Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday started my training for this year's races: 13 Half Marathons in 2013!
My first official race is Rock n Roll USA, on March 16, and I am very excited for this one! I can't wait to run through the streets of Washington DC, and earn this:
But, I digress!
I started using the Runtastic app with my training, instead of my gps watch, for the short runs. I might use it for the races as well, and here is why!

  • It recognizes the playlists on my iPhone
  • It posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc. after the run, so I can brag about how fabulous I am!
  • I can enable live posting: It posts to Facebook that I have started a run
  • OK, here is the best part. Seriously. I am still giggling about this. If someone (like my friend Monica I) clicks "like" on Facebook, the music quiets down (in real time) and a deep voice growls "I like it".
  • I am sure there are more awesome features, (like being able to friend people at their website) but I am not sure what they all are!
Seriously, there I was, mile 2, knee ached a bit, shirt rubbing my arm wrong and irritating me, and the voice says "I like it". I literally laughed out loud. Like a loon. Good thing no one was around, because I probably looked insane.
It's the free version, too. I am going to buy the PRO version, I am just being lazy right now. I have a few bonus features from the 13 in 13 group, thanks to Runtastic being some awesome, but I might go for the whole enchilada. All because of that voice.
It's the little things, after all!

What's your favorite running app?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Have you heard about Shubeez? They are a fabulous new company that makes shoe tags to spruce up your running shoes! They attach to any shoe laces, and show off your accomplishments! They have Half Marathon and Marathon, and they also have one for Breast Cancer Awareness! $1 from the sale from each BCA tag goes to Cancer Research!

I am so deeply honored to be affiliated with this company! You can see my bio here! If you check out the other bios, you can see what amazing people also support Shubeez!
I will be sure to keep you updated with everything that they have going on! If you order, please be sure to choose Barking Mad in the Affiliates drop down menu, for the Marathon and Half Marathon option!
Be sure to scope out their site, they offer custom options as well, great for Running Clubs, PTOs, and more!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook
to stay up to date on all of their special deals!
Lace Up. Get Moving. Give Back.
LOVE it!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Review, and coupon giveaway!

I was so excited to be offered a chance to try the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap through Influenster. Even more fun was that the brand was a surprise until the box came!

It wasn't a surprise once the box arrived, though! The sticker was right on the box. I was happily surprised to see that they sent 3 bottles: one for me and two to share! PLUS they sent 5 coupons....but more on those later!

First I had to do a sniff test! Which one would I keep for myself? After several sniffs of each scent, I decided to stick with the Lemon Thyme and give the Lime Basil and Ginger White Tea to some friends. I love the way the dish soap smells and of course, being Palmolive, it cleans so well! I love having it on my counter every day!

And now the good news! Since Influenster was so generous, and gave me a full sized bottle to keep, and two to share with my friends, I am giving away the 5 coupons they gave me to the first 5 people to comment! The coupons are good for $1.50 off! These retail at Walmart for $2.96 so you are getting half off! woohoo!

Influenster and Palmolive provided me with these wonderful products to test and review, I was not compensated monetarily, nor was I required to post a positive review! All opinions are my own, if I didn't like it, you would know it!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Barking Mad Virtual Half Marathon

I may have mentioned a few times in the past just how much I *love* Virtual Races! Why?

  1. They are much cheaper than live races
  2. You run them when it suits you
  3. you usually get BLING!
  4. It benefits a great cause, and usually helps a fellow runner or blogger with their fundraising goals
  5. You get BLING!
  6. Did I mention the bling?
I am currently hosting my third  Virtual Race, this time a Half Marathon! You can run, walk, bike , or crawl this one! Do it all at once or a little at a time!
The details are here and I also have a Facebook event page.

