Monday, April 29, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

I was honored a few weeks ago to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by a fellow SPA! (Sweat Pink Ambassador! check out Fit Approach for more details!)
Jennifer from The Final Forty, a fellow Jersey Girl, nominated me! Thanks again, so very much, Jennifer!! What is a the Versatile Blogger Award?

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

SO, let's get down to business! I would like to nominate the following awesome ladies:
  1. Lindsey at Run.Stretch.Repeat.
  2. Melissa at 13 going on crazy
  3. Gigi at Running on Candy...
  4. Jill at Fitness, Health, and Happiness
  5. Lisa at Run Fast Mama
  6. the Bride and Groom at Running Happily Ever After
  7. Mindy at Road Runner Girl
  8. Jen at Marathon Mom
  9. Laura at Mommy Run Fast
  10. Kat at Sneakers and Fingerpaints
  11. Pam and Christine at we Run Disney
  12. Joanna at Sports Bras and Sippy Cups
  13. Darlena at Run Find Your Happy Pace
  14. Mindy at Mindy's Fitness Journey
  15. Melissa at Melissa Running It
There are so many others, and I will get to week! Hmmmmm I wonder what that could mean?

Anyway, my duties call upon me to tell you all 7 things about myself! Soooooooo, here we go!

  1. I LOVE to read! I will read just about anything, I am very easily amused! My favorites, though, are Nora Roberts, JD Robb, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, and JK Rowling. Favorite book ever? The Stand by Stephen King.
  2. I also LOVE movies. I could watch them all day long and die happy.  I like scary movies, romantic comedies, dramas, well, just about any! Faves are Pride and Prejudice, Emma, the Stand, 50 First Dates, and the SCREAM movies. Sad, but true.
  3. I LOVE reality TV. and Cop shows. And dramas. My faves right now are Survivor, Duck Dynasty. Amazing Race, CSI and CSI NY, Blue Bloods, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time. Like I said, sad but true.
  4. I am studying to be NASM certified.
  5. I plan to run 13 Halfs this year. I have finished 5, and #6 will be this Sunday: The Long Branch Half Marathon.
  6. Not surprisingly, after #5, I am Half Fanatic #3034
  7. I have an amazing hubby and 2 amazing (most of the time) teenagers. We all get along most of the time, and only want to kill each other about 25% of the time!!!
Do you follow any of my favorite bloggers?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Workouts

This week was a quiet week. I tweaked my knee in last Saturday's Half, and from Sunday through Friday, my arch/ankle hurt on and off all day.

Sunday: Bus Trip to NYC. We walked 8 blocks to have lunch, and then 8 blocks back. I also planked (but not in NYC, lol)
Monday: plank
Tuesday: P90X plyometrics and a quick plank

Wednesday: plank
Thursday: plank

Friday: plank
Saturday: 42 minute bike ride, dog walk, boardwalk stroll, and a plank

Sunday: so far, two bike rides, 47 minutes total, a 5K for Sara's monthly challenge, and the hubs and I are about to walk the dogs again!

The hubs rode his dirt bike today, his exercise for the week, lol

What did you do this weekend to keep your body moving?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Revolt Fitness!

I am so excited to share this with you all!
A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Tara, who works for Revolt Fitness, an amazing Exercise program invented by Nichole Huntsman! Nichole is a NASM CPT, and is sharing her knowledge through her new program! Tara has asked me, along with a group of other Bloggers, to test Nichole's program, and blog about the results! I am SO excited to be part of this Revolt Uprising Group! Starting on April 26, I will begin my 12 week Diet and Exercise program that Nichole has designed!
From the website:

