Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Run 26.2 With Donna......anywhere!

That's right! Live too far away from Florida to Run With Donna? Were you just at Dopey or Princess and just cannot fly back one more time?
You can still run, Virtually!

For $40 (Half Marathon) or $50 (Marathon) you too can Run with Donna, in your home town, at your own chosen time! Get a group together, fly solo, walk, run, crawl, finish your distance and earn your medal! You can even break the distance up into more manageable pieces if you aren't quite ready to run it all at once!
There is a $150 fundraising minimum, which must be met by March 31st in order to receive your fabulous medal, with 100% of the donations going to the Mayo Clinic and to those with critical needs through the Donna Foundation.
You will have until March 1 to post your time (you can add all of your times together, if you split it up). You can even use your time from another race, if you run it before March 1! Double the bling! Gotta love it!
Be sure to wear lots of pink and take tons of pics to share on their Facebook page afterwards!

Not quite ready to tackle a virtual race, but still want to help out?
I will be running the Half Marathon as an Ambassador, and am gladly accepting any size donation. No amount is too small, they all add up so quickly!
You can donate to my fundraising efforts here.

Will you be Running with Donna, virtually or in person?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My #OneWord #OneWord365 for 2014

Last year, at about this time, I read a blog post about choosing one word for the year, for inspiration and motivation. I cannot for the life of me remember where!
Today, I read a blog post at Three Little Men and a Mommy about her word for 2013, and choosing one for 2014. It brought me back to my word for 2103:
you can buy this bracelet here!

I knew that I would need to Persevere in order to complete 13 Half Marathons in one year, in addition to all of my other races! I won this bracelet in a giveaway, and wore it every day since, and will continue to wear it. It reminded me to Persevere, even when I wanted to quit. It was a great word!
When I started to plan my Achievement Board for 2014, I decided to use my word for 2014 as the centerpiece, and I changed up the way I wrote my goals. What is my word for 2014?

 And, thanks to Melanie at Only a Breath, I have an awesome button for it as well! If you want to make one of these awesome buttons for 2014, click on her blog name above, and read about how easy it is to do! Just a quick photo save and a trip to Pic Monkey and you are done!
Why did I choose Relentless?
I will need to be Relentless to finish Dopey, which is 48.6 miles in 4 days. Sure, it is the happiest place on earth, but oh.my.heck. that is a lot of miles.
I will have to be Relentless to finish 14 Half Marathons in 2014, in addition to all of the 5Ks, 5 milers, 10Ks, and mud runs I also want to do!
I will have to be Relentless to reach all of the goals I have set for 2014 on my Achievcment Board!

Luckily, Endorphin Warrior has a bracelet for Relentless as well! After I recover from Dopey, physically and financially, I want to get it in black. I should point out, Endorphin Warrior has no idea I am giving them a shout out. I love their bracelets, and the hubs bought me a tee for Christmas. I am getting no compensation for this post!

What will your word be for 2014? Will it be fitness related, personal life related, faith related? There are so many reasons to pick your one word!

So, what will it be?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking Back on 2013

In December 2012, I watched a movie (a knock off of the Little Women in modern days) which led me to make my Achievement Board for 2013.

Some of the goals were fitness related, some were not. As I completed them, I colored in the space. It filled up very nicely, I must say. I did not meet all of my goals, and that is fine with me, especially since I can see all of the spaces I did fill in!
Do a duathlon: DONE! I did the Tuckahoe duathlon, which I am doing again in 2014 with my friend!

Money Challenge: This is a weekly challenge, where you put a dollar in a jar in week one, $2 in week 2, etc. If you do it right, you end up with over $1000. I didn't so it right. I kept taking the money out when the kids needed $5, and never put it back. Fail.

PR in a Half Marathon Course: DONE!!! I ran the Long Branch Half faster this year than last year. Score!

750 followers on Twitter: Done, with gusto! I am actually in the 1700s now and hope to break 2000 in 2014.  Do you follow me?

400 followers on Facebook: Done, also with gusto! I am at almost 1000 right now, do you follow along there?

Do a pull up: It took almost all year, but I managed one. One. I hope to increase that number in 2014. I should probably train. Or something. Yeah....

Raise $1000 for the Cancer Concern Center. I raised several thousand this year, for the Center and for Komen as well!

Complete a Fitocracy Achievement and Quest: Done. I stopped using the app though. They changed it up partway through the year and the changes frustrated me.

PR in a 10K: I PRd for the course, and overall at the Brielle Day 10K. Shortly after, my knee issues started. Dangit!

Read a Classic: Not yet, but I am halfway through Pride and Prejudice. I hope to park my butt this weekend and get er done!

Reach the 150s. Yeah, this happened. For like 5 seconds. I am now quite a distance from the 150s, so this is back on my board for 2104.

