Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running on a Bad Diet

I have not lost a pound since last March. Well, that's not exactly true. I have lost 5 pounds. Gained them back. Lost 5 pounds. Gained them back. You know the drill. Some of my clothes fit a little better, because I am building muscle, but let's be real, here. With all of the running I have done, training for the Disney Marathon and now, training for 13 Halfs in 2013, I should have hit my goal weight of 150 pounds last Summer at the latest. Yet here I sit, yo-yo-ing between 157 and 162. Again.

I saw this pic on Facebook yesterday, although I can't remember where, and it really hit me. My diet sucks. I know this. As a former Personal Trainer, and as someone studying to become one again, I definitely know this. And yet.
Yesterday I ran a Half Marathon. A virtual race, yes, but a full on, 12 minute paced Half Marathon. I burned 1500+ calories. And then, during the course of that day, while sitting around reading (Mockingjay, which I finished. Oh.My.Heck. what a book!) and into the night, I ate about 1250 calories in M&Ms. Really? Why do I do this to myself? I have been eating chocolate and cake non stop allw eek, leftovers from my daughter's Sweet 16 and then candy from Valentine's Day. All week.
Here I am, back at around 162, instead of all the way down to 150.
Luckily, I am starting SSBC soon, and I am hoping that it will kickstart me in the right direction!
You can check it out here. (if you decide to join, mention this blog or Kim Prytherch, thanks!) I got my pretty, light pink lace locks in the mail yesterday. Everyone who joins gets one! The challenge runs from March 4 to April 21 and you earns points for healthy activities: drinking water, exercise, freggies, and more. I did the Holiday Challenge and it was very motivating! AND I won a cute pair of Oakley Capris, that I love! There are some amazing sponsors this time as well, check them out!

Where am I getting at with all of this? It is time for me to put an end to the "I run and that's enough" philosophy! Starting today, I will be writing down everything I eat, staying in my calorie range, and working towards a healthier me! You saw it here folks!

Are you doing the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge?