Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

I am having a yucky Monday! I woke up with an upset stomach, and I have the blahs! Ever had a day like that?
I have had some good news this past week, however!
I won a great prize in the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge from Amanda at Run to the Finish! I got a great Sports Bra, that (unfortunately for me) is too small *but* (fortunately for her!) fits the teenie! She was very excited! Thanks Amanda!

I also found this posted to my Facebook wall from my friend Dyna!

I also won a photo contest run by the Trenton Half Marathon, and scored a tech shirt! I am so excited, because I was going to buy this shirt this week!

Awesome, right? They are also sending me a magnet!

I also found out this week that I have been chosen as a Janet TV ambassador!
 Janet TV (formerly 'Sports Channel for Women') is an online TV channel and destination that provides 24 hours-a-day coverage of athletic & active females and their sporting interests - - sporting events, original shows, scores and news - - and is delivered to viewers nationwide via computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles and connected TVs. 

and I received an email congratulating me on becoming sponsored by Honey Stinger!

This was such a thrill for me! I use *only* Honey Stinger Waffles on any run longer than 5 miles, so it was an extra special honor for me! I am now a member of the Hive, an amazing program to help athletes with their training, by offering discounted gear and products! Thanks Honey Stinger!!

Finally, a little something to help you! I have recently discovered Groovebook, It is a wonderful new way to get your phone's pics printed every month! It is so easy! You download the FREE app, signup, use the promo code PRYTHERCH13 for one free month, and begin uploading your photos! You get 100 a month for $2.99 and they come in a great little book with perforations so you can neatly tear them out! LOVE it, especially for race day photos!

What is your favorite part about Spring? I am really enjoying the flowers, and the sunshine, and the opportunities to be active outdoors!


  1. I love the honey stinger waffles!!! How awesome!!

    1. me too! I was so glad to discover them! Thanks :)

  2. With the exception of being sick, you've had some great things going on! Congrats on the Honey Stinger sponsorship. I'm not a fan of the waffles but want to try the gels. :)

    I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog award today on my blog :) Check it out!

    1. OMG wow, it just keeps getting better! Thanks so much!

  3. Wow, you have so many amazing things going on!! (How do you get all these people to sponsor you??) I've never heard of GrooveBook, but it sounds awesome! Going to download it now. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks! A lot of these companies have applications on their website! Honey Stinger is closed for now, but Janet TV is still open!