Let me explain very quickly what the Revolt Uprising is.  It is your Revolt against your muffin top and the tyranny or mediocrity.  For less than .35 a day this is what you get.
  • Full length workouts that are always changing.  You will never get bored.  Plan on enjoying your good looks and 6 pack abs.  Get ready to become lean and re-invent yourself.
  • The workouts are intense, and so effective without putting you in a gym for hours at a time.  The Revolt Uprising doesn’t give you partial videos to do by yourself.  You have your trainer with you through each circuit.
  • Meals that are awesome and paired with your workouts.  This is part of our “secret sauce”. As you’ve probably heard up to 70% of your results happened with an effective diet.  This happens outside your workouts.  The meal plan everyday to help you reach your goals.
Check out the website via the link above! There are pictures of the workouts, which you can do in your own living room, and testimonials from clients that love her program!
Also from the site:
Our program transforms bodies six-weeks at a time, combining the very best techniques from the world of fitness and weight loss.  Here are some more details:
1-THE REVOLT WORKOUT: is a fat-incinerating metabolic workout that trains your body to use more calories, even when at rest.   Daily and with minimal equipment you can follow along as our personal trainer, Nichole Huntsman NASM-CPT, does the workout on video.  She will lead you through strength training, plyometrics, core work, circuits, tabata and much more.  This type of training is on the cutting edge of exercise science and has been proven to shrink more of your stubborn fat in a 24 hr period than traditional steady state cardio.  You can do these workouts anywhere in 20-40 minutes, 4-5 days per week.  New every week, always changing and progressing.  All the guesswork has been eliminated.  Just show up and sweat!  Also, you have instant access to the handy take-anywhere Revolt Workout Guide, in pdf form.  Print out, or read on your mobile device while at the gym.
2-THE REVOLT DIET: is a nourishing, delicious meal plan with proven macronutrient and caloric levels to optimize fat loss and muscle recovery.  There are 6 daily meals eaten every 3-4 hours, which include a pre and post workout meal and a daily dessert.  You select your initial calorie level from our diet selector and then have the freedom to customize up or down through the 8 different calorie meal plans.  Also included are techniques to help with fat-loss plateaus, no-nonsense supplement advice, and a weekly FREE day.
3-THE REVOLT BY-INVITATION COMMUNITY including Nichole and a wonderful group of current Revolt participants.  Here you will become part of our group, moving through the program, individually adjusting for personal goals, but united in the day by day diet and workout.  You’ll be eating the same meals and doing the same workout as everyone else, which gives an incredible opportunity for conversation in real time.  You’re not alone! On our private group page, you can engage in positive, fun conversation with friends in a safe environment.  Talk about the day’s workout, get advice about how to cook that spinach that you’ve been dreading or post your weekly progress pics for support, feedback and a little “woot woot”.  Also, join in our weekly Q&A sessions by conference call!
Combining secrets used by fitness competitors and celebrities to cut fat quickly, the Revolt program can help you transform that jiggly flab into an incredible summer-worthy physique.
New to Revolt Now Fitness? Join our community today by requesting an invite to the Revolt Private Progress Group and get a copy of our Revolt Start-Up Guide.
The Revolt Core Principles
We believe fitness and good nutrition should be accessible to all people, without the use of guilt, shame, fear, hype, BS, dishonesty or greedy sales tactics.
We recognize that all bodies are unique, and that finding a solution for transformation requires flexibility and adaptation.
We respect and cheer each other on, celebrating differences and uniting behind our common purpose to improve our lives.
We believe in becoming experts of our own bodies.  100% owning our current state and any transformations that take place.

I am so excited to be taking part in this program! Over the next 12 weeks, I will be posting weekly about my progress, the workouts, and the diet. At the end of the program, I will post my before and after pic, and my weight loss, as well as inches lost!
You can stalk Nichole, and Revolt Fitness here:
****Revolt Fitness is allowing me the honor of trying this plan for free and in return I will blog once a week for 12 weeks. You might all be sorry! All of my opinions, death wishes, hatred of the powers that be, and attempts to try new foods are my own. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings: NYC, Dopey, and the Interstate Challenge

Hand Burger
After Saturday's painful Half, I was glad to go into NYC on a bus trip with my daughter's school. They run 3 fundraisers a year into the city to see a play, and she just loves her plays! On our way in, the bus got pulled over! Score points for the driver! Of course, the teenies had to get right on their phones and make a conference call. To a boy sitting 5 rows away. Yes, seriously!

My daughter is on the striped phone, the smiling teenie is her bestie.

While on the phone, they decided to done at the Crypt Cafe. It used to be a crematorium. Yes, again, seriously. I have to admit, it was truly awesome. The food was great, atmosphere slightly creepy. Win Win.
entry to restaurant and Haunted House

doorway to Haunted House

dining area, yes, those are crematorium doors. 

pretty girls, picking up a creepy guy

 The musical we went to see was called Peter and the Starcatcher, at the New World Stages. The theater was very nice, they had a wall for people to write on, so the girls wrote quotes from RENT and signed their names. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic! The play was amazing! I have never laughed so hard in my life! It is the story of how Peter Pan became, well, Peter Pan. It was a small cast on a small stage playing multiple roles. The star was so yummy, I wanted to eat him with a spoon! My favorite role, though, was the nanny, played by a man wearing a "hat" on a headband whenever he switched to that role. Hysterical! It really is a must see!

