Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crazy Workout Day!

Today was one of those crazy, running willy-nilly around workout kind of days!

I started the day super early to bring the Teenie to school so she could go on a trip to Keane University for International Thespian Society. I dropped her off at the crack of dawn and then headed right back home. The hubs and I took our Corgi for a quick run  before we started our crazy day:
After that, we ran over to the DMV, by way of Starbucks. I wanted to eat healthy today, so I got oatmeal with raisins and craisins, and my favorite unsweetened iced tea:

While the hubs ran into the DMV I ate my brekky and surfed Instagram and Twitter. I realized that I was *thisclose* to getting 1000 followers on Twitter! Woot! If you don't already follow me, consider hopping over there and following me!

After the hubs finished up at DMV, we stopped at Target, looked at some cars (I am thinking Mazda2 or Ford Fiesta in a nice feisty lime green color!) then headed over to the Halfway to Brielle Day 5K. Last year, I finished the race in 31:35, which at the time was a new PR. I was hoping to beat that time, but not really concerned about an overall PR. I went to pickup and got my bib, tee, and hoodie (loving all these hoodies, it is my 3rd in the last few months!) It was very cozy and I wore it while I waited for the race to start! My friend Cheryl ran as well, which I love, because she is a tad faster than me, and I push myself to try and keep up! 
It was a nice 45* and a little windy, and it is a very hilly race. I was worried about the hills, because it has only been 6 days since my last hilly race, a Half Marathon! I felt amazing though, and the race went well! I kept Cheryl in my sights the whole time, and finished in about 30:57! Woohoo! Race PR, but not overall. SO thrilled! 

I didn't hit pause fast enough lol, so the time is a bit off. I am still waiting on official results! The pic is of Cheryl's Mom, Cheryl, and I.
After the race, we had some free sausage and penne (well, they did, I wanted a bagel) and then went to Einstein Brothers for my bagel.
Now for the best part! The hubs took me to LuLuLemon and bought me yoga pants, running pants, and a running shirt. I got a great new Mini Tote that is so pretty!

I had just enough time to get home and shower before my Yoga Fundraiser! I am on a great team for the NJ Long Branch Half Marathon, for the Cancer Concern Center, a local organization that provides services for local Cancer patients. They work solely from donations, and i *love* helping them out whenever I can! Today I hosted a Yoga Class, that my amazing friend Cathi taught in her home! We raised $50 tonight, towards my $1000 goal.
 little Heidi, our youngest Yogi
group photo

I am thoroughly exhausted, and I still have a 7 mile training run tomorrow! I am doing a NJ Marathon Hot Chocolate Training Run, though, and will be going for 15K. Hopefully, a nice flat 15K!

What did you do to keep your body moving today?


  1. I got tired reading all you did today. Congrats on a nice race. I have never gotten a hoodie at a race. Wish I lived near a lululemon.

    1. Thanks! This is the first year I got a hoodie at a race! Now I have 3, lol, and they are all green! I love having LuLuLemon nearby but I can never just go in and shop! The hubs always has to suggest it, I feel so guilty spending so much on running gear!

  2. Sounds like it was a great day with all of those workouts. I didn't know there was a Lululemon in Jersey. Where is it? I went to Dick's and found new shorts. I've been wearing a pair that is really beat up because I'm very picky. The Under Armour pair that I picked out seem to be perfect.

    1. I love Under Armour! I have a bunch of cold weather gear and some great shorts from there! LuLuLemon is in the Grove at Shewsbury. :)