Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pink for a Cause. Let's Help Fund Breast Cancer Research Together!

Before you start reading, I must tell you that this post first appeared at Run Find Your Happy Pace, and was written by my good friend Darlena. She has been organizing this amazing Fundraiser for months!

So, without further ado, here is Darlena's post:

Hello Everyone I am excited to bring you my latest adventure…..
I am raising money for Breast Cancer Research in honor of several family members and friends.  Recently Breast Cancer has hit my family, once again, particularly close to home.  I decided that instead of sitting on the sideline (because what good does that do?)  I would  commit to raise money so that maybe someday Breast Cancer will no longer be such a scary thing.  I would love for all our daughters and future generations to not have to worry about things like this.
Therefore I am so honored and overwhelmed by the wonderful support I have received from my friends in the  running community in regards to my fundraising efforts.  I also want to remind all the women out there to do their monthly exam, it takes a few minutes but it could just save your life.  Recently I posted on my Facebook page about going to get my mammogram.  In case you missed it here it is :)  Get ready for a little TMI:
What I had didn’t  post a few days later was I was called back for another visit.  Scary since my family has very recently been touched by Breast Cancer once again.
I am happy to say everything was fine, but I will be much more diligent about self exams in the future.  For ladies my age I urge you to go get your mammogram if you haven’t already this year.  
And for those younger ladies here, please make sure to do your monthly self-exam!   Guys remind your wives, girlfriends, sisters etc to get theirs too!
OK that would be my PSA for the day ;)
So on with the fundraising!!!  There are sooooo  many cool prizes to be won!  I will be offering chances thru Papal in order to raise money.  I am proud to announce the following sponsors for this event.
One chance –  $3
Three (3) Chances for $5
Five (5)  Chances for $10
Please click on the appropriate Picture Button below which will bring you to Paypal.
Thanks so much for your support!
I will run this thru the end of May.  Winners will be announced in the beginning of June.
*****   Please feel free to share this post!  The more who participate, the more money we can raise!!   *****

If you would like to donate, click here! Darlena had these great pics with links to her PayPal, but I don't know how to do that, lol!

The following is a list of all the items you could win!!  
Please visit these great pages and say thanks from me ~Runfyhp!
IGlow running - click to visit her shop for awesome themed runnng outfits!
  • One (1) complete (tank and skirt) pink IGlow Running outfit

Love  - click to visit her online store for more beautiful jewlery!
  • One (1)  lovely Rhinestone Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet via LoveMichelle. net

Thirty One – Independent Consultant Cara Morrison - click to visit her Thirty One Page
  • One (1) pink and white 31 Thermal Tote from – 31 Consultant Cara Morrison

Three (3) Thirty One Key Fobs

My Happy Pace Gear - click to visit their on-line store for great running tees and more!
  • One (1) T-shirt in the winners choice of size
DPI Tees - click for more movitvational tee’s at their on-line store!
  • One (1) Pink Be Stong T-shirt in the winners choice of size

Barking Mad About Running - click to visit this great blog.  Kim has also raised tons of money for Cancer Research!
  • One (1) Hand Crochet Yoga Mat Holder (winners choice of color)

Knot Hole Crochet - click to visit her page for more great handmade items
  • Two (2 – one scarf per winner) Handmade Scarfs

Shubeez - click to visit their on-line store for other great shubeez!
  • Bee Pink Shubeez  - 4 winners of 1 Shubeez each

Runner Decals – visit Runner Decals to check out tons of cool decals for running, walking and more! 

Running Happy - click to visit Running Happy for all your headband and cupcake themed decals!
  • Three (3 – one band per winner) Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Non-Slip Running Happy Band

Fit Approach - click to be linked to the sweat pink store!
  • Sweat Pink Laces – 8 pairs (1 pair per winner)

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