Saturday, December 29, 2012

Racing in the numbers!

I have seen a lot of posts this week, wrapping up the year, and posting using numbers. I just *had* to join in!

39: My age on my birthday this year
1: How many years I have been running
20: The number of 5Ks I did this year!
4: The number of Half Marathons I did this year!
613: The number of total miles I ran this year.

WOW! Let's talk a moment to reflect on my awesomeness, lol. This was my first full year running, since I started in late August of 2011. 613 miles. WOW! I will beat that number next year!

3: Number of Mud Runs I did this year!
22: Number of books I read this year
1: Number of 10 mile races I did this year
3: Pairs of sneakers I went through this year
3: Number of 5 miles races I did this year
and last but not least
2: Number of 10Ks I did this year
1: Number of Trail Runs I did this year, a 15K in November, veryveryvery hilly!

Some more really fun numbers.....2012 PRs

5K: 29:45 Interlaken 5K on 10/13/12
5 Miles: 53:33 Running Club Run Fall 2012
10K: 1:09:09 Trenton Half Marathon/10K

10 Miles: 1:57:27 Ocean Drive Marathon/10 Mile Run 3/25/12

1/2 Marathon: 2:25:41 Hershey Half Marathon 10/21/12
That is my fave pic of all, because my parents came to watch! LOVE!!

I can't wait to post my 2013 numbers! Here is a taste of my goals:
25 books read
1 Marathon (Disney, 1/13/13)
13 Half Marathons
15 5Ks
3 five milers
2 Mud Runs
1 10K
1 15K Trail Run
614 total miles

Have you sent any race goals for 2013?


  1. That is some miles you accomplished in 2012!

  2. Really?! 1 year of running with those numbers. Awesome!
    Great freshman year :)
    And...I am in PA...not far from Hershey!

    1. Thanks Stacey! My parents live in Pennsylvania, love it there! I plan to do the Runners World Race Weekend in 2013, if all the stars align! It was the same weekend as Hershey this year, so I missed it!

  3. 13 half marathons is a lot! What a goal.

    1. I am doing 4 in the Spring and 4 in the Fall, plus 5 (or more) Virtuals during the year. At least, that is was I planned so far. Who knows what else I might schedule! I want to do the Runner;s World Weekend, which would be 5 for the Fall.