Remember the bling? These are spinners! This shows the front and back of actual medals that just arrived today!
I am also doing a drawing on February 16th, for everyone who enters. So far, in the pile o prizes, we have Breast Cancer ribbon happy bands. I will also be adding some decals to the pile. Once we hit 30 registered racers (we hit 20 today!) I will add something else. I wonder what it will be?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Choice Organic Teas

I was very lucky to receive these amazing teas from Choice Organic Teas to try out! As a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, I was put in touch with the company, and I couldn't be happier! I was expecting a few samples, but instead received a very generous box of 6 full sized boxes of tea!
My kids were also very excited to try these teas, and my son was the first to try them! He tried to Rooibos Chai, and soon we were all trying it. It smelled amazing, my son thought it smelled like a spicy candle, lol. Being a man of many words, he said it tasted "very good". I loved the gingery smell it had to it, and it was veery soothing!
My daughter's fave was the Green Tea. She loves her Korean Green Tea, so that was the first on her list to try! She quickly called dibs, and none of us got to have any!!
Myself, I liked the Wild Forest Black Tea. I am a creature of habit, and usually stick to Black Tea, and this didn't let me down!

This information was provided to me by the company:

 Seattle, WA (December 2012) — Choice Organic Teas continues to expand its illustrious list of accolades with its most recent recognition in the North American Tea Championship. The company won First Place for its Genmaicha tea in the Green Tea Blended/Flavored Tea category and Third Place for its Wild Forest Black tea in the Black Tea category. As a winner, Choice Organic Teas will showcase its teas in the North American Tea Championship Tasting Winners’ Circle at the World Tea Expo and World Tea Fest in 2013.
 Choice Organic Teas was subjected to rigorous testing by a judging panel of professional cuppers. Each submission was assessed through blind organoleptic analysis of the following characteristics: brewed color; brewed aroma; brewed flavor; brewed mouth-feel; brewed harmony. The ratings of each characteristic were then used to calculate an overall numerical value on a 100-point scale, and winners were determined by rank.
 “We’re extremely proud of this important recognition in the tea industry,” says Anne-Marie Phillips, Head of Sales and Marketing at Choice Organic Teas. “It further validates our commitment to the highest quality and best tasting teas on the market.”
 In addition to this award, Choice Organic Teas has recently received a number of other awards such as the Vegetarian Times Foodie Award for its Jasmine Green Tea, Delicious Living Editors Choice for Jasmine Green Tea, Responsible Packaging Award, and was named a 2012 Washington Green 50 company.

I highly recommend this tea! You cannot beat the all natural ingredients and the fresh, clean taste! Perfect for this time of the year, on a cold evening! I am actually about to make myself a cup of the Black Tea now!

I was provided with these teas for the purposes of this review, good or bad, but was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own, if I didn't like it, you would know it :)

What's your favorite kind of tea?

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last month I won a giveaway at Sports Bras and Sippy Cups and my new Tractivity Bundle arrived just before I left for Disney! I was so excited to win this, I have always wanted to try something like this!
The setup was very easy, the upload to my Mac was super quick! I attached it to my sneaker and dashed off for my first post-Marathon run!
I was so excited to see how my Tractivity sensor worked. And then I realized I never synced it!
Note to self: Read the directions!
If I wasn't recovering from a Marathon, I would run back out and try again, but alas! My legs are tired and I must wait!
I will check back next week and let you know!
But, hey! Check out that pace! My nice easy runs are getting faster and faster! PRs in I come!
Next big race? Rock n Roll USA! That medal on the left? Yeah, that's mine! In 55 days!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eat Smart Scale

At the beginning of January I was lucky to have received this scale to review from Eat Smart! I am a compulsive weigher, lol, and I weigh myself every day, so I was excited to try out this new scale!

My son is always very excited to help me open the boxes! I am always thrilled when a product comes with its own batteries, and the Eat Smart Scale also came with as very handy measuring tape, designed to make measuring yourself an easy, one person job! I don't know about you, but measuring my own bicep is never an easy task!

The scale does not need to be "set" either, which is one of my favorite features! You just step on and it weighs you! My last scale had to be set, and if you stepped on too soon, or got distracted and didn't step on soon enough, you had to start all over again. Nothing too huge, I grant you, but if you are having one of those days already, it can really take its toll, lol.

