Friday, February 15, 2013

Barking Mad Virtual Half Marathon Update!

Tomorrow is the official date of my Virtual Half Marathon. It is a fundraiser for Susan G Komen's Marathon for a Cure, which I will be running in March. I chose the Rock n Roll USA Half Marathon as my race. In order to run on behalf of SGK, you must raise a minimum of $1000. Sounds like a lot, right? Not with a Virtual Race!
How do you run a Virtual Race?

  • You go to the website or event page for their race.
  • You donate to their charity, often via paypal, but not exclusively
  • On or near the date they chose, you run their race, whether it is 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, etc
  • They mail you bling!! Some order it in advance, some order after the race, so it may take a few weeks.
  • DONE!
The best parts of a virtual race? You have helped an amazing cause 
(Cancer research, diabetes, autism research, etc), you get to run the race on your time, instead of the time chosen by a race director, no driving to some far off location, and bling!bling!bling! 

Cool, huh?

This is the 3rd Virtual Race I have hosted. My first benefitted SGK and raised over $1500. My second benefitted a local organization, the Cancer Concern Center, and raised about $750. My current race has raised $1020 so far! I would love for it to exceed the $1500 I raised last year!
If you would like to race, you can register in one of two ways:

  1. PayPal me at
  2. email me for my snail mail address and send a check.
The cost is $20, $15 of which goes to Komen, and $5 defrays the cost of the medal and the shipping. If you register before 3 pm tomorrow, February 16th, you will be entered in the prize drawing. I might do another drawing on the 28th, which is the final registration deadline.
All of the details are in the link at the beginning of this post, but I will post the medal again. It's a spinner!!

Have you ever done a virtual race?

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