Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Revolt week 3

My 3rd week of Revolt has come to an end and I am starting on week 4. I have not seen a lot of weight loss in the last 3 weeks, but boy oh boy, am I seeing it in inches! My stomach is flatter and my waist line is shrinking. I am seeing strength in my triceps as well!
I was contacted by Revolt, and offered a chance to trade blog posts for a free workout and eating plan and I jumped right on it! We were also given a Jump Start program which I did not do, I started at week 1.
I have been loosely following the Diet Plan, mostly due to my Half Marathon schedule. I carb load, so I did eat a few things not listed! That will all stop now, however, since my next Half is in August! Woot!
Last week was also tough because I was sick. I did  not get in all of my workout sessions. These things happen in real life, and I am ready to pick it back up and get going!
So, the workouts this week were:

planking while reading Runner's World

I skipped the next workout, although I did make it up later. I mostly just missed out on the Cardio, which makes me sad, but I got a couple runs in.

Wednesday run

Upper and Lower Body Sculpt in one day!

5K on Saturday, I PRd for the course that day!

Side note: My triceps were much stronger this week, but my shoulders were weaker. It could have been the exercise combinations, but I went down in weights for the shoulders. I felt bada$$ when it was over, but yikes!

Sunday I ran the Super Hero Half, in the pouring rain, for 2:44!!

All in all, a great week! I look forward to a healthy week 4! I am definitely seeing strength improvement, and I am loving that my runs feel easier as well! I am so excited about this program and what it is doing for me!
The next Uprising starts on June 3rd, and there is even a free Kickstart, so if you would like to participate with me, check out the link at the top right hand side of my blog! I would love to form a Barking Mad team! I will gladly start a Facebook Group for us to talk about our workouts together! We Bloggers have one, and it is so helpful to talk to people who are doing the same workouts and eating the same foods!

OH, and a few exciting things! Well, I guess it is more like a couple, lol.
My friend and I were pictured on an online newspaper for the race on Sunday here.
Digital Running did a feature on me today, as the first person to complete their first Virtual Challenge. You can see that one here!!

What will you be doing today to keep your body moving?

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