The LCD display glows a nice light blue when in use, so if it is early morning and you are still stumbling about, you don't need to hit the lights to see your weight!

A few facts about this awesome scale:

  • it is made of slim, tempered glass...perfect for any room
  • the non-slip platform safely supports up to 400 pounds
  • 100% EatSmart Guaranteed Product Satisfaction
Below are some links to help you find the scale via as well as ways to contact the company!

Amazon link!
LIKE EatSmart Products on Facebook (link:
Twitter @EatSmartScales (link:
Google Plus
Follow the EatSmart Blog:

I received this awesome scale in exchange for a review. I was not paid, and all opinions are my own.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fotos.....

I bought my Official Marathon Photos last night!!!

3:30 am at the Race Retreat

with Briana and Melissa on our way to the corrals

mile 2, with Captain Jack and Barbosa

mile 4.75 with Colleen, Jack, and Sally

my fave, mile 5.5 I think

ESPN Game Zone, mile 19ish

Hollywood Studios, I think, lol, mile 22ish

almost there, can you tell we are hot and tired?

wooohooo we did it!

Our medals: a thing of beauty!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Disney Marathon

I was going to post about the day before the Marathon first, but I am afraid I will forget something if I wait too long!
I got up Sunday morning at 2:30 to get dressed and ready by 3:00 for the Event bus. I had heard nightmare stories about the busses for the Half and I was nervous! When I got to the bus stop, I boarded right away and before long we were on our way to the Starting Line!
I had purchased the Race Retreat, and went right to the tent. They had Tinkerbell and her Boy Toy (as my teenie called him) and there was NO line, so I rushed over to get my pic taken!
 Flat Mama!

Afterwards, I joined my friends from the PbRC and had half of a bagel with PB&J and some water, courtesy of the Race Retreat, at a nice comfy table on comfy folding chairs. LOVING the RR so far! Ahhhh but the best was yet to come. A round of Porta Potties with no line, all to ourselves! LOVE it, worth it's wait in gold right there!
We all gathered outside at around 4:15 for the group photo. This was when I started to worry about Colleen! She wasn't there yet! She was still on the bus!
What a great group of friends!!! No Colleen yet, and they started announcing that we needed to start the long walk to the corrals. OH No! Luckily, two PbRC friends, Brianna and Melissa, invites me to walk with them. They were going to Corral C, and I was in D, and they asked me to sneak in join them there. No one checked my bib, so in I went. We then sat there. For an hour. I was glad to have them there, it stopped me from worrying about Colleen not making it! Colleen made it in time, but she was back in D, so I told her I would take the first mile slow so she could catch up.
With a little fanfare, Disney style, they started our corral just before 6.

I ran slowly, letting Brianna and Melissa go their own pace ahead of me. At the one mile marker I decided to go to the bathroom again, but the line was too long, so I joined a few ladies in the bushes outdoor potty. Am I a real runner now? lol
Back to the road and on to mile 2. I stopped to visit some Pirates in order to let Colleen catch up.

Jack and Barbosa were great! Still no Colleen though! I started really worrying at around mile 4 when I got to MK and still didn't see her. I stopped again at mile 4.75 to meet some old friends, Jack and Sally. While on line, I heard my name called out and there she was! There was much hugging and silliness and then we had our turn!
We look a bit washed out, lol, the official photo is much better, but I haven't purchased yet. Still waiting for finish line photos to show up! We dashed off, happy to be together now, and headed towards the MK. Running through there was amazing. We felt great, the sun was coming out, and we were closing in on the castle!

After that, we headed back out of the castle and into nowhere land! The next few miles were very uninteresting, this was also where the sewage plant was and the smell was vomitous! I had to hold my nose while I ran for a good mile! YUCK!
Soon we entered the Animal Kingdom, and the first mile was back roads. They had some friends to greet us though, and it was shady, which was nice. It was starting to get hot!