In other news, the training plans for WDW Marathon weekend are available here. These are not printable calendars, although I am guessing that those will be available soon These are links so you can download them into your calendar. They have links for Mac, iPhone, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo! I have alreaded added it to my iCal, and will be writing it into my training calendar later today! SO exciting!

Awhile back, I mentioned being the first to finish the Interstate Challenge! Yay me! Isn't the medal amazing? It is still going on here. To qualify you need to run a marathon or a half marathon in two different states. These races must take place during 2013. SO cool! I used the WDW Marathon as my Florida race and E Murray Todd Half as my NJ race. 
The brilliant minds at Digital Running Club came up with a new challenge for 2014! Two actually.
  1. The Hat Trick. Run three of the following distances in 2014: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon. Log your races. Get the super cool medal to show of your greatness!
  2. Grand Slam. Dopey Runners, this one is for you! Run all four of those distances in 2014. Log your races. Receive the Grand Slam Medal *and* the Hat Trick Medal to show off your awesomeness! 
Registration opens in July, and the sooner you register, the cheaper it is! I will be first in line for that Grand Slam! Will you take the challenge?
Get in on the excitement at their FaceBook page and on Twitter!

How has your week been so far?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Runapalooza: Asbury Park Half Marathon #RunForBoston

I can check Half Marathon #5 of 13 off of my list!!

Ever since I volunteered at the merch table for my running club last year, I have wanted to run this race! It is put on by my club to benefit Special Olympics, and this year it will also benefit towns ravaged by Sandy. This year, since I was running, I volunteered at packet pick up on Wednesday night instead of working the merch table the day of the race. It was a lot of fun, and I made sure to tell anyone in my age group to run SLOW. I don't think they took me seriously though! I laid out my #RunforBoston Flat Mama the  night before. My running club sent an email out to all the participants asking them to wear blue and yellow, and even distributed ribbons!

The morning of the race, I left super early. I was meeting the Half Fanatics an hour before the race for a photo op and I wanted a good parking spot! I parked at our photo location, which was two blocks from the starting line, and one block from the Finish/Expo site. This race has the Expo the night before *and* the day of the race. 

Yes, that is rain on the windshield. All  night and early morning, the rain and wind was giving me a scare! Earlier in the week, rain was predicted for race day, but on Thursday, the rain was predicted to arrive the night before! It was a little rainy as I left, but by the time I got there, the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to come out! For those who know the Jersey Shore, that face in the pic is Tillie, an icon here in Asbury Park, and the site of our group photo for the Half Fanatics!

After the photo op I went to the hotel hosting the Expo to use the bathroom, which took forever, and to meet up with my friend Eileen who had a bib for me! It was a blue and yellow Boston bib, laminated, for me to wear to all of my future races! Eileen is the bomb! I left her and her friends to find my other friend Colleen, who was on line to use the bathroom at the Asbury Park Convention Center. We had 15 minutes left! Yikes! Good thing the race has a chip start! The line to the men's room was shorter, so I can now check another item off of my "what makes me a runner" list. I used the men's room before the race. Afterwards, we high tailed it to the start. As we were approaching, we heard the anthem end and the race start! Uh oh!
We started 3:30 late. I laughed as we ran though, because we passed all of the walkers doing the 5 mile race. many of them were families there to support the Special Olympics. We seemed so speedy, but they were all walkers, sooooooo not so much! We got to see Colleen's sister Katie, but none of our other friends yet!
The course was different this year. It usually runs on the boardwalk, but this year they couldn't so that due to all of the damage from Sandy. Instead it wound through beach towns around Asbury Park. It was an out and back race, but I guess they couldn't get permission to block all of the streets, because most of the race took place on the shoulder of the road. Yeah, it sucked. I don't blame the directors, they did what they could, but it really did suck. At times, we had to run on the sidewalk, and some of that sidewalk was uneven cobblestone, and there was sand and stone on occasion, and even a huge dumpster lid blocking the way.
We waved to Dave the Trumpeter on the bridge. It is never a race without Dave! LOVE him! We cheered on the winners at mile 5. It was uplifting for us, because in AC we saw the winners at mile 4, and this race it was mile 5. We were making great time! We cheered on our friends as they passed, other Fanatics, *anyone* wearing a Boston finisher jacket, Stephanie from the PbRC (our Disney Running Club). We had a great time! We hit the turnaround at about mile 8, and Colleen stopped to pee. I finally found my friend Cheryl there, and we said hi. She tried to find us at the Start, so I told her about being late.
Right around mile 10 it got ugly. My left knee started to ache on the outside. Colleen showed me a stretch and it helped a little, but every time I started to get back in the groove it hurt again. After 2 miles of stops and starts I urged her to run the last mile in. We saw Dave again right before she left, and he said a lot of people were complaining of knee and calf pain. I am guessing it was the cobblestones and the slope of the road when everyone had to share the shoulder. He yelled "Ice Ice Ice" as I ran on, and played us a jaunty tune. Have I mentioned that I love that guy?
I was never so happy to see the finish up ahead. The last stretch was finally along the boards, and the Convention Center was ahead in all it's beauty. I cried a little. I cried a lot actually. Not so much because of the pain, mostly out of frustration.
Colleen ran up to me for the last bit, put her arm around me, and ran me in. She stepped away so I could cross the mats and get my medal. She really is an amazing friend! I met her on DisBoards last year and we actually met face to face for the first time after Runapalooza last year!

