Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trenton Half Marathon Ambassador!

I did my #runforBoston today in my Trenton Half Marathon/10K jacket from last year's race. It was the only shirt I had that was blue and yellow, and that I could wear to work at an Elementary School! I wore it all day to work, and then wore it afterwards for a quick 2 mile run. I wish I could have run more, I know many were running 4.09 miles, but I had to pick up the teenie at her school, so this was as good as it was going to get!

Wearing my Trenton Half shirt reminded me that I was going to be an Ambassador this year! I am so excited about this! I truly enjoyed the Inaugural 10K race, especially so soon after Sandy, and signed up for the Half Marathon first chance I got!
I received an update email not long ago, and they mentioned their Ambassador Program. I checked out the qualifications and sent my email right away! I could totally do this! Elyce emailed me right back with some dates that they needed volunteers.
OH NO!!!
I was running on almost every one! But there was one race, the Atlantic City Half Marathon, that I would be available for! Woot! I was running the race, and I would already be at the Expo, so why not work it? For working my shift, I will get a cool tee and my race fee refunded! Double Woot!

In other exciting Trenton Half news, if you are a member of my Jersey Shore Moms Run This Town Facebook page, you can be entered to win free Race Registration! You have to be a member though, so get on over there and join us! I will be posting about the free race entry soon, and the winner will be chosen on April 30th!

updated after hitting Uranus Level for Half Fanatics!

Did you #runforBoston yet?


  1. I wore 2 running shirts yesterday but my run will be today.....stupid work and school :(

    That ambassador thing looks AWESOME!!!!

    1. Better late than never, enjoy your run!!!