Friday, May 10, 2013

Pretty Muddy for Mother's Day

As a Guest Blogger for Pretty Muddy, I get emails weekly with deets about their upcoming events. I was super excited for all of my friends and readers to get this week's email, since it celebrates Moms! For those of you who have not heard of Pretty Muddy, it is an all female Obstacle Course/Mud Run! The obstacles are all very pink but don't let them fool you! They will definitely test your strength and ability to work together with those around you!
The course is a 5K, filled with obstacles, and the after party? Music, entertainment, drinks, and more! Afraid of the obstacles? Don't be! Any obstacle that you *know* you can't do can be bypassed, there is a sign at every one telling you how to go around. I think you should try them all first, before bypassing, but that's just me! It is amazing what you can do when you try!
I will be attending the Columbus, Ohio event! That's right, trekking from NJ all the way to Ohio! My team name is Barking Muddy and I will be doing the 1:30 wave!
Pretty Muddy had a pretty sweet deal for Mother's Day!

How cool is that? PLUS they told me this:

Hero. Helper. Relationship Expert. Personal Chef. Therapist. Baby-sitter. Best Friend. Who does this describe? Our Mothers. Moms are amazing. They inspire us, challenge us, support us, and most of all, love us.
Our Moms are amazing women, and they deserve a day to themselves. A day to have fun. A day to act like a kid, instead of watching over the kids. What better way to give them a day of fun than through a Pretty Muddy entry?
Starting this Friday, 5/10 through Sunday 5/12, we will be offering a $15 OFF discount when you register you and your Mom for a Pretty Muddy race. Use the code: MUDDYMOMMA. This is the perfect way to treat your Mom, and the perfect last minute Mother’s Day gift!
Also, we are running a contest on Facebook right now where we are giving away 2 free entries into each one of our 8 events for 1 mother-daughter duo.  You can check out the contest here: . All we ask is that you share with us how your Mom has inspired your fitness goals. Pretty simple! 
So, what's stopping you? Get Muddy!

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