Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week 4

I was given unlimited access to the Revolt Fitness program in exchange for a weekly blog update!

Week 4 was not all that it should have been! Whose fault was that? Mine, of course! Life often gets in the way, if you let it, and unfortunately I allowed it to happen last week. I didn't follow the food plan, and although I ran, I did not follow the fitness plan either.
Let me start with Sunday:

On Sunday, I ran the SuperHero Half in Morristown, NJ. It was an awesome event fun-wise, but it was also cold, raining the whole time, and hilly. It took everything I had to finish. It was also a long day. I was up at 4:00 to pick up my friend Maryalicia, and I didn't get back until 4:00 after dropping her off. Worth every exhausting second, I must say, but so tiring!
On Monday, I was SO sore! I was also still super tired. I am glad that it was my last Half until August! My poor body needs a break!
On Tuesday, my friend Grace came over and we ran a nice 2 miles. Grace is just back to running, so (for me) it was short and a little easier. It was the furthest she had run in awhile, I was so happy for her!

we also walked the pups that night!

Wednesday was hot and humid. It was supposed to be Lower Body day, but it was also packet pickup for Saturday's race, and I got it in my head to ride my bike. I had to do 13 miles for a Virtual Race at Running Bloggers, so I thought it would be the perfect day. If I didn't want to die afterwards, I would do lower body then.
After the ride, my butt was sore from the ride, and the backs of my legs ached. No more exercise that night, except for another plank!

On Thursday, another hot and humid day, I decided to run a couple to shake out my sore tired legs before the storm hit. The storm never hit, lol, but I got a couple sweaty miles in to work those kinks out and prep for Saturday's race!
I paused runtastic to take those pics, and forgot to resume it! I did one more mile than it says!

On Friday, it was mostly a rest day, other than a dog walk and a plank! Saturday's race was loomimg and I wanted a PR so I badly, I could taste it!

Saturday was the big race! I did PR, by over 6 minutes, which was very exciting, and a great way to end my week!
final time was 53:38, I didn't pause right away!

the medal!
 Sunday was a rest day, so there was only a dog walk and a plank! I have over 50 days in my plank streak now!
I finally did some strength on Monday, since it was a rest day in honor of the Holiday, and started the Runner's World Run Streak. Technically, it is now week 5,  but I did do it, better late then never!

Overall, a great week, but not a Revolt week! I am ready to get back into it for week 5! I have my workouts ready, my food plan on the fridge and the right attitude! I am dying to take measurements. I have not seen much movement on the scale, but my clothes all fit better and people have asked me if I lost weight! LOVE it! I will take my measurements again on June 2nd, before the next Uprising begins on June 3rd.
Which begs the question: Who is in it with me?
I have started this Facebook Group for anyone who wants to join in. The Uprising lasts one month, and you can join at Nichole's website, via this link: Join here!!!! It is only $10 for one month, and she has a free workout posted on the main page so that you can check it out. For just $10, you get 4 weeks of exercise plans and food plans. There is also a 3 month plan and an annual plan, which of course is the best deal. Only $50 for the year! How many DVDs can you get for $10? Maybe one, if you are lucky, maybe one drop in class at your local gym. Definitely not 5 workouts per week for 4 weeks!
The workouts are tough but they are not long, and they can be easily tailored to fit your fitness level. The food plan also caters to you, and is easy to follow!
Are you in?


  1. It sounds like a great week to me! You had lots of exercise every day and I am impressed with the planks! I can barely do the 30 second ones.

    I'm on week 6 for revolt and am loving it!

    1. Thanks Jackie! I have done both of the Memorial Week workouts so far, and am back in the workout groove! The eating....not as much....but not terrible either! Good luck with week 6!!

  2. You are doing great! So motivating :) Where are those awesome beach photos - so pretty. I'd stop and take pics too :)

    1. That is actually the bay at the end of my street, Barnegat Bay. I live at the Jersey Shore, the real one, not that one on TV lol. Today I ran in Point Pleasant Beach, along the ocean. You cannot beat where I live, for now, before the summer people come to visit. Then it just gets crazy, and dangerous to run along many major roads!