Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vitacost Product Review

Not long ago, I was give the opportunity through Joanna and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors, to review products for Vitacost. I got to pick from a super long list of products that I might like to test. I chose a variety, thinking that they would pick one from the list!

I chose the Kona Coffee for the hubs. He LOVES coffee, but he is super picky. It has to be the right strength, and the right taste. He makes me nuts. He LOVED this coffee! He said it was mild and flavorful, and smooth. He was super happy with it, and wants to know where he can get more!

I ate this after a run, to hold me over while I showered. It was tasty, not too dry, and the cinnamon flavor was just what i needed after a run. I love when bars don 't sit in your stomach like a lump! Perfect!

I brought this to my parents' house, I love having my own stuff there when I visit, without having to pack it every time. It rolls on damp, so you have to be sure you have time to dry before you dress lol. The scent was just right, not too strong, not too light, and I wore it to a race and still smelled nice afterwards.

I love ordering from Vitacost, and was excited to be receive another offer to review products. I added different ones for my second box, and will tell you all about them soon!
For now, I will leave you with a pic of the box after Nugget got to it.

Nugget is the little one. She looks innocent, right?

Yeah....not so much!

Stay tuned for what was inside!

For now, ways to check out Vitacost!

Check out their Website: here
Check them out on Facebook
Check them out on Twitter

What is the best thing you have ever ordered from Vitacost, or something you would like to order?

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