Friday, May 31, 2013

Mark Your Calendars

Mark your calendar for June 3rd. It should be easy, lol, it is Monday!
What is happening Monday, you ask? It is  the launch of

Look at that tagline! Intrigued? I hope so! I have been hearing about KindRunner over the last few weeks, and I was so excited that I contacted them right away to ask if I could write about them on my blog! They were happy that I was interested, and that I wanted to write about them, so they invited me to be an Ambassador!
Joe at KindRunner told me that they have 3 goals:

1 - Make running as fun, enjoyable, and injury and stress free as possible for all of our customers
2 - Reduce the running community's impact on the environment as much as we possibly can
3 - Help people in need all around the world by repurposing used running shoes

I love when races ask for your old shoes, but not all races will do that. I sometimes have 2 and 3 pairs of old running shoes in my closet at a time. The hubs is never so thrilled about that!
At KindRunner, they make donating your old shoes easy!
  1. They are all experienced runners who have worked in Running Stores in the past. They have races, been injured, have recovered, and have raced again! There will even be Expert Product Reviews! They will help you find the perfect sneaker for your running adventures!
  2. The average running shoe sits in a landfill for close to 100 years. Oh.My.Heck. They take our shoes, that we can no longer run in (no matter how much we want to!) and repurpose them.
  3. They donate the shoes to places like Haiti, Africa, and even parts of the US!
Admit it, you are intrigued!
So mark your calendar, and break out the Social Medias so you can hear from them!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Shin Splints...... Aren't

When I was in High School, I ran Track my Freshman year. I wasn't super speedy, but I consistently got top 5. I developed shin splints and my Coach's solution was to ice me til I was numb, wrap me up, and send me out to run before the feeling came back in my shins. I spent my nights popping Motrin. And crying. My boyfriend loved that. Nothing like a girl who never.stopped.crying.
I eventually quit Track. Smartest thing I ever did, back then!

For years afterwards, whenever I spent too much time on hilly terrain, I would end up in pain for days! Not really the best way to live life. Eventually, though, the pain lessened in those circumstances, until one day, it was gone completely!
Over the last two years, I have had moments where my shins ached. I could stop and stretch and continue my run. It usually happened the first few times I ran in new shoes, or after a particularly hilly Half Marathon.

This week, I began the Runner's World Run Streak. I have never been able to finish one. Something or other always got in the way. But I always start it. Who knows? This could be the time!

Holy crap, did my shin hurt. I stopped to stretch, and it literally made me nauseous! I limped home after that 1.4 miles. It was not pretty.
Tuesday, I forgot to start the darn app, but I ran a mile, and again, the pain. I limped a half mile, and then ran another almost-half mile when the rain started. Now I am starting to get worried. I don't have any big races until August, but I planned to be in tip top shape when the time came! What if I have shin splints. Again!
Wednesday was another gimpy mile. An 11 minute gimpy mile. UGH, moving backwards. And then the light went on!
Old shoes – As your running shoes wear down, they don’t properly absorb shock and the arch support tends to flatten out. Both shoe problems, combined with flat feet, poor running mechanics, and overuse, aggravate the inflamed tissues of the lower leg.

Could my shoes be the culprits? They only have 200 miles on them, but they are test shoes that I got for free. Hmmmmmm........
Today I laced up my old shoes, and went to the boardwalk to run. It is crazy humid and the air quality is crap today at the Jersey Shore. I thought the sea air might help with that!
2 miles. Pain free. Og course, I couldn't breathe to save my life, but that is another story! And that big project in the top left corner? That is the Sandy Castle, being built by Ed Jarrett, to bring support the Jersey Shore after SuperStorm Sandy. It is enormous! When done, it will be the tallest Sand Castle ever built, and will beat his last project in 2010, when he built the World's Tallest Sand Castle! He is accepting donations at his page, which will benefit local residents and businesses that were damaged during the Storm.
But I digress.
Not shin splints, just pain brought on by my favorite  former favorite sneaks. I guess tomorrow I will be going to buy new ones! Thank goodness for gift cards, I still have one for $20 to a local Running Store, that will put a small dent in there!

Have your shoes ever fought back, and caused you pain?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week 4

I was given unlimited access to the Revolt Fitness program in exchange for a weekly blog update!

