Saturday, May 4, 2013

NJ Marathon Expo

Yesterday I attended the NJ Marathon Expo, to pick up my bib for the Long Branch half portion of the race! I met my good friend, and fellow Half Fanatic, Eileen there at 1:00, when the Expo opened.
Upon walking in, the Expo looked bigger than last year. We were excited to look around, but wanted to get our bibs first.
We walked through the Expo to the back of Monmouth Racetrack, to the packet pick up. Well, it wasn't really a packet. They had a virtual packet this year, so it was a clear plastic gear bag and a bib, lol. The bib is very pretty and you could personalize it, so long as you registered by a certain date. Since I registered the day after last year's race, I definitely qualified! I asked the hubs what he thought I should have printed on my bib, and he suggested I use his pet name for me.
We toured the expo, which was bigger than last year, but not huge. We both got new gear belts, by a new company. They have 2 separate sipper pockets, GU loops, and bib loops. Once I use it, I will review it! I also got Bondi Bands! The pink one is for a future Barking mad giveaway, and the other is my Boston Proud Bondi!
We also stopped by the Trenton Half Marathon table! If you take your pic there this weekend and post it on Social Media, you can get prizes! woot! Of course, we took a pic!

LOVE their Boston tee! It says Half Marathon in Training on the front! I came right home and ordered one!
After that, we left. Traffic was horrid! It took twice as long to get home! Today my daughter and I will be working the Expo to benefit a local charity, the Cancer Concern Center. You can donate to them as well, using this link. If you put Kim Prytherch in the box that says "in honor of", I will get credit for your donation! I have raised $753 as part of their team, but my goal is $1000!

A few more pics from yesterday and then I am out of here, to go back to the expo. Have a great weekend!
What are your weekend plans?
Blue Claws date night last night

Nugget got groomed before the expo

meetup spot for MRTT and Half Fanatics tomorrow before the race!


  1. Getting ready to go to the expo.

    1. what did you think? I thought it ws kinda small, but I am spoiled by RnR I think!