Yeah, those are cupcakes. Divine, wonderful, perfect cupcakes. After the race, the hubs, Colleen, and I went to Confections of a Rock$tar on Cookman Ave in Asbury. These cupcakes are amazing and they all have musical names. (The Red Velvet are called Red Carpet). The cupcake names are written on CDs. It was definitely the perfect end to the race!
My knee no longer hurts, I am hoping it was from the uneven roads, and not an IT Band thing. Time will tell, I guess! I did notice some chafing after the race. A small post inside my thigh from my running shirts rubbing, and a longer spot on my arm from my iPhone strap. I had put it on too tight at first and it mushed my skin up against my tee. Yay. Both spots are less sore today, though, so bonus points there!
I finished in 2:53:27, one minute longer than my worst time to date. Ugly? yes. But I finished, and I am proud!
Have you ever had a disaster of a race like mine?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston shubeez

This set of two shubeez are just $9.99! The blue and yellow ribbon is also a shoe tag, so cool! Proceeds will benefit the victims and their families!
I will be ordering mine right after I press Publish!

I ran for Boston today, 13.1 miles!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vitacost Product Review

Not long ago, I was give the opportunity through Joanna and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors, to review products for Vitacost. I got to pick from a super long list of products that I might like to test. I chose a variety, thinking that they would pick one from the list!

I chose the Kona Coffee for the hubs. He LOVES coffee, but he is super picky. It has to be the right strength, and the right taste. He makes me nuts. He LOVED this coffee! He said it was mild and flavorful, and smooth. He was super happy with it, and wants to know where he can get more!

I ate this after a run, to hold me over while I showered. It was tasty, not too dry, and the cinnamon flavor was just what i needed after a run. I love when bars don 't sit in your stomach like a lump! Perfect!

I brought this to my parents' house, I love having my own stuff there when I visit, without having to pack it every time. It rolls on damp, so you have to be sure you have time to dry before you dress lol. The scent was just right, not too strong, not too light, and I wore it to a race and still smelled nice afterwards.

I love ordering from Vitacost, and was excited to be receive another offer to review products. I added different ones for my second box, and will tell you all about them soon!
For now, I will leave you with a pic of the box after Nugget got to it.

Nugget is the little one. She looks innocent, right?

Yeah....not so much!

Stay tuned for what was inside!

For now, ways to check out Vitacost!

Check out their Website: here
Check them out on Facebook
Check them out on Twitter

What is the best thing you have ever ordered from Vitacost, or something you would like to order?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trenton Half Marathon Ambassador!

I did my #runforBoston today in my Trenton Half Marathon/10K jacket from last year's race. It was the only shirt I had that was blue and yellow, and that I could wear to work at an Elementary School! I wore it all day to work, and then wore it afterwards for a quick 2 mile run. I wish I could have run more, I know many were running 4.09 miles, but I had to pick up the teenie at her school, so this was as good as it was going to get!

