Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Year New Gear !!!!

Today I received my March package for Nicole's New Year New Gear exchange! Nicole is from Apples and Arteries, and she takes time out every month to put together this exchange every month! I got to send to her this month, no pressure there! She wrote about it here!

But I am getting ahead of myself. You might be wondering what this is all about! Every month, Nicole puts up a link for signups. The link is in her post, if you are interested! When you get your assignment, you email them to find out what they like, their sizes, their address, etc. Then you get to go shopping for them! SO fun! You are given a date to mail by, and then the waiting begins! I *love* getting my package!
This month, Lindsay was assigned to me, and I was telling her how much I have been loving the color Lime Green. I was actually thinking of my fave tank from last summer. I wore it *all the time* and it finally needed to go. I wore it to the Disney Marathon, and it wasn't the same after that! It was worn and a little sad looking, and I threw it away.
my old green shirt

I was thrilled to see what Lindsay had sent me!

my recent fave color in one of my fave brands! Score!!

She included a note on such cute paper!

I just love the excitement each month, and I am so grateful to Nicole for organizing this each month! I look forward to next month's pairing!

What's the best thing you ever received in an exchange?


  1. Cute shirt and a fun note.
    Thanks for the goodies!

  2. LOVE lime green!! That is one awesome shirt! :)

    1. right? I think lime green is so sassy! I want my next car to be lime green ;)

  3. Love the lime green :)