Monday, March 18, 2013

Relay for Life

My daughter has formed a team for Relay for Life called No Day But Today (those of you who like musicals may recognize the name from RENT.)
She is doing the Relay in honor of someone from her Performing Arts High School who is a Lymphoma Survivor. We will call this person "J". J means a lot to her and is a Survivor of over 15 years! Woot!
We are hosting 2 different Fundraisers for her Relay Team right now!
The first is a Virtual Race, called, of course, No Day But Today! It is a 5K with a Half Marathon Option and the distance will be on the back of the medal! The race will take place any time during the month of May, and will cost $20. We will donate $15 to the American cancer Society and $5 will defray the cost of the medal, shipping, and the bonus surprise we hope to add for every racer. We will also be doing drawings. Check out the Facebook event page here! Here is a pic of the medal:
The green ribbon is for Lymphoma, and the musical notes represent the Discipline that her friend is known for.

The second Fundraiser is running for the next 9 days. Scentsy! Patty is generously donating 20% of the sales to Morgan's team! Thanks Patty! If you are looking for a great fundraiser, contact Patty! Here are a few great products that Scentsy carries:
They have a Campus Collection!

from the Silhouette Collection!


WOW! They have a lot of great items for sale! Please consider one of our great fundraisers, Cancer Research is so important! We need to find a cure!

What kind of Fundraisers do you like?

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