Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rock n Roll USA

I went to bed early Friday night, so that I would be well rested for the race. My daughter woke up at midnight, talking in her sleep, someone called me at 2 a.m. (didn't recognize the number), and then every hour after that I was up checking the phone to be sure the alarm went off. Not a great start!

We were out the door at around 5:30 am. Our hotel, the George, had goodie bags out for us! We all got drawstring backpacks with the George printed on them. In the pocket was a banana, water bottle, and protein bar! Woot! We walked to the start, stopping on the way to get me a bagel that I couldn't eat. I was so nervous about the impending rain, that I was making myself nauseous!
I was meeting a fellow Moms Run This Town member at 6:30. She didn't get in until 10:30 Friday night, so I picked up her bib and shirt, and filled her bag with swag. I couldn't find the meeting place so I Facebooked her and we met up to make the drop. One of her friends googled the meet-up location, and we headed over to the Smithsonian Castle for a group pic.
After the group pic I headed over to my corral. I was still feeling a little nauseous, but I managed to eat half of a Honey Stinger Waffle, which settled my stomach a bit. They weren't roping off the corrals this time, so people were moving up from corrals behind me, so I started to move up as well. I was getting closer to the start, keeping it together, when I noticed a woman with a doo rag on, bald, in a  pink shirt. The shirt said "Three days ago was my last treatment, nothing is going to stop me now". I was running this race as a Komen Marathon for the Cure, and this really had me going on the tears!
I sucked it up though, and tried to keep it together for the race to start! Check out the view from the corrals!
Jon took a pic of me at the corrals, and then ran along and took some of me starting. I haven't taken the pics off of the camera yet tho! There were so many people, and the crowd never really thinned out!
It was finally our turn, and as we toed the line, I went to start my Runtastic app. Before they even started the countdown, I got my text from the Race saying that I started! Yikes! One extra minute added to my time lol
The scenery was amazing. We ran passed the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building. Just before the 5K mark we crossed the bridge to Arlington Cemetery and turned around at the entrance. I was excited to see that I was on track for a PR! Woot! No rain either, perfect so far!
The scenery after that was very pretty, lots of trees and flowers. Approaching mile 6, I was still on track for a PR. And then we hit the hill. That hill kicked my butt! I started to walk and looked up to see a sign that said "Make this hill your bitch!". So I started to run again. Other signs on this hill said "Don't quit, you're not the Pope", a bunch about the Sequester, and one that said "After this, it's all downhill. Literally." That sign lied.
There were many more hills.
We passed through Howard University's Living areas, and lots of college kids were handing out beer and mimosas, cheering us on, playing music.
More hills.
The spectators were amazing, always tons of people, some had beer, drinks, candy.
Mile 10 I noticed a runner up ahead juggling. Seriously, the guy never stopped! I was impressed and frustrated all at the same time! It took me a mile to pass him!
All the while, I was looking for the family. I expected to see them at mile 10ish, but never saw them! Turns out they got to mile 11 about 5 minutes too late! Here is the sign I *would have* seen!
As we approached the DC Armory at the Finish, I was so glad to be almost done! My ankles and calves ached something fierce! I couldn't wait to see the fam and get on the Metro back to the hotel!
There were tons of spectators at the finish, all cheering and yelling. I couldn't find my fan anywhere! I crossed the Finish Line, and headed towards the medals!
There was so much bottlenecking! My medal was handed to me wrapped in plastic! WTF??!? I had to unwrap it myself and put it over my head. YUCK!
Off to the food!
I grabbed a bottled water, a frozen carton of chocolate milk, a protein bar. Jamba Juice was there, but unless you ran very fast, it sucked to be you. No Jamba Juice for me. I grabbed a bagel, chips, but bypassed the apples because my hands were full. After you passed all the food and were juggling like a mad person, they gave you a tote bag from Safeway. Perhaps not the best laid plan, but it was useful! I opened my milk shake, lol, and started drinking. ahhhhh I am lactose intolerant, but the girl at the expo said your body craves it and you won't get sick. Darn, she was right. It tasted so gooooood!
Still too much bottlenecking, but I managed to finally check my phone, to see where my fam was. They were at the hotel. They didn't come. I was devastated. I still am. Absolutely devastated.
Even worse, I had no money for the Metro and had to walk 2 miles back to the hotel. OUCH. It took me that long to cool down enough to see them without freaking out. Did I mention I was devastated?

Final results:
time: 2:36:28
16,302/19,945 overall
1,357/1.818 age group
9,672/12,525 females

Not too shabby. 11 minutes slower than my best, but for my first planned Half of the season, I will take it! Hills and all!

This was race #3 out of 13 for my goal of 13in2013! Ten to go!

Has your family ever stood you up at the Finish Line?


  1. Congrats on the race! Well run! Sorry about the family not seeing you. Was this their first big race that they've come to cheer you on ( trying to play devil's advocate)? Because if it was, then they may not have known what they were supposed to do.If not, then they are going to need clear directions for the next time and a meeting spot that you agree on ahead of time. Always carry money when you are at a big race because you never know when you will need it.

    1. thanks! This was not their first race! After they missed me at mile 11, they got lazy and didn't want to travel to the Finish. I meant to ask the hubs for money at the start and forgot. I usually do carry a little. I will never make that mistake again!

  2. I am so sorry that they were not there. My husband never comes to any of my races but given the fact I do 2 a week for most of the year I get it....I don't like it but I get it. So last year when I was running my first half I told him I needed him to be there, he didnt have to get up early and be there the whole 2.5+ hours just get there about 10:15 and thank god he was.....I never hurt so bad in my life.

    BTW you did great so they lost out :)

    Oh and the woman at the beginning has me crying at my desk...OMG!

    1. Thanks babe, you make me smile :) The hubs dis walk me to the start, but I expected them to be there and when they weren't it just broke my heart!

  3. I don't know how I missed your race recap! What the heck was up with the medals, potties, bags, water?! I mean, come on RNR. We paid decent $$ for really crappy race logistics! Oiy.

    1. Lisa, I thought the same thing when I saw your link! I subscribe via email now! This was my second RnR, the first one was Philly last year and I had no real complaints. This one really frustrated me! I am signed up for Providence as well, and I am worried now! If all goes well, I will sign up for Vegas 2014 or 2015