the workouts 2 days a week. I have the workouts written in my weekly calendar so that I have an appointment with myself to get it done! I have the DVD out on the Entertainment Center as a reminder, and the kids and dogs have been warned to leave me alone during workouts. The dogs don't listen, but a girl has to try!
  3. I will eat 5-7 servings of freggies per day! I will go shopping weekly so that I have plenty of options available and the hubs will make me a salad every night with dinner. I get Bonus Points for the HBBC challenge (the button is at the top of my blog, if you join, mention my name!) if I eat 7 servings, so I have an extra incentive!
  4. I will eat less junk food! Chocolate is my down fall! I will keep less of it in the house, instruct my hubs not to bring it home, and I will not buy it when I am out shopping!
  5. I will read 3 books. I am an avid reader, but reading always seems to be the first to go when things get crazy! I will set aside *at least* 30 minutes a night to read before bed. I will also bring a book with me when I play Mom's Taxi, so that I can read while I wait for the kids at pick up.

If you were going to make Resolutions today, what would they be? Feel free to join in on Happy New Year...Now!


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  2. That is such a great idea! I've started by making weekly goals and sending them to my coach - like I promise to foam roll more often, I want to make sure I drink more water, etc. I'm hoping that by setting my goals on a weekly basis that will help to incorporate them in my life and make it more of a habit.

    1. thart's awesome Leana! Good luck! Something about writing them down and sharing them makes it easier to stay on track!

  3. This is a great idea! I'm a big fan of setting goals year round. They are almost almost scribbled in one of my notebooks in my purse or in my planner.

    1. Thanks Suz, I am loving it so far! Who doesn't need extra motivation?