Thursday, November 15, 2012

Veteran's Day 11K and P90X

I can't believe it took me so long to get this done!
On Sunday, November 11, I strapped on my Veteran's Day Virtual 11K bib and set out to run for the second year!

I decided to use the exact same route as last year, to compare results. Last year, my time was 1:29, which is about a 13 minute mile average. I was just starting out, and I was doing a walk/run method to get through the distance, which was my longest at the time. I knew I could beat that time, I couldn't wait to see how well!
Of course, I had to have my daughter take a pic before I left:

It was very sunny in my living room! I am wearing my Flag Active Headband, although you can't really tell!
I was a little nervous about this run for two reasons:
  1. I had done a very hilly 10k in Trenton the day before
  2. This route is a long stretch of road that runs along the water, and they were hit hard by Sandy. I ran this route the week before and it was devastating....and dangerous!

I set out with no real objective, other than to finish the run faster than 1:29. It was a little cool when I started, with a cold breeze. It is a great out-and-back route, and one of my faves for a 5-8 mile run. Of course, before I even hit mile 1, I hit the bridge just as it was going up! UGH! I paused my watch, and stretched my shin. The view wasn't bad, actually!

The bridge finally went back down and away I went. I was thrilled to see that the debris had been cleaned off of the road, and the downed wires were all fixed. The Disaster Recovery team was removing all of the furniture and materials destroyed by the Storm. I was so glad that the victims would no longer have to look at it every day! I waved to the men, gave them a thumbs up, and thanked them.
I turned around at the halfway mark, and was happy to see my time was pretty good. Much better than I thought! My legs were hardly tired, and the temp was warming up. On my way back, as I passed the men from Disaster Relief (who were making AMAZING progress!) the man I thanked gave me a thumbs up as I ran by, and a big smile. SO nice!
I finished my 11K in front of my house with a time of 1:15:56, 13 minutes faster than last year's time! WOW! I just checked my results at the website:
38th out of 96 overall
24th out of 68 women
I can't wait to get my medal and tee shirt!

On Monday I did P90X
It was Back and Legs day. Now, let me just say here that I am not following this program religiously. I do not do a workout every day. On days that I am not running, I see what workout is next, and i do it. It will be more like P180X  for me! Back to the workout. HOLY LUNGES BATMAN! There were over 100! OUCH! Add some squats and some back exercises, and I was one tired gal when it was over. I LOVE Tony Horton, he is funny, easy to follow, and....well....eye candy. Definitely easy to look at! I love the workouts. I am only on week 1, and I cannot do a chin up at all, but I bought the chin up bar so that when I am ready, I have it. At the end of every "week" I will try a chin up. Until then, I am using a band tucked into the top of a door for my "chin up" exercises. When I finally manage one, no matter how ridiculous I look, I will be sure and have one of my minions take a pic. It will be a momentous occasion for sure!
I must say that on Tuesday I woke up and felt like someone had beat my legs and butt with a stick! I was SORE! I work in a classroom, and bending over to pick stuff up? Nope. Wasn't happening. Wednesday either. Today I feel normal again!

I have been feeling thick and stupid this week, though. You know what I mean? Like a cold is coming on, and my body is fighting it? I am pretty sure I am winning, but I still feel slow, my eyes are tired and watery, and my head aches off and on. Saturday I am attempting my longest run, 15-17 miles, so I am resting to avoid getting sicker. I will be sure to post about the run afterwards. Luckily, my good friend Colleen is coming with me, so we can motivate each other! We are both training for the Disney Marathon in January!

Are you training for any big races?



  1. Great job on your race. I also did P90X and a hybrid of it with my running and still had great results. Although when I did legs I usually had a sore booty for a few days, lol. good luck

    1. That's good news, thank you! After one week I lready feel stronger, I can't wait to see how I feel at the end!

  2. i have a couple 5ks in a few weeks that i need to focus on. i really should dust off my p90x and give it another try. its beena long while since i have done it.

    1. You should! Even if you do it the way I am, you will benefit!