Complete NASM studies and pass the test: Umm. I don't know what happened, but I derailed. I plan to start back up again in March when I am done traveling back and forth to Florida for races!

Read 25 books: SCORE! I think I might be close to 30!

Reach Uranus for Half Fanatics: DONE! I hope to bump up another level in the Spring when I do back to back Halfs!

Complete the Disney Marathon: DONE, early in the year! Next stop....Dopey!!

Run 614 miles: Last year I ran 613 total, obvious goal is 614. I beat that on December 1st! I will set my goal for 2014 on January 1, once I know my total for 2013!

13 in 2013: My goal was Half Marathons although you could choose any distance, or combine them! In 2014, I will be doing 14 halfs, and already have 11 scheduled!

Run Your A$$ Off: A Run With Jess challenge, which I completed!

Raise $1000 for Komen: DONE plus extra ;)

Run 15 5Ks: I believe I ended the year with 18, DONE!

PR on a 5K course: DONE, a few times! It was a good year for PRs!

Run 2 Mud Runs: I completed 3, and hope to do 3 in 2014 as well. I am addicted! I am overcautious, but I have fun!!!

Run three 5 mile races: DONE!

Run in a new state: I added Rhode Island and Myrtle Beach to the map this year!

600 Followers on Twitter: I added this one when I hit 400. As I mentioned before, DONE!!

PR in a Five Mile Race: I did this at the Turkey Trot, as well as the Spring Lake Five. Great year!! Oh yeah, and the Firecracker Five, so I PRd at every one I did this year. Score!!

200 followers om Facebook: I obviously had small goals when I started out! I need to reach higher i 2014!!

PR at a Half Marathon overall: DONE at the Biggest Loser Half! I think that meeting Dan motivated me!

Finish a training program: This was rough! I did finish Slim in 6, and hope to complete P90X in 2014. I always start off strong and then stray......

Become a BeachBody Coach: I did do this. But it didn't last long. It seemed like everyone I knew was already a coach and I had no one to sell to. :::sigh:::

5:00 plank. Epic Fail. My best time was 4:00 which is still pretty awesome. I haven't planked regularly in ages. I made that part of one of my January challenges, to get back on track, and will shoot for 5:00 in 2014.

Lose a Marathon in pounds: I did that. gained most of it back. A success and an epic fail, all at once. No worries, though, I am a work in progress, and will focus more on better eating habits in 2014. Or not. But I will keep running, so there is that!

Fitocracy Level 20: I met that goal before I dropped the app.

Spark People level 17: This one was lofty, I am almost there, but won't hit it until probably February. I hope to hit level 18 in 2014.

Learn to paddle board: SCORE! My good friend Cathi took me out and I did really well. Only fell in 3 times, and will definitely paddle more next summer. It.was.awesome.

Weigh 150: yeah, that didn't happen. 150 was my wedding day weight, and I have weighed way less since then, but I find that my motivation comes and goes. These days my body really likes 165 and I am finding it hard to get below that. I plan to really focus on adding strength training in 2014, which I know will help.

1000 followers on Twitter: DONE!

Attend 10 classes at Shore Point Fitness: I even signed up for 10. And paid for them. And took maybe 3. Or 2. I cannot remember. The pass expired before I used the rest. I signed up to take yoga, and then they cancelled it. Ugh. I love them the gym, though, and hope to attend their newer, larger facility this coming year, especially since they added the yoga back. I will pay the drop in fee though, since something always seems to come up. (It was the teenie every darn time, needing rides home from rehearsals!) This year, she drives, so I am optimistic!

2000 Twitter followers. Not there yet, and not optimistic, but will definitely hit that in 2014. Considering how many followers I had in January, I am thrilled with my progress thus far!

250 Blog Posts:  This post will be #356, I believe, so, SCORE!!!

500 Followers on Facebook: SCORE!!!!

I have already made my board for 2014, and filled in some initial goals. I will post about that in the next few days!

Looks great, right? I have filled in a few more, for  a total of 33 goals met, with one more that I will reach, and one that I can dream about! (Follow me on Twitter! Tell your friends!)

Have you though about your goals for 2014 yet?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Swirlgear Christmas!

I didn't actually get any Swirlgear  but I did get featured in a  Christmas Shout out with my Swirl Sisters!
I am in the bottom row, with a Gingerbread Man, from  my Christmas Eve run with the hubs!

I did get a 13.1 charm for my bracelet, some headbands for running, an Endorphin Warrior tee that says Relentless, and a gift card for Disney to use on Marathon weekend!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Starting tomorrow I need to buckle down! I gained 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yikes! I have been eating like crazy, and now that I am tapering, and will only be doing shorter runs until Disney, I really need to watch my food intake!
Luckily, my DietBet challenge with Shrinking Jeans starts on the first, and that will provide some motivation to stick with my food plan!
Are you joining any challenges to start off 2014? I am also doing a challenge with Run With Jess, the Winter Miles Challenge.  You get to pick your level, and since I will be running Dopey and then resting, I chose the Beginner level.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Final Long Run for Dopey!

