Sunday, November 25, 2012

Navesink Challenge Trail Race and HBBC week 1

Today I ran in my very first Trail Race. The Navesink Challenge is a 15K race, half road, half trail, and VERY hilly. Some road hills but mostly trail hills. Steep ones. Yikes! I was also excited that this race wasn't cancelled like the last two, due to damage sustained during Super Storm Sandy. The race was also changed last minute to benefit local efforts to rebuild. Yay! I couldn't resist wearing my new Ergo Restore the Shore tee, although it wasn't a tech shirt.
I met my friend Eileen at the start, and was excited to find that she was going to stay with me the whole time. Eileen is faster than me, so it was super nice of her to hang back a bit. We started out fast, but there was a hill right away, and it felt like there was always a hill! It was an out and back, so we knew that it would be no better coming back! We did manage to maintain a nice 12 minute mile average. I wanted to finish in under 2 hours, and we managed to finish at about 1:50. Hooray! It was so cold, that we didn't really hang around afterwards, just made a break for our cars!
I can't wait to try it again next year, and improve my time!

This was also week one of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!
You earn points for workouts, accountability, and weekly challenges. I did pretty well in the points category, I had some great workouts and I posted to facebook and instagram every day. I love the accountability of this Challenge, it is really keeping me motivated!

I joined another Challenge at the last minute, one with daily challenges and tons of support.
You get an elf every 2 weeks, and you support and motivate each other. Should be a great tool for surviving the holidays!!

What is your favorite kind of race? Are you racing in December?


  1. Congrats on surpassing your goal for your 15K! I'm a HBBC person too! I'm loving the accountability. I am racing December 1st, my first half. I'm super excited!

    1. Good luck, but bewar! They are addictive! I ran 4 this year and already have 5 on the calendar for 2013!!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!

    I have a bunch of regular 5ks and a couple of 10k virtual races on the books for December. January has a winter series where we go to a different state park each Sunday for a 5k. After Sandy there are only 3 this year as the other parks are still closed.

    There is a yearly 25k/50k trail run here that I am dying to try one year but I am not ready yet!

    1. OMG a 25K! That would be cool, but tough! Love the Winter Series idea, so cool! My running club does one on the summer in Wall, NJ every week for 5 weeks. It is hilly, but fun to go run there every week! I got 3rd in my age group overall for having good attendance lol

  3. Great job on the race and week 1 of HBBC! I'm doing HBBC and Elf for Health too!