Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Turkey Trot Winners!

I doubt there is anyone who hasn't heard about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind. I live in Point Pleasant Boro, one town away from the devastating pictures you will have seen if you watched the Telethon. Jenkinson's Boardwalk is where I, and now my kids, grew up. It is a mile away. The Mantaloking bridge, which had a house float through the water and hit it, is 5 miles away. I can see it from the beach that is a mile from my house, only now half of it is gone and many of the houses went with it.
I have only one personal picture of actual damage to my neighborhood, where many lost *everything*, because we have been restricted to our house for almost a week. The curfew was 5 pm to 7 am since the hurricane hit. When we woke up Tuesday morning, this is what we saw 3 houses away.
The water came up to our garage, but never entered my home. We were blessed. We suffered a few broken fence pieces and loss of power for 4+ days. We had to throw away the contents of our fridge and two freezers. That's nothing. Absolutely nothing. So many lost so much. When my Jeep battery died from too much phone charging (for the second time in as many days!) and we needed candles to light the way at night, my amazing friend Val came to the rescue. The water damaged her house, and she is living elsewhere right now. People here are amazing!
The National Guard is here, because people are coming in to the neighborhoods with no power and no people, and stealing from the victims. Karma will get those people, I know that, but who does that? Who steals from people who have already lost so much? This is what we see all over our neighborhood:

I would like to thank the police, fire dept, EMS, and National Guard for all they are doing! We got free firewood to keep our house warm and when I asked about candles a cop went in and got me 3 votives because it was all they had. I love my town! Point Boro rocks!

Now, onto some happiness!
I am hosting a Virtual Race right now, there is a link with info to the right, but you can see the Facebook event page here. I did a drawing for everyone who signed up by Nov 1, and I will do another on Black Friday. So far I have 32 runners and have raised over $400 for the Cancer Concern Center! Hopefully their offices were not damaged by Sandy, they are close to the ocean in Point Pleasant Beach. I am accepting registrations all month, unless I run out of medals. At this point, I have 30 medals and will be purchasing more today so that I have a total of 60 medals. That leaves 28 up for grabs, and I will gladly order more if necessary! My last Virtual Run had 100 racers and I raised $1500 for Komen!
On to the winners! If you see your name, your prize will arrive with your medal! I am not shipping out this week as I originally planned, because the mail here is wonky right now. I am hoping things will be back to normal by next week!
  1. Athleta Visor: Debbie Bornstad
  2. Breast Cancer bracelet: Heather Keefe
  3. Havasu Decal Tumbler: Kathy Morris
  4. Pumpkin iRun decal: Valerie Morales, Maxine Rebeles, Christine Shubin
  5. iRun decal: Sam Steppe, Christy Blankenship, Stacy Hicks, Kim McKee, Suzann Lankford, Cary Bomgren
  6. Breast Cancer Pin: Grace Hagemeyer
  7. Breast Cancer Pin: Lisa Mercado
  8. Pedometer: Paula Owens
  9. Ford Warrior Scarf: Alexis Struszczyk
  10. AVON Breast Cancer Scarf: Danielle Borgo
  11. Breast Cancer bandana: Pattie Rundgren
  12. Pilates DVD: Tara Lee
  13. Sweat Pink Laces: Darlena Kolpak, Evelyn Smith, AnnMarie Bornstad, Heidi Cardoza
  14. notepad, stickers, etc: Morgan Prytherch

Anyone who did not win will be entered into the next drawing! Good luck!

Today is my long run, 15 miles! My usual route will be blocked off sue to the storm, so I will be making some changes! I have never run 15 miles before, it should be.....interesting!

What is the longest distance you have ever run?


  1. LOL, Kim please feel free to pick another winner for my pink laces. Although I was really excited to see my name, I have quite a few. SPA <3 Darlena

    1. Thanks Darlena, I will find something special for you!

  2. I'm glad that you didn't have much damage and that everyone is okay. :)

  3. How awful! I didn't even think about the fact that people would steal. Glad to hear you're ok though.

  4. Great giveaway! Congrats to the winners :) Glad you are safe!

  5. Hi Kimberly, I was so interested to read your first hand account of the storm. Thank you for the sharing it and for the insight into what it has been like for you and your neighbors. I am glad you are OK and hope the area can recover quickly. And thank you for the decal! :)

  6. p.s. That was me, Kim M. - I don't know how to add my name!

  7. Weird that you can't add your name!Congrats on the decal!

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