Monday, January 7, 2013

Jen Morgan's Ab Challenge and TransAmerican Run

I have been blogging this week about the different challenges I am doing to help keep me on track! Today, I wanted to tell you all about Jen Morgan's 30 Day Abs Challenge on Challenge Loop. Each week, Jen posts a workout for us to do, and there is a 30 Day calendar so that we know what to do and when. Lots of support as well, and I am loving how the workouts hurt make me feel stronger!

If you are looking to improve your abs, I definitely suggest jumping into this challenge!

Another challenge I have been doing, is the TransAmerican Run. I started this challenge *last* January, and it took me all year to get through Virginia. But wait, let me explain better! The TransAmerican Run is a virtual run across the country. After every run, walk, or bike ride you enter your mileage on your calendar, and it tells you where you are. You start in Virginia, which is a very wiiiiiiiide State, and it took me all year to get to Kentucky. What a party I had when I finally got there! And stayed there, lol. I will have another party when I finally get out of Kentucky, lol.  It is fun to see how far you get each month, and I always look forward to entering my runs!


  1. Isn't the ab challenge amazing?!?! I am thinking that this week is a little easier then last week.

    I am going to be checking out the TransAmerican Run, sounds pretty cool to 'run' across America!

    1. Loving the ab challenge, did tonights workout during the Biggest Loser, lol