Thursday, May 2, 2013

5 by the 5th Run

Today was an amazing day, my first day as a Stay at Home Mom once again! For the last 5 years I have been working as an aide in Kindergarten and/or Special Ed classes, but I came to a point where I needed to step back and just be "Mom" again!
My last day of work was bittersweet! My co-workers threw me surprise party! I expected a card maybe, but there were cupcakes, and cards, and gifts! So sweet! They got me a gift certificate to my favorite running store (where there will be sale this weekend!) and this pretty plant!

Perfect weather for such a day, let me tell you! After getting some laundry and dishes done, I headed out for a 5 mile run for Mommy Run Fast's 5 by the 5th Virtual series. Every month from January until June, you run a 5K or 5 miler by the 5th of that month. SO simple, right?
I have been keeping track of my times, and my best to date was 52:45. I was not expecting to beat that time today, because I have been doing my Revolt Fitness workouts and they are kicking  my butt! My legs are so sore, I was sure the run would be a disaster!
I set out, almost immediately sorry about my choice of running wear! I had on my LuLuLemon capris (which one could *never* regret, let's be real) and a long sleeved purple running shirt. I looked fabulous, of course, but it was warm and I was sweaty pretty quick! I almost turned back, but I intended to run along the ocean (or, at least, on the streets that run along the ocean) and I thought it might get chilly, the closer I got.
When I hit the one mile mark, I was amazed to hear my British Runtastic guy tell me that I had only been running for 10:15! Holy heck! I kept plugging along, catching just about every traffic light, and hit the ocean at mile 1.5

I did pause the app while I took the pics, but that was the only time during my run. After I took the pics I ran the next mile along the road that runs parallel to the beach. The weather was perfect, not too windy, not too cold. I hit the boardwalk just as the Rocky Theme came on. Seriously. It was awesome. My pace picked back up and I cruised along the boards. I passed two guys and they made some comment about my butt. I agree, my LuLuLemons make my butt look awesome. I thought it was pretty funny, and it gave me another boost as I left the boardwalk and headed back home. I don't do an out and back when I run the beach, I do a big loop through Point Boro and Point Beach. I knew I went too far and would hit 5 miles way before I got home, but it was so amazing out that I didn't care. I passed another guy who made a butt comment. I probably should have been creeped out, but I think that they thought I was plugged in and couldn't hear, but my YurBuds make it very easy to hear my music and the noises around me.
It definitely made this squishy mom very happy to hear them make silly comments like that. Sad, but true.
Between miles 4 and 5 I got about 9 cheers. No lie. They came one after another and I was just grinning like a dope. People who see me run must think I have nothing but space between my ears! When I hit the 5 mile mark, I was absolutely floored to hear my time. All those boosts really helped, because my time was 50:17. It actually took me a few extra seconds to pause the app, I was in such shock! I literally laughed out loud. Like I said, grinning like a dope!
I reset the app to measure my walk home, and practically skipped along for that last 1.5 miles. I texted, Facebooked, and tweeted as well, lol. It was not a very fast walk, about a 17 minute mile pace, but I was just basking in my new PR. Until the muscle soreness from those Revolt workouts set back in! Boy oh boy did my butt hurt!
I did enjoy the text from my friend Cheryl though! I was really going back and forth about quitting my job, even though the hubs and my parents all said it was the right thing to do for me. Cheryl is a teacher though, and I wasn't sure she would get it!
I guess she got it :)
Perfect end to a perfect day!

When was your last totally perfect run?


  1. Wow! Fantastic job on your new pr! Love the views, too.

  2. Great 5-miler. Congrats on your awesome PR. I love getting compliments while running + the Rocky theme? It's no surprise to kicked this race's butt. :)

    1. thanks! I always giggle when the Rocky song comes on! makes me feel like a boss!