Week 4 was not all that it should have been! Whose fault was that? Mine, of course! Life often gets in the way, if you let it, and unfortunately I allowed it to happen last week. I didn't follow the food plan, and although I ran, I did not follow the fitness plan either.
Let me start with Sunday:

On Sunday, I ran the SuperHero Half in Morristown, NJ. It was an awesome event fun-wise, but it was also cold, raining the whole time, and hilly. It took everything I had to finish. It was also a long day. I was up at 4:00 to pick up my friend Maryalicia, and I didn't get back until 4:00 after dropping her off. Worth every exhausting second, I must say, but so tiring!
On Monday, I was SO sore! I was also still super tired. I am glad that it was my last Half until August! My poor body needs a break!
On Tuesday, my friend Grace came over and we ran a nice 2 miles. Grace is just back to running, so (for me) it was short and a little easier. It was the furthest she had run in awhile, I was so happy for her!

we also walked the pups that night!

Wednesday was hot and humid. It was supposed to be Lower Body day, but it was also packet pickup for Saturday's race, and I got it in my head to ride my bike. I had to do 13 miles for a Virtual Race at Running Bloggers, so I thought it would be the perfect day. If I didn't want to die afterwards, I would do lower body then.
After the ride, my butt was sore from the ride, and the backs of my legs ached. No more exercise that night, except for another plank!

On Thursday, another hot and humid day, I decided to run a couple to shake out my sore tired legs before the storm hit. The storm never hit, lol, but I got a couple sweaty miles in to work those kinks out and prep for Saturday's race!
I paused runtastic to take those pics, and forgot to resume it! I did one more mile than it says!

On Friday, it was mostly a rest day, other than a dog walk and a plank! Saturday's race was loomimg and I wanted a PR so I badly, I could taste it!

Saturday was the big race! I did PR, by over 6 minutes, which was very exciting, and a great way to end my week!
final time was 53:38, I didn't pause right away!

the medal!
 Sunday was a rest day, so there was only a dog walk and a plank! I have over 50 days in my plank streak now!
I finally did some strength on Monday, since it was a rest day in honor of the Holiday, and started the Runner's World Run Streak. Technically, it is now week 5,  but I did do it, better late then never!

Overall, a great week, but not a Revolt week! I am ready to get back into it for week 5! I have my workouts ready, my food plan on the fridge and the right attitude! I am dying to take measurements. I have not seen much movement on the scale, but my clothes all fit better and people have asked me if I lost weight! LOVE it! I will take my measurements again on June 2nd, before the next Uprising begins on June 3rd.
Which begs the question: Who is in it with me?
I have started this Facebook Group for anyone who wants to join in. The Uprising lasts one month, and you can join at Nichole's website, via this link: Join here!!!! It is only $10 for one month, and she has a free workout posted on the main page so that you can check it out. For just $10, you get 4 weeks of exercise plans and food plans. There is also a 3 month plan and an annual plan, which of course is the best deal. Only $50 for the year! How many DVDs can you get for $10? Maybe one, if you are lucky, maybe one drop in class at your local gym. Definitely not 5 workouts per week for 4 weeks!
The workouts are tough but they are not long, and they can be easily tailored to fit your fitness level. The food plan also caters to you, and is easy to follow!
Are you in?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Lake Five

The Spring lake Five Miler is a crazy popular local race! It sells out faster than a Disney Race, and has close to 10,000 runners every year! Historically, the race is on the hottest day of the month, and is held Memorial Day weekend. This morning was not hot. For the 3rd weekend in a row, I raced in the rain!

My morning started off on the Bay Head Train, which is the only way to travel up and down the Jersey coastline on a summer holiday weekend! It is a fast train ride, followed by a quick walk to the Race Area. It was overcast, cold, and sprinkling.
crossing Spring Lake

Starting Line in the distance, look at that sky!

the ocean is over there I swear!

I could not find any of my friends, so I headed to the notoriously long Porta Potty line. 10,000 people and maybe 20 potties does not make for a happy start!
potty line, wish it was a better shot of that guy's mustache, can you see it??
starting line

Anyway, the race started at exactly 8:30, and it took me about 90 seconds to cross the start. The first mile was pretty much duck and dodge the whole way. I cannot tell you how many walkers there were at the front! I am all for walking a race, but please oh please, line up towards the back! I passed so many people in that first mile and I was towards the front of the mob!
Near the first mile I also dumped my sweatshirt, something I have never done. I lost one of my Yurbud earpiece thingies too, and that made me sad. I have to contact them about new ones! I got over it pretty quick, my first mile was about 10:30 and I was thrilled!
I was not passing as many people now, and it was getting easier to get a rhythm going! I saw my good friend Dave from JSRC and his trumpet right around mile 2. It always makes me smile to see him! Just afterwards some bonehead dropped something and ran back all willy nilly to pick it up and almost bowled me over! He had runner's legs (know what I mean? lol) so this was not his first rodeo! So frustrating!
Each mile got easier, and despite the intermittent rain, the crowds were huge! The scenery is beautiful as most of the race involves Lake Como, the Spring Lake, and all of the beautiful Victorian homes. Mile 4 is my favorite, and just like last year, there was loud music and cheerleaders (well, ladies cheering lol) and it is really just the pep you need for that last mile!

