Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Revolt Fitness, week one!

Sunday was the last day of Week 1 of Revolt Fitness! Week one went very well for me! I weighed in on Monday and took pics, and on Wednesday, when the calipers arrived, I took my body fat percentage measurements! I won't be sharing these with you now, but I will tell you the difference in the numbers at the end!
Let's start with the food plan! I am not able to tell you the exact details (but you can have them when you sign up!) but I will tell you that the food portions are huge! I was NEVER hungry! Plus, and this is important, if you don't like one of the meals, there are optional choices for you to make! Yay! You get 3 meals and 2 snacks, plus a dessert that Nichole has made healthier, so there is no feeling of "going without".
The workouts were killer! There are 3 days of Cardio, an upper body workout, and a lower body workout! These workouts really kicked my butt this week! I skipped one cardio, because I ran the Half Marathon, but I did the rest! Yikes! I did take a few pics after the workouts:
my first Revolt workout, Cardio, was a hot sweaty mess

can't forget #plankaday

lower body sculpt, that is Nichole in the pic, not me!

5 mile run on one of the days, not part of Revolt, a runner must train!

upper body sculpt. My triceps suck. True story.

Half Marathon for the final day

finisher badge!

I didn't make a collage for every workout (I know, shame on me!) but you get the point! Today is day one of my second week, but due to crazy soreness and minor injury from yesterday's race, I will not be doing the cardio. I did walk over 80 minutes today, and hope to walk a bit more, to *try* and make up for it!
I lost 3 pounds this week! Woot! I will not take measurements weekly, or test my body fat either, I want to do a final measurement after the 6th week instead! I will be weighing in every week because I weigh daily (it's a sickness, I know!)
Some notes on my first week:

  • I ate a crap ton of salad!
  • I didn't mind eating a crap ton of salad
  • the workouts are tough, but short enough that you make it without imminent death
  • eating the same thing, more or less, every day is actually not bad
  • I worked the cheat day and felt like crap afterwards
  • I hate cheat days
  • I will cut it down to one cheat meal on cheat day
  • cutting out most carbs did not hurt my Half Marathon
  • I ate a crap ton of salad
  • did I mention the salad?
  • I was very regular all week, except after the cheat day
  • hmmmmmmmmmm
  • week 2 has more salad
Negatives? I can't really find any yet. I don't mind eating the same thing every day, but I don't like red meat every night, and it did call for red meat for dinner. I just substituted with something from the approved list. There are different levels of the diet depending on your body size, so it its everyone, men and women.
The exercise plan also fits men and women, of all levels of exercise. I am a level 3. Unless it comes to triceps. Then I suck. Truly. I did level one for triceps and they still hurt for days. Guess I need to work on them!
Nichole's workouts are easy to follow, the music is awesome. I mostly worked at my own pace, but it was nice to be able to check my form as she did the exercises, and again, the music is great. Very motivational. 
I am looking forward to week 2. The diet plan looks amazing, there is nothing that I would not eat! I have heard that the Cardio workout is killer! As a blogger, we started with the week 3 workout, so that we would be doing the same workouts as other bloggers who started before us. So, for week 2, we will actually be doing week 4 workouts. I am afraid. Very afraid. My triceps are already trembling!

What exercise scares you the most? What body part is your weakest?


  1. My arms are by far the weakest part of my body.....my legs can move a truck but I can hardly open a door LOL

    1. SO glad that I am not the only one!