Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday started my training for this year's races: 13 Half Marathons in 2013!
My first official race is Rock n Roll USA, on March 16, and I am very excited for this one! I can't wait to run through the streets of Washington DC, and earn this:
But, I digress!
I started using the Runtastic app with my training, instead of my gps watch, for the short runs. I might use it for the races as well, and here is why!

  • It recognizes the playlists on my iPhone
  • It posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc. after the run, so I can brag about how fabulous I am!
  • I can enable live posting: It posts to Facebook that I have started a run
  • OK, here is the best part. Seriously. I am still giggling about this. If someone (like my friend Monica I) clicks "like" on Facebook, the music quiets down (in real time) and a deep voice growls "I like it".
  • I am sure there are more awesome features, (like being able to friend people at their website) but I am not sure what they all are!
Seriously, there I was, mile 2, knee ached a bit, shirt rubbing my arm wrong and irritating me, and the voice says "I like it". I literally laughed out loud. Like a loon. Good thing no one was around, because I probably looked insane.
It's the free version, too. I am going to buy the PRO version, I am just being lazy right now. I have a few bonus features from the 13 in 13 group, thanks to Runtastic being some awesome, but I might go for the whole enchilada. All because of that voice.
It's the little things, after all!

What's your favorite running app?


  1. LOL...I LOVE Runtastic, too! It sounds like you already have the PRO version though. I don't think you get to be cheered on with the freebie. Hmm...did you enter a code and all that good stuff?

    1. I got a code that gave me a few features, but not all!

  2. I know the apps are fun but you have to be careful because the gps in the phone is not as accurate as your garmin. So I would wear the garmin along with the app :)

    1. too true, I have run with both, and the runtastic app had me at almost .25 more! Funny tho, I got an email from a Challenge I am doing that said it was free for the iPhone today, so I got the PRO version FREE! The droid version is on sale today as well, although not free! Woot!

  3. I use Nike+ but I have heard great things about runtastic. But I can't believe that you are going to be running 13 Half Marathons! You are crazy awesome!

    1. lol Crazy maybe, not so sure about the awesome, but thanks!