Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Last Long Run Before the Disney Marathon!

Today was my rescheduled final long for the Disney Marathon! I checked the weather last night and it said that a storm was moving in, bringing rain, high wind, and flooding. Hooray! I was bound and determined to wake up early, and get out there for this run!
Goal one was to get up and be on the road by 8:00. BUT. The bed was so warm, and it is vacation, and  the Hubs slept in as well. SO I got up a little late, had one of the ProBars that I won from gingermantra (yummy by the way, it was a Cran-Lemon Twister meal bar), checked my email and facebook, and then prepped for the run. Cold weather gear, new Yurbuds, Honey Stinger waffles, small water bottle. Ready to go.
I decided I was going to do a lot of out and backs, since the bad weather was coming in, with my first being the longest. I ran down Princeton Avenue, a nice rolling hilly straight road with a wide shoulder. At the 4 mile mark, I stopped for my first taste of Honey Stinger Waffles. I ordered the vanilla flavor, and it smells and tastes like a sugar cookie. DIVINE! I ate half, and turned back. It was a nice easy run, and the weather looked ominous, but held nicely. At the 5 mile mark, the wind started picking up, and got progressively stronger as I closed in on my house. I stopped at home at the 8.4 ish mile mark to pee, with every intention of continuing my run.

The top picture on the right is the view from mile 4. Yucky, huh? The bottom is mile 7, not getting any better! 
When I got home, the front door was locked. UGH! The hubs has a nasty habit of locking the door whenever he leaves, he doesn't even really think about it, it is such a habit. Not really a bad habit overall. but not very convenient when you have to pee, you don't wanna cool off, and you don't wanna stretch either! I knew my son was home, but he was either sleeping, or plugged into his XBox live with his headphones on. I rang the bell for almost 10 minutes before finally calling his cell. Wish I just done that from the start! He *was* plugged into the XBox and didn't hear the doorbell or the dogs barking. 
At this point I was just done with the whole thing, lol. I was frustrated, the wind was picking up, the air getting damper (which is not great for my asthma, on top of the cold air!) so I called it a day. 
Overall it was an amazing run. I felt great, not one ache or pain, my pace was great. It was...great. Not what I planned, but that is life!
Let the taper begin!


  1. Way to go girl!!
    I can't believe u were locked out! LOL that is so something my hubby would do!
    Good luck @ Disney when u go! I will be watching for the race recap!

  2. Ugh, hubs did that to e last summer, I was stuck sitting outside for almost 1 hour so I added more miles!