Thursday, February 14, 2013

I think I suck at intervals....and more!

Wait, the only thing I think I suck at are intervals, lol, the "more" is just me catching up with the last week of non-posting!
Where do I start? At the very beginning, according to Fraulein Maria!
Last week I ran my 5 by the 5th Virtual Run, which ended up being just over 5 miles by the time I finished. It was my first run in a couple weeks, due to all of the snow and ice we have been experiencing in NJ. It was a great run, and it felt great to be out there again! I am back in the training groove, now that recovery from the Marathon is officially over! I even managed to knock a couple of minutes off of my last run!
After that? More rain and snow, and my daughter's sweet 16 party, which almost got snowed out! Yikes! Because of all this snow, I have missed 2 Virtual Races already! I still have the medals on my shelf waiting to be earned, so that I can finally put some numbers up on the 13 in 2013 Google Doc! UGH!
Monday night, I decided to work out during the Biggest Loser. I had been eating cake for 3 straight days and was feeling sluggish. I did 4 sets of 20, using 8 pound weights of squats, bicep curls, french presses, lunges, shoulder presses, and plies. I also did 2 planks. I felt like a boss. On Monday night, anyway.
Tuesday morning I woke up *sore*. My muscles were so mad at me! After work, it was SO gorgeous out, a perfect day for the Sweet Cupcake 10K. I ended dup running 6.23 miles in 1:10:15. Not bad! I was wearing new shoes as well, same brand and style, but a newer model as my current shoes. I was thrilled that there were no aches, pains, or quirks!
The medal came today, perfect timing!
Today was the Love on the Run 5K sponsored by Muffins to Marathons. The Race Director has TONS of Virtual Races going on all year, and he gives a shirt and medal. All I really wanted to do today was crash on the couch after work, and was pretty much resigned to it. When I got home and saw the medals had come in the mail today, I got dressed and got out there to earn my 5K medal. I missed my run yesterday because of more snow, so today I combined my Virtual Race with Intervals. (Kurt, are you sooooo proud of me?) I have never done intervals, and was very glad to see that my RunTastic App actually has a feature for creating your own. I did 5 rounds, alternating every 1/3  mile. That damn Brit (whose voice I *thought* was sooooo sexy before) kept yelling at me. Going too faahhst, going to slow, that's a great pace...try and keep it up. OMG I sucked! He just kept interrupting my tunes and I wanted to wring his sexy British neck. By the end though, I was rocking it out, and the only time he chimes in was to let me know I was almost done, etc. I did love the 4 cheers I got from my peeps, so thanks to all who cheered me on! I must have looked like a lunatic, laughing at times, and getting snarky with my Brit. LOVE it!
I finished my 5K (actually it ended up being 3.4 miles) in 35:05

lol why is that pic upside down?

Last but not least is the Tractivity update! I won my Tractivity bundle awhile back (thanks Joanna) and am loving it! After every run, I upload the info and it gives you banners for mile and step milestones! You can share them on Facebook every time you earn one.

So far I have over 40,000 steps, and over 20 miles. It tells you how many steps and miles until your next award as well. SUCH fun, I love having ways to keep me motivated!

What are you doing this winter to stay motivated?

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