Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Foot Pain, Fun Run, and Finally Back!


Sorry, had to keep up with the 'F' theme!

After my last run, I started feeling some pain in the back of my foot, possibly the area of the Achilles Tendon....not really sure. I am starting to think it was caused by my seriously cute, but not the most comfy, Coach tennis shoes. Tragic, really!

I rested for a week, iced it each night, and the pain went almost completely away! Hooray! Sunday was the Train Run in Asbury Park. We took the train from Johnny Mac's to Belmar and ran back the 4.5 miles. My friend Shannon invited me to run it with her and it was such a great time! The view was amazing the whole time and the people were so great! Johnny Mac's was awesome too, there was free pizza and beer for the runners, as well as water and an Omelette Bar that was free. YUM! Jon ate my pizza and I had a green pepper omelette...and a mimosa. Girl has to party sometimes!

Monday was a day off, very little pain and today, no pain at all. The day even started off Fabulous when a co-worker told me how amazing I look, and went on quite a bit. It was such a pick-me-up, I can't even tell you how it helped! The weather was perfect for a run, low 50s, little wind, so i ran to Windward Beach and back. 6.23 miles in 74.5 minutes. I was thrilled that with so much time off this month I am still maintaining a 12 minute mile, today and during the fun run.

My next race is the Brielle Day 5K, a very hilly run on the 10th. I am hoping to finish it in under 39 minutes, my best hilly 5K time is a little over 39 minutes.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Working 9 to 5

well, 9 to 5 miles that is!

Friday morning I did my long run down Princeton Avenue and back. The run to the end was uneventful for the most part: nice weather, easy pace, no problems... until I realized that I mapped it wrong and would have to cross that sidestreet that leads to Walmart! Yikes! I turned back at the entrance to the mobile homes and fretted the whole way back about the distance! Two cars almost took me out on the way back, big shocker, lol, but my biggest worry was the 7 mile mark. How did I know I was there? My legs told me!
 I had never run more than 7.3 miles and my legs were mad! I started giving myself mini goals: just get to the house, only one more mile-ish to go. Just get to the school. Just get to the 9 mile mark. I was thrilled that I passed the 9 mile mark with time left on the clock. More thrilled each time I got to another side street with time left. I ended at my house just on time, and finished 9.3 miles.

I felt like Wonder Woman! I am woman, hear me roar.

 Took a shower, sat at the computer. Got up a bit later. I am woman, hear me whine! Oh.my.heck. my legs *hurt*. And they hurt on Saturday. And they hurt on Sunday. When I sat. When I stood up. When I breathed, lol.

Today, Monday, I did my first short run of the week: 5 miles. I was not fully optomistic, seeing how sore I had been, but I finished 5 miles in 60 minutes, no problems. I ran along East Ave in Bay Head, a beautiful 50+ degree day in February, and feel like Wonder Woman again. And my legs only ache a little!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Finally, after almost 2 weeks off, I ran again on Wednesday. It was a short run, 50 minutes, which I decided to turn into 60, since I missed so much time. I had a bad cold, a couple days with a migraine and some nausea, and then, just because it didn't suck bad enough, some sore muscles between my shoulder blades towards the end. UGH!

I finally returned to running on Wednesday and did a 5 mile run. It felt great to be back, and Mother Nature is still agreeing with me and providing nice weather. Well, nice enough to run in anyway!

Today is my long run, just under 2 hours, and I am going to do 9 miles at least. If I run out of time, I plan to finish the 9 anyway. I am hoping to finish all 9 miles though, with a little time left over.

Next week is my first race of 2012, JSRC's Train-Run. You take the train from Asbury Park to one of 4 stops, for a 1,2,4, or 6 mile run. I am hoping to do the 6 that day, but might do the 4 with a friend. So excited, what a fun way to kick off the year!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Saturday


Sorry, couldn't resist!!!

Today was my long run, 90 minutes this week. I was hoping for 7-7.5 miles and came in at 7.3 so WOOT! Today was a beautiful wintery 46*. So glad I got that gym membership for these cold days, lol. I ran to the beach, along the boardwalk (but not on it), down scenic Arnold Avenue, over the 88 bridge (so much easier than the Lovelandtown bridge was!) to River Ave. Then took Bridge Ave to Beaver Dam, past my house (cause I hadn't finished yet!) Once I got close to 7 miles I doubled back. Very scenic, lol.

No problems, didn't feel too long, which was great. It took about an hour after I got back before my legs got sore. Yay! I even walked the dogs and shopped for the Super Bowl Party.

I sold my first 4 tickets for BINGO, have 5 people sending money soon, plus 2 more tables that will be fully booked. That's about 3 tables out of 8 accounted for. Hopefully I fill all 8! I always panic rifht about now, and it always fills up, so i am just being silly!

The Ocean Star did a story on the Cancer Concern Center's involvement in the NJ Half, and mentioned me in 2 paragraphs, along with a mention of my event. Yay!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still Springy!

I cannot believe it is February 1st and over 60* out today!

Today was a 45 minute run, and even though my legs are still feeling a little tired, I ran 3.6 miles in a little less time than Monday's run. It was so warm out that I ran in a sleeveless shirt! Crazy!

The next two days are off days and I will be taking it easy, hoping my legs feel a little less lead-like for Saturday's long run!

I signed up for two races last night and this morning: the St Barnabas 5K at Blue Claws Stadium which ends up at home plate (how cool!) and the Spring Lake 5, which is a 5 miler. I hear it's a zoo, but it should be fun!