Wearing my Trenton Half shirt reminded me that I was going to be an Ambassador this year! I am so excited about this! I truly enjoyed the Inaugural 10K race, especially so soon after Sandy, and signed up for the Half Marathon first chance I got!
I received an update email not long ago, and they mentioned their Ambassador Program. I checked out the qualifications and sent my email right away! I could totally do this! Elyce emailed me right back with some dates that they needed volunteers.
OH NO!!!
I was running on almost every one! But there was one race, the Atlantic City Half Marathon, that I would be available for! Woot! I was running the race, and I would already be at the Expo, so why not work it? For working my shift, I will get a cool tee and my race fee refunded! Double Woot!

In other exciting Trenton Half news, if you are a member of my Jersey Shore Moms Run This Town Facebook page, you can be entered to win free Race Registration! You have to be a member though, so get on over there and join us! I will be posting about the free race entry soon, and the winner will be chosen on April 30th!

updated after hitting Uranus Level for Half Fanatics!

Did you #runforBoston yet?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mesothelioma: A Story of Survival

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much work I do t fundraise for Cancer Research. After I posted about Rock n Roll USA, I was contacted by Heather, an amazing Cancer Survivor. She asked me if I would share her story, and I was more than happy to do so! Below is her story, word for word, about her amazing battle with Mesothelioma. She also has a blog, that you can check out here.

My story of Survival: Getting Through Cancer All These Years  

My daughter has always been the guiding light for me. There were many times during my cancer that I looked to her for inspiration. Maybe that's why she tells people that she saved my life. It's the truth. When I was at the lowest point in my battle against one of the deadliest cancers, my daughter Lily was barely aware of her surroundings. She was just a baby, and yet she changed my life and made it possible to look forward and past the difficult experiences.  

Seven years ago, I was finally ready to have a child. My husband Cameron and I waited a while after getting married. There wasn't any rush, but suddenly, it was all I wanted to do. My pregnancy came quickly, surprisingly, and I was just as nervous and curious as many new mothers tend to be. I had a lot of questions about the way things were going to be, but I didn't ever really foresee what was actually going to happen to me.  

On my daughter's due date, something was wrong. She was a breech baby. They couldn't deliver her the normal way, and I had to have an emergency C-section. It was terrifying, but eventually, she was in my arms. It was the most beautiful moment to have her so close to me finally after all those months carrying her. Cameron was such an ecstatic new father, and together, I knew that we were going to make this child's life incredibly promising.  

However, after I gave birth, it seemed more things were going for me. My health deteriorated to the point that I was so exhausted and losing so much weight that something had to be wrong. Three months of testing later, I found out that I had mesothelioma. I didn't know how I had gotten such a deadly cancer, but it turned out that I had unknowingly exposed as a child. In any case, the doctor gave me 15 months to live without treatment. It was a shock on top of a death sentence. I sat in utter shock. It was such a blessing to have Cameron with me. Without him, I would not have had the strength to make it through that meeting nor find a specialist to heal my body.  
My cancer was so specific, malignant pleural mesothelioma, that I needed to see someone with experience. We chose mesothelioma specialist from Boston. His program had saved many suffering from the very same illness, and I knew that he would help me. However, first I had to get the cancer out of my body. That was going to take a major surgery, which removed an entire lung, parts of my chest, heart lining and diaphragm. It was a very risky surgery, but through it all, I knew that I was going to do what I had to do to be there for Lily and Cameron. I saw my daughter growing up without me, and I knew that I had more time left with her. I just had to make it through. 

I spent 18 days recovering from surgery in the hospital, and after another 2 months of recovery I began chemotherapy and radiation. These were the toughest months. Some days, I felt so sick that the only thought I could keep in my head was of Lily's face when I held her for the first time. That was how Lily was able to save my life even if she wasn't near me. I knew that she was growing and that I couldn't be there for her because I was sick, but eventually, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be there for her for many more years.  
Much of the cancer treatments took its toll on my family. I was staying with my parents who were helping with Lily while Cameron continued working full time. He remained my rock through it all. I can't thank him enough for never questioning and always being there. There were many other people who also came to our aid during these difficult moments. I am so appreciative of all the friends and family who really came together in support of my survival.  
 Mesothelioma is one of the deadliest cancers. It kills 95 percent of people who have it. I was one of the lucky ones who survived and to that I can just say that it truly was my daughter who was pushing me the entire time, making sure that I never gave up. I'm cancer free seven years later and I have a beautiful family. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yuengling Lager Jogger 5K in Pottsville PA