This was around the halfway mark, and we were feeling amazing! It was about 9:00 and we decided to ride Expedition Everest because there was no line. Yes, we stopped in the middle of a marathon and rode a roller coaster. It.Was.Epic. They let us cut the line, so we got right onto it, and I had my first ride on EE. I was so glad we decided to ride it, especially because we had just made "friends" with a man dressed as Tink, and he had a delicious English accent. He was also on the ride, and afterwards, while we discussed how the last jolt squished my Honey Stinger Waffles, he mentioned how he was "regretting eating that bu-naw-naw". OMG I about died, it was so cute! He hovered around us for a bit, and eventually ran off.
After we left AK, we were on a stretch of very hot, very long, very boring road. These were the ugly miles. Mile 15 was a good one, because the Grave Diggers were there. We gladly waited on line for a photo op!

After this, though, it was 4 straight miles of.....nothing! It was hot, boring, lifeless. Very few spectators, great volunteers, lots of walkers. We did some walking as well, after about mile 17. It was just so hot.
Mile 19 was the ESPN Game Zone, and everyone was perking up. We were almost to the Mile 20 Surprise! Woohoo Disney had been bragging about this for weeks, and we were so excited to see what the big surprise would be! So many ideas had floated around and there was a rumor of a Flash Mob. FUN!

Around the field we ran, and out of the park. No Flash Mob. No surprise. Were we too late? Did the slowpokes lose out? I was devastated! And hot. And now I was Grumpy, too. Out of the park we ran, and back onto the stretch of boring hot road. And there it was. The Surprise. Only, it wasn't so spectacular. It was no better than any other Character Stop. I was devastated! Again!

 There were about 6 of these guys, plus the crew: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. On a stage. That we couldn't get to. You could stand in front of it, though. Whoopee.
We continued dow that vicious highway, towards Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. Somewhere around mile 21 or 22 were the Army Men from Toy Story, shouting at everyone to forge up the hill, having people drop and give em 20. It was cute, but the hill was an off ramp that also tilted and running on it was rough. The head soldier promised it was the last hill.
He lied.
Just sayin, lol, there are bridges ahead that we were not made aware of!
As we entered the back of Hollywood Studios, volunteers were handing out little mini Hershey Bars. Ahhhhhhh chocolate! There were smooshed up wasted chocolates on the ground from previous runners, and the volunteers were running low! Luckily, I got mine, and no one had to die that day!
We ran through the back of the park, through the tunnel where they show the costumes being made for the parks. It was nice and shady. And it was mile 23. OMG we were almost done! I think this was around the time I had my first Moment. There were Cast Members with signs, telling us how awesome we were as we entered the middle of the park, and I definitely got teary eyed!
Between HS and EPCOT, we ran along some very narrow paths. There were lots of spectators and we were given a couple very tasty Twizzlers. There were alot of walkers here, and we got stuck behind them over and over again. I am all for walking a marathon, especially in that heat. BUT many of them were walking 4 wide, and that was all the space there was. A few times we got separated, which was frustrating, but temporary.
Soon we entered EPCOT, and I was teary eyed again! The finish line was ahead, and Colleen kept telling me I was a Rock Star. I must have looked like death, lol. Thanks to her, I crossed the Finish Line  with a time of 7:12:51. We ran through holding hands. It was awesome!
We were given our medals, and found her mom, who took our picture. I couldn't find my daughter, so I texted her to meet me at the Retreat. We got our water bottle, and a cute OZ tote bag, and walked through the finish line corral. We were then told that we had to open our bottle and drink in front of the ladies in order to proceed. Apparently, the hospitals were filling up with people suffering from heat exhaustion! NO PROBLEM! We were already drinking!
After our finish line photo, also taken together, we got our stuff and went our separate ways. She was heading to dinner with her mom, and I was headed to Akershus with Morgan.

I don't have the words to even describe how it felt to finish my first Marathon. There was no doubt that I would do it, but while I was out there in that heat, it felt like the hardest thing I had ever undertaken! I was so glad to have Colleen there with me to push me, and to experience it with me! Over 5400 people did not finish the Marathon, and there were 2 reported fatalities. Marathons are no joke, and so many people did not properly train. Disney may be a family park, but racing is hard work, and you need to be prepared!
I am also glad that I ran Disney. I am totally signing up for Princess 2014, to run the Half!
Have you ever run Disney???

