Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago, Running Happily Ever After nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I was so touched to be nominated by one of my fellow Disney runners! Today, it got even better when Jen from Hello Fitness We Meet Again also nominated me! It is so amazing to receive such nominations from people you look up to!

LOVE it!
So, what are my duties upon receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award?

There are some guidelines that I must follow :
1.  Display the award logo on your blog.
2.  Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.  State 7 things about yourself.
4.  Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages.
5.  Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements.

So one and two are already taken care of, so let's move on to the 7 things about myself!
  1. I am a Stay at Home Mom of two teenies, two dogs, and one little angel. 
  2. The hubs and I have been married for 18 years, and have known each other for 26!
  3. I like to crochet in my spare time, and can sew (by hand) fairly well.
  4. I LOVE to read: Stephen King, Nora Roberts, JD Robb, Dean Koontz, and just about anything else
  5. I LOVE movies! Dramas, Period Films (especially Jane Austen), horror movies, action movies, you name it, I will watch it. I am easily amused, which helps!
  6. I am running Runners World's Hat Trick in the Fall and Dopey in January!
  7. I love inspiring my friends to become runners! My motto is "You don't have to finish fast, just finish well!"
teenie #1 trying on a dress for NHS

the pups! Memphis and Nugget


teenie #2

Now to nominate 15 Inspiring Bloggers! I am going to nominate the bloggers that I am currently suffering  getting fit with right now, through the Revolt Fitness Blogger program! We are all taking part of Nichole's program together and blogging about it! It is tough! These ladies are all doing an amazing job!

Have you ever tried a diet/fitness program? What were the results?


  1. Inspiring others to run is always so rewarding...for all involved!

  2. You're awesome! Keep on inspiring girl!

  3. I totally just popped over to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award, but it seems you have your hands full with award nominations! Congrats, that's awesome! If you're interested anyway, all the details are in my post from today. :-D

  4. AWE! Thank you for nominating all of your fellow Revolt "sufferers" LOL! It's been really rewarding to see results in just these few short weeks on the program. We Are Earthformed http://blog.earthformed.com

    1. you are very welcome! You all deserve it!