Friday, May 3, 2013

New Year New Gear, April!

April is a good month for me! It's my birthday month, races really start getting better weather, Spring arrives. New Year New Gear continues..... see? Great month!
But what is New Year New Gear? It was started by Nicole at  apples and arteries! each month she pairs you up with another blogger or reader. You find out what your match likes and you spend $15 on them, buying new gear. Include a little note, ship, and wait for your own gear to arrive. It's like Christmas every month!

For April, I was assigned to Dan at DTM Fitness. This guy knows his stuff! And he knows how to shop! woot! He even stalked my Amazon wish list for clues! Smart man!

So you might be thinking, okay, it's a workout top, so? OMG this is a ViewSport tank! Have you heard of them? Well, after you get all hot and sweaty from a kickass workout, this is what happens:
How cool is that?
I have always wanted one of these shirts, but had yet to go and buy one! Thanks so much Dan!

I was assigned to send gear to Darlene at My first 5K and More. You can read all about what I sent to her at the link above!

What is your favorite new gear?


  1. That is awesome! I heard about blog penpals but not about this. I like the idea of getting items instead of food...or maybe both ^_~

    But you look great in that tank!

  2. Great tank! Thanks for participating!!