Dopey is right around the corner! Today's scheduled run was 26 miles but since the longest we have done is 15 we decided to shoot for 20. The weather here at the Jersey Shore has been crazy lately and today was no different! 60' and humid when we started out! Crazy! 
Colleen and I decided to go to the Manasquan Resevoir for our run. It is a somewhat hilly trail loop that is 5 miles around. We parked near the entrance to to the trail so that we could stop for fuel or water every 5 miles. 
The weather was perfect but the sky looked ominous. The rain was due at 2:00 though, so we didn't worry about it. The trail was full of walkers, runners, and riders and everyone was super friendly! We were having an amazing run!

Hmmmm this is not a good sign! We stopped for fuel and water at 5 miles and the sky was looking worse! We knew that our time was growing short! We hit the trail again for our second lap!
At mile 6.1 or so, the rain started. And by rain, I mean full on downpour! We decided to turn back instead of finishing the lap. One wet mile was more than enough!

 Ugh! Luckily, Colleen's mom lives in a Senior Community with a gym so we headed over to finish our miles. I was dreading it already, treadmills and I do not get along! 

Yikes! Check the date, Mother Nature, it is Winter! 
As suspected, the TM was pure hell. Iworry  about shin splints so I walked a lot of it. While Colleen banged out the rest of her 20, I walked. A lot.
Twelve done so far, when I stopped to get a boulder out of my shoe. I was sure it was enormous, and I was correct!

Look at that monster! I banged out two more for a total of 14 and then quit. I have had a cold for weeks, and when the headache started I knew it was time to call it a day! I am actually writing this up while Colleen finishes. I am a multi tasker!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! I will probably post tomorrow with pictures from our all day bake-a-thon but no promises!!

Colleen is my hero!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Race for the Cure Pink Honor Roll

I have a shiny new mac to replace the one I fried the other day. What a sad day that was for me! I loved that laptop, and I am sad to see it go. My new one is the same make and model, with none of the saved passwords and pics waiting for me.
After spending all day Friday at the mall dealing with this mess (visiting my genius, having him tell me the laptop is dead, mourning my laptop, buying an ugly Christmas sweater, buying new laptop) I was definitely not feeling the love.
And then the mail came. Mail is a wonderful thing. Our box of deer antlers came from Wyoming. This dude is the bomb. We send him $50 and he sends us 12 antlers. Before you get weirded out, these are for the dogs. They are a healthy alternative to rawhide, and each one lasts about a month. At least. One antler at Petsmart can cost from $10-$25. For real. Did I mention this guy is the bomb?
Then I checked out the Christmas cards. I love the ones with pictures! My favorite this year came from my dearest childhood friend, Grace. We have been friends since second grade! We lost touch after High School and reconnected through Facebook a few years back. She is a supermom. For real. Her kids are awesome, she bikes everywhere with them and she makes the most amazing stuff. Just in the last month she re-upholsterd an armchair, is tiling her fireplace with seaglass, and made trees out of driftwood to sell at a local boutique. See? Supermom. Her card was signed by all of the kids, and she wrote the most amazing message on the back! I am still smiling.
And then there was the letter from Komen telling me that I made the Pink Honor Roll for 2014!
 I am so excited to be on this Honor Roll! Fundraising for Komen, and other Breast Cancer Research organizations is my most rewarding job, and it so great to recognized for my efforts! I look forward to more fundraising in 2014, for Komen and for 26.2 With Donna!

Do you like getting real mail?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Can you guess why this is a thing?

Disaster has struck in the form of iced tea on the laptop! Ugh! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

2014: Races I want to do! Part 1

The other day, I posted about races I have scheduled for 2014! I am totally looking forward to those races, but there is a whole list of races that I hope to do as well! Most are not open for registration yet, so they are on my to-do list!
It is extensive, so get comfy!

Halfway to Brielle Day 5K. This is always a cold race, and very hilly, and I love running with my friends! This past year we got a long sleeved tee *and* a sweatshirt! Bonus

Celtic Tribute 5K, which benefits a scholarship fund in the name of Fallen Officers. This runs along the ocean in Long Branch. It is also a cold race, but it is not hilly!

