Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disney Marathon Weekend Part 2: Family Fun 5K

Morgan and I woke up bright and early for the Family 5K. Day 2 of getting up at 4 am was rough! The night before we put out our Flat Mamas:
We couldn't wait to put on our "costumes". Morgan would be Rapunzel and I would be Jasmine. We dragged ourselves  out of bed jumped out of bed, and got dressed. Time to strike a pose!

I should have sucked in my belly, lol! Morgan quickly ditched the wig, it was just too hot to run in one! We headed out to the bus, and on our way to meet up with the PbRC for the meet up! PbRC is a facebook running club, called the Pacebook Running Club. There was a group photo but I can't find it, lol
Morgan had never run a 5K before, so she was determined to run the whole thing. We were in Corral A and got to start right after the Wheelchair racers started. Soon we were off, Disney style!

The race ran through EPCOT's parking lot, and we entered the park near Africa and ran around towards Canada, and then on to Future Land. The glowing bricks in Future Land were very cool to run over! Past the "Giant Golf Ball" and to the finish line! There were lots of character stops, but we ran right past them! Morgan was very serious about not stopping!!
She even sprinted the last little bit, but I stayed at the same pace and finished about a minute behind her. She finished at about 37:30 and I finished about 38:30. Nice and easy, not too stressful before the Marathon!
We collected our "medals" (they were rubber, lol) and moved on to get our water and snack box.

It was filled with lots of yummies! We headed back to the Event Bus and were back at the hotel by 8:00! After quick showers and breakfast we headed to the Magic Kingdom!

Morgan wanted to play the Sorcerer's of Magic Kingdom, so we met up with my friend Colleen and the two of us followed her around while she played. It was really cute, they give you a map and Spell Cards, and you dash about the MK looking for the magic windows. Each window requires you to cast a "spell" and then directs you to the next one. Each section of the MK has it's own adventure. Along the way, we met some new friends!

Sadly, we had to leave just after lunch. On the way out we stopped to buy some classic hats, and Morgan suddenly started squealing and fan-girling. Out the window she had spied one of her very favorite characters!

She was practically perfect in every way! 

I had another meet-up for the PbRC, this time at our hotel. Everyone got together to pick up their Dessert Party bags, and my friend Nicky and I handed out goodie bags with treats, lip balms, and decals in them. After the meet-up we headed back to MK. We had dinner reservations. At Be Our Guest!
While we waited, we headed to the village and found Gaston. He was perfect! He had all the right moves, faces, expressions. HYSTERICAL!!

 As you enter the castle, there is a beautiful stained glass window overhead. The rooms are breathtaking, perfectly done. All of the staff call Beast the "Master" and whenever the Beast leaves or enters there is much fanfare and applause as he moves about the room. He receives his guests in the Study, and you can visit him after your meal is over!

The tables had marble tops and very elegant chairs. Your napkin is folded like a rose, and we hated to open them!

After dinner, they wheeled over the dessert cart. The desserts were all so amazing, and since it was Morgan's birthday week, they brought her this little gem. (Try the Grey Stuff, it's delicious!) Of course, there was more fan-girling!)

 If you bought the fancy drink (for the life of me I cannot remember the name!) It was a Pomegranite Fruit Punch with lemon-lime foam, and the cup's stem glowed red and blue alternating.

After the meal we got to meet the Master and tour the rest of the Castle!

It was a perfect end to a perfect evening! We rode a few more rides and then escaped before the Electric Parade started! I finally got to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean rode, my absolute fave!
Next recap will be our relaxing Saturday at Hollywood Studios!
What's your favorite Disney Park and ride?