Thursday, April 25, 2013

Revolt Fitness!

I am so excited to share this with you all!
A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Tara, who works for Revolt Fitness, an amazing Exercise program invented by Nichole Huntsman! Nichole is a NASM CPT, and is sharing her knowledge through her new program! Tara has asked me, along with a group of other Bloggers, to test Nichole's program, and blog about the results! I am SO excited to be part of this Revolt Uprising Group! Starting on April 26, I will begin my 12 week Diet and Exercise program that Nichole has designed!
From the website:

Let me explain very quickly what the Revolt Uprising is.  It is your Revolt against your muffin top and the tyranny or mediocrity.  For less than .35 a day this is what you get.
  • Full length workouts that are always changing.  You will never get bored.  Plan on enjoying your good looks and 6 pack abs.  Get ready to become lean and re-invent yourself.
  • The workouts are intense, and so effective without putting you in a gym for hours at a time.  The Revolt Uprising doesn’t give you partial videos to do by yourself.  You have your trainer with you through each circuit.
  • Meals that are awesome and paired with your workouts.  This is part of our “secret sauce”. As you’ve probably heard up to 70% of your results happened with an effective diet.  This happens outside your workouts.  The meal plan everyday to help you reach your goals.
Check out the website via the link above! There are pictures of the workouts, which you can do in your own living room, and testimonials from clients that love her program!
Also from the site:
Our program transforms bodies six-weeks at a time, combining the very best techniques from the world of fitness and weight loss.  Here are some more details:
1-THE REVOLT WORKOUT: is a fat-incinerating metabolic workout that trains your body to use more calories, even when at rest.   Daily and with minimal equipment you can follow along as our personal trainer, Nichole Huntsman NASM-CPT, does the workout on video.  She will lead you through strength training, plyometrics, core work, circuits, tabata and much more.  This type of training is on the cutting edge of exercise science and has been proven to shrink more of your stubborn fat in a 24 hr period than traditional steady state cardio.  You can do these workouts anywhere in 20-40 minutes, 4-5 days per week.  New every week, always changing and progressing.  All the guesswork has been eliminated.  Just show up and sweat!  Also, you have instant access to the handy take-anywhere Revolt Workout Guide, in pdf form.  Print out, or read on your mobile device while at the gym.
2-THE REVOLT DIET: is a nourishing, delicious meal plan with proven macronutrient and caloric levels to optimize fat loss and muscle recovery.  There are 6 daily meals eaten every 3-4 hours, which include a pre and post workout meal and a daily dessert.  You select your initial calorie level from our diet selector and then have the freedom to customize up or down through the 8 different calorie meal plans.  Also included are techniques to help with fat-loss plateaus, no-nonsense supplement advice, and a weekly FREE day.
3-THE REVOLT BY-INVITATION COMMUNITY including Nichole and a wonderful group of current Revolt participants.  Here you will become part of our group, moving through the program, individually adjusting for personal goals, but united in the day by day diet and workout.  You’ll be eating the same meals and doing the same workout as everyone else, which gives an incredible opportunity for conversation in real time.  You’re not alone! On our private group page, you can engage in positive, fun conversation with friends in a safe environment.  Talk about the day’s workout, get advice about how to cook that spinach that you’ve been dreading or post your weekly progress pics for support, feedback and a little “woot woot”.  Also, join in our weekly Q&A sessions by conference call!
Combining secrets used by fitness competitors and celebrities to cut fat quickly, the Revolt program can help you transform that jiggly flab into an incredible summer-worthy physique.
New to Revolt Now Fitness? Join our community today by requesting an invite to the Revolt Private Progress Group and get a copy of our Revolt Start-Up Guide.
The Revolt Core Principles
We believe fitness and good nutrition should be accessible to all people, without the use of guilt, shame, fear, hype, BS, dishonesty or greedy sales tactics.
We recognize that all bodies are unique, and that finding a solution for transformation requires flexibility and adaptation.
We respect and cheer each other on, celebrating differences and uniting behind our common purpose to improve our lives.
We believe in becoming experts of our own bodies.  100% owning our current state and any transformations that take place.

I am so excited to be taking part in this program! Over the next 12 weeks, I will be posting weekly about my progress, the workouts, and the diet. At the end of the program, I will post my before and after pic, and my weight loss, as well as inches lost!
You can stalk Nichole, and Revolt Fitness here:
****Revolt Fitness is allowing me the honor of trying this plan for free and in return I will blog once a week for 12 weeks. You might all be sorry! All of my opinions, death wishes, hatred of the powers that be, and attempts to try new foods are my own. 


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    1. thank you! I will be posting once a week about my progress, stay tuned!