Sunday, December 30, 2012

HBBC2012 Weekly Recap

Today is the last day of Week 6 of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. It has been a rough 6 weeks, some were good, some were bad! I fought a couple different illnesses, and rested a little more than was probably needed, for fear of ruining my chances at the Marathon (2 weeks from today, WOOT!)
I had one week where I only earned 2 points! I workout a little every day, no matter what, whether it is squats, pushups, or planks, but that doesn't usually add up to a point.

This past week was a good week! I earned 32 points this week!
Monday: 5 mile trail run, plus a post to Facebook (and squats, pushups, plank)
Tuesday: 2.7 mile walk, post to Facebook (squats and plank)
Wednesday: 8.4 mile run, post to Facebook (squats, pushups, plank)
Thursday: plank
Friday: 3.1 mile run, post to Facebook (squats, pushups, plank) and then a .75 mile walk
Saturday: 6 mile run, post to Facebook (squats and plank)
Sunday: 1 hour Zumba, post to Facebook (later will be squats and plank)

Throw in all of the Christmas cooking and cleaning, and I did pretty well!
Next week should go well, I am on taper, but I still have 3 runs to do, more squats and planks, maybe some more Zumba.

I have some new challenges coming up as well. No details now, but here are some teasers!

Have you joined any challenges for the New Year?


  1. Great week 6! I joined the Golden mornings challenge too! I'm also doing the Chilly Challenge and Start Clean 2013. Love challenges!

    1. I haven't heard of those! I love challenges! Enjoy them!

  2. Which marathon are you doing?? I'm doing the Walt Disney Marathon two weeks from today!

    I wouldn't worry about resting too much, it's probably better than pushing your body too much this close to a big race!

    1. I am doing Disney as well! My daughter are doing the 5K together, and I am doing the Marathon with a friend. SO excited!!

  3. Great week!
    I'm going to try Golden Mornings too -- it'll be really different for me, so I think that could be a good thing!

    1. Yay Lauren! That's what I thought as well! I am hoping that I enjoy it!