Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring "Break"

Because of Sandy, we lost most of our Spring Break. We did have Good Friday off, and will have Monday off as well.  Luckily, the weather has been amazing and the fam and I are taking advantage of that!
Friday was the day that the teenie and the Boy were getting iPhones. We all rode our bikes the 1.5ish miles to the store to get them. Perfect weather!!!! After we returned, the hubs and I went for a quick run, about 1.75 miles.
See? Perfect!!
When the teenie needed heavy cream to make Creme Brulee, we even walked to 7-11 to get it for her. It turned out yummy!

The only down side to Friday was that Richard Griffiths, who played Uncle Vernon in the harry Potter movies passed away. In honor of his passing, I will not be Instagram-ing on Sunday. Why? Because "There's no Post on Sundays".
Check out #NoPostOnSundaysRichard on Instagram, there are over 1800 people posting about it already!

Saturday also turned out to be a beautiful day, almost hitting 60*! After stopping to see a friend, who had a surprise for me....
What an amazing birthday gift! LOVE my girls at Plethora Boutique!! After dropping the teenie off at a babysitting job, I headed out to spend my Birthday Gift Cards! I had 2 cards to 2 different running stores and I got 2 tees, 2 tanks, and capris! GREAT day!

Of course, with all this new gear, I HAD to run right out and, well, RUN! I headed out to the Brick Reservoir to run today for a few reasons:

  1. Crazy traffic at the shore makes it unsafe to run on the roads
  2. the reservoir is a 1.6+ mile loop, even pavement, and almost no hills
  3. It is beautiful there
  4. they have water stations!!!!!

I was 15 seconds away from a PR! It was a little windy, so half of every loop was a little nuts, but then half of every loop was easier to run. The easy half was HOT though! I was glad I wore my shiny new green shirt with cap sleeves! I am so glad that I went! I was going to skip my run, being that I woke up with a headache and ::::boys shield your eyes:::: cramps. They were vicious! 

On my way back, I stopped at the Ergophobia Warehouse by my house. They don't sell out of it, usually, but they took advantage of the weekend, and put out their Restore the Shore merchandise! I scored 2 new tees and some stickers for me and the Boy. Here is mine:

If you have ever been to Asbury Park, NJ you should totally get the lettering! Iconic!

WOW, a crazy day and it is only 3:45! When the hubs comes home from dirt biking, I am hoping for a nice walk and dinner from somewhere. Perfect end to a perfect day!

On my run, I did some thinking, which i always do when I run, about making a calendar for April to get in some quick workout while I catch up on my shows! I will post it when it is done!
I also hope to do a giveaway soon, in honor of my 200th post, which is approaching!

What have you done outdoors this weekend?


  1. Looks like you are having a great weekend. Sorry you and the kids lost most of your Spring Break.They took our days from other places, so the Spring Break was saved.I'm enjoying the beautiful weather, too. My friend and I did the virtual half for Restore the Shore today. It was a great day.

    1. SO glad you got to keep Spring Break. Most of the surrounding towns did, but for some reason we lost it! Just glad the weather is cooperating!