St. Barnabas Blue Claws 5K. I am waiting on a date for this one, and I fear it will fall on a weekend that I am already racing. It is a fun course, and you end in Blue Claws Stadium, which I love! I did this 2 years ago, but couldn't go this past year!
Spring Lake Five. I have done this race the last two years. It was super hot 2 years ago and people were vomiting everywhere! This past year it was cool and breezy and a little damp! Both races were awesome, and I loved every minute of them! It is super hard to get into, and this year they are changing the process, so I hope I get in! It sells out faster than a Disney race. For real.
Father's Day 5K. This race runs right past my house, and we have been watching it go by for almost 13 years! My FIL has run it, and we would cheer as he went by. The past 2 years I ran it, and it is a great, fast, flat course! Even better? It now benefits melanoma research in the name of a friend who has passed, Kevin.
Firecracker Five. This race is a hot mess, run on July 4th. It is hilly, and it is hot, and it is sloppy. I love it! I ran it for the past two years and look forward to a third year! It is held in Wall Township, and part of the course is a great park that our running club uses to hold its Summer Series. Oh, yeah, they give all the gals roses when they finish. Bling baby!
This brings me to the Summer Series. Jersey Shore Running Club hosts this series every summer. It consists of 5 weeks of racing, held on Thursday nights, and you get points for finishing. The better your finish (age group or overall), the more points you get. It is $20 for the whole series, and there are weekly prizes and overall prizes. I loved it two years ago, but this past summer the dates were bad, so I didn't do it. I am hoping for better luck this year! Two years ago, I won this super sexy bucket hat for being 2nd overall in my age group (I didn't consistently place well, but I didn't miss a week, which helped!)
Still with me?
Brielle Day 10K. This is a longer version of Halfway to Brielle Day. (get it?) Very hilly, very hot, very tough. I have done this race for 2 years and plan to add a third! They have awesome prizes afterwards, randomly drawn. I haven't won yet, but I have high hopes that the third time is the charm!

Knoebel's 5K. I ran this race in 2011, soon after I started training, and it kicked my butt. The flyer said moderate hills. I disagree. It felt like it went uphill. For 5K. With no downhill. It killed me. I want to go back again and kick those hills' butts. I am hoping my schedule will allow it in 2014!
Race for the Cure. I have done this race 4 times since 2009. It runs through Six Flags! My teenie goes with her school every year and does the walk as well. LOVE it!
WOW! That is a lot of races already, I will save the rest for another post!

I hope I am not the only one with a list like this! Do you have one?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blog Hop Swirlgear Winner and a gift from Energybits!

I am so excited to be announcing the winner of
Last week I posted the giveaway and what fun it was! A simple question: What is your favorite Holiday movie. I saw so many of my favorite movies listed and they all made me smile!
The winner gets to choose one of these awesome shirts:
I know that it is cold outside, but these will be great for those gym workouts, or home workouts, until the weather gets warmer. (Unless you lived in Florida, at which point I would be super jealous).
The winner is a fellow Jersey girl, though, so I know she is fuh-reezing right now!
Anyway, as I read your awesome answers, I wrote your name down and assigned a number from 1-47. Double answers counted as one, and that one bizarre answer about aggressive information for runners doesn't count since it didn't answer the question!
I went to Random.org and put in the data:
 And the site randomly chose #2:
Fellow Jersey girl, you are the winner!
Email me at kprytherch@gmail.com and let me know:
Tee or tank?
Mailing address

I also mentioned a gift from energybits, didn't I?
I was checking my email for last minute entries before I wrote this post, and I had an email from energybits. They sent me a code to get my readers free shipping this season.
Here is what it said:
As Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits and Bits of Heath I want to personally wish you a Happy Holiday Season and let you know that if you or your blog followers are looking for the perfect healthy gift, ENERGYbits® could be the answer! Our clean, green, plant-based protein tabs have quickly become the fuel of choice for athletes, runners and active consumers worldwide.  Loaded with 64% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals, our spirulina algae tabs provide steady energy and mental alertness withoutsugar, chemicals, caffeine, gluten, soy or stomach distress, all for one calorie per tab. Even better, they come so attractively wrapped, just add a bow and you're ready to go!
SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFERFREE SHIPPING!! Just enter the discount code HOLIDAY when you or your followers check out at www.energybits.com and you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING (USA and Canada only).  
GIFT WITH PURCHASE! FREE STOCKING STUFFER! For every two bags ordered of any brand of bits, using any discount code, we are including a GIFT WITH PURCHASE! Your gift makes a great stocking stuffer! It includes a full tin of ENERGYbits® and other swag - a $15 value. This Holiday Season, why not give ENERGYbits® to stay energized, SKINNYbits® to stay trim, RECOVERYbits® to stop colds, prevent hangovers and kick off a New Year's detox!  We make it easy to love everyone to bits!
This deal is valid until December 31st! Thanks energybits!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Friday, December 13, 2013

2014: a Year of Races

Instead of looking back on all of the awesome races I ran in 2013, I am going to look forward, at all of the amazing races I have scheduled (so far) for 2014! I know there will be more, especially 5Ks and 5 milers, these are mostly long distance races.
Let's see if we will be at any of the same races!

E Murray Todd half Marathon

Long Branch Half Marathon

What races have you added so far for 2014?