One last picture! I updated my Achievement Board after Disney, and the colors are really popping! If you want one of these and are not artistic, I can make you one of your own for $20. Just email me with your choice for a center picture and I can make you one of your very own!
Email me at for more details, or to ask any questions you may have!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disney Marathon Weekend Part 2: Family Fun 5K

Morgan and I woke up bright and early for the Family 5K. Day 2 of getting up at 4 am was rough! The night before we put out our Flat Mamas:
We couldn't wait to put on our "costumes". Morgan would be Rapunzel and I would be Jasmine. We dragged ourselves  out of bed jumped out of bed, and got dressed. Time to strike a pose!

I should have sucked in my belly, lol! Morgan quickly ditched the wig, it was just too hot to run in one! We headed out to the bus, and on our way to meet up with the PbRC for the meet up! PbRC is a facebook running club, called the Pacebook Running Club. There was a group photo but I can't find it, lol
Morgan had never run a 5K before, so she was determined to run the whole thing. We were in Corral A and got to start right after the Wheelchair racers started. Soon we were off, Disney style!

The race ran through EPCOT's parking lot, and we entered the park near Africa and ran around towards Canada, and then on to Future Land. The glowing bricks in Future Land were very cool to run over! Past the "Giant Golf Ball" and to the finish line! There were lots of character stops, but we ran right past them! Morgan was very serious about not stopping!!
She even sprinted the last little bit, but I stayed at the same pace and finished about a minute behind her. She finished at about 37:30 and I finished about 38:30. Nice and easy, not too stressful before the Marathon!
We collected our "medals" (they were rubber, lol) and moved on to get our water and snack box.

It was filled with lots of yummies! We headed back to the Event Bus and were back at the hotel by 8:00! After quick showers and breakfast we headed to the Magic Kingdom!

Morgan wanted to play the Sorcerer's of Magic Kingdom, so we met up with my friend Colleen and the two of us followed her around while she played. It was really cute, they give you a map and Spell Cards, and you dash about the MK looking for the magic windows. Each window requires you to cast a "spell" and then directs you to the next one. Each section of the MK has it's own adventure. Along the way, we met some new friends!

Sadly, we had to leave just after lunch. On the way out we stopped to buy some classic hats, and Morgan suddenly started squealing and fan-girling. Out the window she had spied one of her very favorite characters!

She was practically perfect in every way! 

I had another meet-up for the PbRC, this time at our hotel. Everyone got together to pick up their Dessert Party bags, and my friend Nicky and I handed out goodie bags with treats, lip balms, and decals in them. After the meet-up we headed back to MK. We had dinner reservations. At Be Our Guest!
While we waited, we headed to the village and found Gaston. He was perfect! He had all the right moves, faces, expressions. HYSTERICAL!!

 As you enter the castle, there is a beautiful stained glass window overhead. The rooms are breathtaking, perfectly done. All of the staff call Beast the "Master" and whenever the Beast leaves or enters there is much fanfare and applause as he moves about the room. He receives his guests in the Study, and you can visit him after your meal is over!

The tables had marble tops and very elegant chairs. Your napkin is folded like a rose, and we hated to open them!

After dinner, they wheeled over the dessert cart. The desserts were all so amazing, and since it was Morgan's birthday week, they brought her this little gem. (Try the Grey Stuff, it's delicious!) Of course, there was more fan-girling!)

 If you bought the fancy drink (for the life of me I cannot remember the name!) It was a Pomegranite Fruit Punch with lemon-lime foam, and the cup's stem glowed red and blue alternating.

After the meal we got to meet the Master and tour the rest of the Castle!

It was a perfect end to a perfect evening! We rode a few more rides and then escaped before the Electric Parade started! I finally got to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean rode, my absolute fave!
Next recap will be our relaxing Saturday at Hollywood Studios!
What's your favorite Disney Park and ride?