Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Long Runs and KenpoX

Saturday was my first official long run! I have been doing Half Marathons as my long runs, which has sort of set back my training a little, but I am getting back on track! My friend Colleen, who is also doing the Disney Marathon, came with me to the Manasquan Reservoir, a 5 mile loop trail, that is about 20 minutes away. We got there at about 1:30, which seemed smart at the time, since it was warmer than the morning.
I parked the car right next to the trail entrance so that we could stop at every loop to get a drink, eat, whatever we needed. It was a little chilly when we set out, but it didn't take long to warm up. I forgot how hilly it was there, and how beautiful! What an amazing view! There were tons of people there as well, walking, biking, running. It was great to have a partner, someone to talk to definitely made the time pass!
The first 5 miles was a breeze! It took just over an hour, we had a nice steady 12-13 minute mile pace, and we stopped for a drink and I had some PB&J to hold me through. Back we went with no problems. Around again, only this time the hills seemed.....hillier. We stopped at mile 9 for a potty break and I realized I didn't have my keys! OHNO! Did I lock them in the car? I did take time to snap a photo, so I couldn't have been too stressed, lol

I also texted the hubs, in case I needed him to come and bail me out! We got to the car at mile 10, and found that the keys were on the seat and the car was not locked. Yikes! Good thing people around there were honest! More food, more drink, and back to the trail for lap 3.
My back really ached and we started a little slower. The hills were HUGE on lap 3, how did that happen? By mile 12 and 13, I was shuffling, and stopped to walk a bit. Jumping all of the downed branches and dodging horse poo really takes a lot out of a person! I finished 15.14 miles in 3:36:33. Colleen ran 2 extra miles for her training, in the pitch blackness! My hero! She was awesome!

Sunday was a rest day, Monday was P90X KenpoX, which was like Tae Bo....Tony Horton style! I wore my cute pink Piloxing gloves, and got started. Those gloves were HEAVY by the halfway mark, so I took them off. It was a fun workout, I really enjoyed it! I felt pretty badda$$ when I was done!
I have done alot of TaeBo in the past, so I knew the moves, which was helpful. I can't wait to do that workout again! I was only a little sore this morning, and it didn't linger. I ran 3.3 easy miles today, to start off week 21 of Marathon Training!
OH and did you know it is Hug a Runner Day?
Be sure to hug a runner today!

What is the longest you have run so far? How did it go?


  1. I'm doing the Disney World marathon too! I know there will be a bajillion ppl there but maybe we'll get to meet when/if we do a SweatPink meet up! Fun! Nice job on the 15 miles - I like the idea of doing three loops of 5 miles and might try that today!

    1. OMG we totally have to get together! I will be there from Thursday til Monday, plenty of time to meet up somewhere! I am running the 5K as well!

  2. My longest run so far is the diva half and i did 1 half on my treadmill for a virtual run. The diva didnt go great after the wall at mile 9...boo.

    Question, how do you find running partners? I am a slow runner 11-12 min miles usually but most of my friends are super fast 7-9 minute miles and even though they offer to run with me i feel weird and i know they genuinely want to run with me and wont mind going slow but i would not feel comfortable.

    1. I belong to a running club, and I met my one friend there. She is a bit faster than me, but she slows down a bit for me, and i speed up a bit for her! I have a few friends who run, and we sometimes get together. I soemtimes slow down for them, or they slow down for me. I figure, if they don't wanna slow down for me, they won't run for me, lol.