I knew the course, and for the first time since Sandy, the course hadn't changed! That last turn was like a victory lap! The last quarter mile is along the ocean, and the crowds were all cheering. Last year, this was where all the pukers were, lol. It was so hot and so many were dehydrated. This year, everyone caught sight of that finish line and sprinted. When I realized what my time would be, I joined them!
Last year's time: 59:53
This year's time: 53:28
That's right! A 6+ minute PR!
I am sure the weather had something to do with it. The heat slowed me down last year, for sure. BUT I ran another 5 miler last year in perfect weather and it took just over an hour! I am so thrilled with my time!
I grabbed my medal and a cup of water and headed for the food!
Cute, right The bottom swirl is the boardwalk, something the Jersey Shore is famous for. I really love it!
The food was great, we got a bagel, a bottled water, soda, gatorade, bananas, chips, and a Jersey Mike's Sub (you might know them as hoagies, depending on where you live.) I ate the bagel and saved the rest for the hubs lol.
Back to the train I went to bask in my glory! And to tweet, text, and facebook about it. Let's be honest, until you tell *everyone*, it never really happened! Right?

Are you racing this weekend?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flat Mama Friday

Spring Lake Five is tomorrow!

I couldn't resist adding this! The Now picture is last weekend, the Then picture is May 2011 before I started running!

Now.....and Then

How will you be honoring Memorial Day this weekend?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What do you Believe in?

shubeez has added a wonderful new tag to their collection! You can purchase yours using the link at the beginning of this post, and be sure to choose Barking Mad in the affiliate drop down menu when you do!
What do you BELIEVE in?

I believe that the only person you need to beat is yourself!
I believe *no one* should stay inside on a day like this:
I believe in saying "screw it" and having fun, no matter how hard or how long it rains:
I believe in my kids and my hubs:

I believe that all we really need are a great group of friends:

What do you Believe?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Rode my bike to packet pickup
playing with a new app: A Beautiful Mess

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Revolt week 3

My 3rd week of Revolt has come to an end and I am starting on week 4. I have not seen a lot of weight loss in the last 3 weeks, but boy oh boy, am I seeing it in inches! My stomach is flatter and my waist line is shrinking. I am seeing strength in my triceps as well!
I was contacted by Revolt, and offered a chance to trade blog posts for a free workout and eating plan and I jumped right on it! We were also given a Jump Start program which I did not do, I started at week 1.
I have been loosely following the Diet Plan, mostly due to my Half Marathon schedule. I carb load, so I did eat a few things not listed! That will all stop now, however, since my next Half is in August! Woot!
Last week was also tough because I was sick. I did  not get in all of my workout sessions. These things happen in real life, and I am ready to pick it back up and get going!
So, the workouts this week were:

planking while reading Runner's World

I skipped the next workout, although I did make it up later. I mostly just missed out on the Cardio, which makes me sad, but I got a couple runs in.

Wednesday run

Upper and Lower Body Sculpt in one day!

5K on Saturday, I PRd for the course that day!

Side note: My triceps were much stronger this week, but my shoulders were weaker. It could have been the exercise combinations, but I went down in weights for the shoulders. I felt bada$$ when it was over, but yikes!

Sunday I ran the Super Hero Half, in the pouring rain, for 2:44!!

All in all, a great week! I look forward to a healthy week 4! I am definitely seeing strength improvement, and I am loving that my runs feel easier as well! I am so excited about this program and what it is doing for me!
The next Uprising starts on June 3rd, and there is even a free Kickstart, so if you would like to participate with me, check out the link at the top right hand side of my blog! I would love to form a Barking Mad team! I will gladly start a Facebook Group for us to talk about our workouts together! We Bloggers have one, and it is so helpful to talk to people who are doing the same workouts and eating the same foods!

OH, and a few exciting things! Well, I guess it is more like a couple, lol.
My friend and I were pictured on an online newspaper for the race on Sunday here.
Digital Running did a feature on me today, as the first person to complete their first Virtual Challenge. You can see that one here!!

What will you be doing today to keep your body moving?