Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney Marathon Part 1: Expo

I am sure many of you have been hearing TONS about the Disney Marathon weekend! It was, without a doubt, the most amazing experience for me yet! My daughter and I left New Jersey on Thursday morning with my friend Colleen.

We arrived in Orlando at around 10:30 am and headed right for out hotel on the Magical Express. Everything went so smoothly, we had absolutely no problems! LOVE it!
We stayed at Disney's new hotel, Art of Animation in a Little Mermaid room. Even though we arrived super early, we got to check right in. Hooray!

Prince Eric stood guard outside our hotel!

Once we dropped of our bags, we were off to the Expo. My friend Colleen beat us there, so we were on the lookout for her! We stopped to get some food and then headed in to get our bibs, etc.

At the first building, we stopped and got Morgan's ChEAR Squad stuff, my marathon bib, and necklace. CIGNA had a table to make signs and buttons, and Morgan made me a cute sign :)

We kept it in the window of our room until the  big day :)
Next we went upstairs to get the 5K bibs and tees, and stopped at the mini RunDisney stand and bought a Marathon tee, VinylMation, magnet, and pins. Then we were off to the big building where all of the tables were.
Too many people, too tight between the stalls. I got my Marathon Tech Shirt and swag, found Colleen, and basically hightailed it out of there! UGH! I couldn't even shop, it was so crazy! I realized that I didn't have my Race Retreat bracelet, so we went back to the first building to get it, and then ran like the wind!
Back to the hotel, dumped our stuff and headed to the Magic Kingdom for some fun!

We had dinner at Downtown Disney that night, and then back to MK again. What a day! It ended with two tired girls, some fireworks,  and an Electric Parade!

 What an exhausting day!
Stay tuned for Part 2: Family Fun 5K


  1. I'm loving all of these pictures! I will not be complete until I RunDisney!!!

    1. I am hooked, I cannot wait to run the Princess next year, it is amazing! I am not a huge Disney fan, either, I like it every few years, but this was just amazing! More pics to come, my daughter went nuts with the camera!