Yesterday I started my trek to Mystic Mountain, PA to hang with my parents and run the Yuengling 5K. The race was taking place in Pottsville, PA where Yuengling got it's start, and I drive past it every time I visit. I knew that it would be a hilly race, and I was ready for the challenge.
It was a rainy start on Friday, and very windy, so I had to drive pretty slow. It is about a 3.5 hour drive, and the scenery is amazing! Not so much yesterday, though:
Route 78, Delaware Water gap
Route 42, approaching Mystic Mountain

Luckily, once I hit the Water Gap, the rain stopped! I stopped in Pottsville to pick up my packet, and was thrilled to see I was getting a beer glass (I don't drink beer, but it holds iced tea just as well, I bet!)

The bar was in an old building, it was so beautiful, I wish I had taken pics! On my drive to Pottsville, I realized that I packed so last minute (laziness, pure and simple) that I forgot my ear buds and iPhone armband! Thank goodness for Walmart!

At my parent's house, I made my Flat Mama and prepped for the race:
I got up at 6:15 and was out the door by 6:30.

It is about a 45 minute drive, and I worried about the parking. I shouldn't have, they had Crew everywhere, and plenty of places to park! I was going to ditch my sweatshirt in the car, but it was only 37* so I kept it on. As I walked through I searched out a couple who looked like they might hang out and drink afterwards, and gave them by beer tickets. They were so happy, which made me happy!
I checked out all of the tents they had set up, and eyeballed the cool necklaces they had made from Yuengling caps. I made a mental note to check them out on the way back!
The race started promptly at 8, after the anthem and a speech by Dick Yuengling himself. I had heard at  packet pickup that the first mile was all uphill, and buy was that guy right! OMG I thought I was going to die! It was just shy of one mile long!
After the first hill, it leveled out, and then we got to go downhill, a nice gentle slope. Hooray! But wait, don't get too excited! Around the corner and up hill number 2. I "ran" up and gladly turned the corner to the mile 2 marker. Nice level ground for a while and then hill #3.
I walked that last hill, it was brutal! It leveled out again and when we turned left it was such a steep slope down I almost had to pinwheel my arms! Holy crap! After we turned that last corner, I could see the finish!
Going into this race, I knew there would be no PR. Those hills ate nothing like what we have at the Jersey Shore. My goal was to beat my time from a race I ran nearby in October 2011, at Knoebel's Amusement Park. My time at Knoebel's was just under 40 minutes. My time today?
Yeah baby!

Isn't the necklace adorable? I almost hit the floor when he told me it was only $5. SOLD!
I came back to my parent's house to check my stats and was pleasantly surprised to see how well I did!
1015/2149 overall
450/1212 females
79/247 age group
WOW! That might be my best yet! And these people live here and train on these hills! Woot!
It wouldn't be a trip to the mountains without a ride on my dad's newest toy. He took me 4 wheeling in this thing. I am not too proud to admit I screamed like a girl a few times!

Now we are off to have lunch! I am exhausted and it is only Saturday afternoon!

 Have you ever 4 wheeled in a Polaris?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kona Kase Review

Not too long ago, my peeps at Fit Approach hooked me up with Kona Kase, a monthly subscription box company. I was so excited to receive my Kona Kase in the mail!

My kids were excited as well, they love opening my boxes when they come, hoping for some goodies inside! When I saw what came in my Kona Kase, I told them hands off! So many delicious treats inside!

See what I mean? There wasn't a single thing in that box that I wouldn't try! I was so excited to be able to enjoy all that was inside, which is not always the Kase when it comes to subscription boxes! I also love that while there were some great bars for before, during, or after my runs, there were also some chocolate yummies "just because". 

Now for the details:
Fuel Your Active Lifestyle With A Monthly Box!
Discover and try the best healthy performance foods from around the country to fuel your workouts
Once a month come home to a box of 8 premium nutrition products at your doorstep to fuel your workouts
Join. Receive. Perform.
$15 per month
Give as a Gift
Cancel Anytime
Multi-Month Discounts
Free Shipping on all Kases

And the best part? Use the code Prytherch and you will receive 50% off your first box! Thanks Kona Kase!
I am looking forward to my next box!

You can stalk Kona Kase here:

Kona Kase provided me with a free box in exchange for this review, however, all opinions are my own! I would never post a review I did not stand behind 100%!

Have you tried Kona Kase yet?