Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year new Gear

Nicole from Apples and Arteries came up with a fun exchange idea, #NewYearNewGear! Here's how it works:

  Shop around and put together a fun package keeping to a limit of $15.  Maybe it’s a new workout top, running socks, hairbands, a pair of shorts.  You’d be amazed at the goods you can find at the outlets (UA, Nike), TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and department stores. Be sure to include a gift receipt (when available).Please be so kind as to include a note of motivation.
So fun!
I received my assignment, and ran out to shop for Dena from 40 Fit in the Mitt. It was fun to shop for someone else! I ran to my Sports Authority and picked out a pink workout top, since Dena expressed a wish for one. I also included a few of my favorite things for her to try. She sent me an email *and* a note to thank me, which was so sweet! I was so glad she liked it!
I received an email from Melissa at Mel Runs the World, a blog I had already been following. I told her a bit about me (she "knew" me already from my blog) and she sent me this:

LOVE it! I told Mel that I was a GIANTS fan (she was devastated to hear this, and has been trying to convert me ever since. As if! She is a Patriots fan! lol) and she put her feelings aside and hooked me up with a great sweatshirt. It is so soft and comfy! She also sent me some of her favorite Honey Stinger products! I am already a huge fan of the vanilla waffles, they got me through the Disney Marathon, but I haven't tried the rest! The strawberry is also really tasty! I still need to try the chocolate and the chews! Thanks so much Mel! (Go GIANTS!)

If you love this as much as I did, email Nicole and join in for the next round! You can also tweet about it!  Just use the hashtag #NewYearNewGear!
Here is Nicole's info:
Include your name, email.  Twitter and Blog, if applicable

Special thanks to Nicole for organizing this amazing swap! I really enjoyed it and look forward to more!

Have you ever participated in a swap? What kind of swap was it?


  1. Love the NYNG program! Super cute shirt!

    1. It was fun, and I am so glad you liked your shirt :)

  2. You got some wonderful goodies in the exchange!

    1. I did, I was very lucky! What a great pairing I got!

  3. I participated in a Christmas ornament exchange but you knew that LOL