Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vitacost and 18 years of Marital Bliss

Noooooo, they are not connected lol! BUT since the hubs helped me out with this review, I am connecting them myself!

Vitacost provided me the following items free of charge, in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own, and I am not required to provide a good review, only my honest opinions!!

About a month ago, Andrew from Vitacost sent out a list of possible items to review. I love this list! I had to restrain myself when I chose from it, because the items all looked so amazing! I wanted to show how diverse their selection is, so I chose some different items!

When the box arrived, the teenie and I were on our way out the door. Not long after we left, the boy called me to let me know that our dog Nugget ate the box and tried to get the contents! Oh no!
She must have really liked the smell of something inside, because she did a real number on the box! Most of the contents survived, hooray! The hubs was very excited about this box because a few of the items were chosen with him in mind!

This time, we went with Breakfast Blend coffee. This is the hubs' favorite, and the one he is most picky about. Needless to say, he LOVED it. He was very excited to see it, because he liked the last flavor so much. It is gone. Long gone. He drank it every morning until there was no more! It smells so fresh and delicious, when you open it. I love the smell of good coffee, I just won't drink it lol

We have really gotten into coconut oil lately. It starts out solid like this, but as soon as you heat it up, it melts. It really adds a great flavor to everything! The teenie will be doing some experiments with it soon, and I will let you all know how they turn out. She wants to make shampoo and moisturizer, I believe, with recipes she found on Pinterest. 

I have to admit, I was skeptical about this one! This is laundry detergent. Nugget really loved it, lol, she ate a hole in the lid, but didn;t manage to get to the actual soap. It is all natural, and made from soapberry. With an HE washer, you only use 1/2 teaspoon fort a load. Seriously. That bottle is *small*, the size of your hand, really. I have been using it since it came, and I have to say, it is amazing. The laundry smells very fresh, and it gets all the stains out. well, almost all. The hubs went dirt biking, and his dirty socks are not 100% clean, but it would have taken a miracle there. I have a sports bra that keeps leaking dye all over everything, and it gets the dye stains right out. WIN!!

These were also chosen with the hubs in mind. He loves bananas, I cannot even stand the smell! When he opened this bag, the whole kitchen smelled like bananas. I think they only lasted one day. He ate them so fast! He said they were so fresh and delicious and would like some more! Another WIN!

This last one was for me. I *love* Oatmeal and I mainly stick to the whole grain version with the Amish guy on the box. I was eager and afraid to try this one! I am not really all that good at trying new things, and when I find something I like, I don't tend to stray. I loved this oatmeal! You prepare pretty much the same way as my usual brand, which is helpful! It was so much creamier and richer, I loved every bite. I have maybe one serving left, which makes me sad! i will have to order more when I order the laundry detergent!

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And I will leave you with some pics from our Anniversary trip to Atlantic City. Nothing exciting, sorry! We went for the day and really it was all about just having fun, so I didn't take too many pics!
I won almost $24 in one spin, but overall we lost $30 lol

cupcake from their Cafe (Revel)

love these slots, they didn't love me that day

cute idea, epic fail for me that day

fun, but not lucky for me

lunch at Carmine's at the Trop

this made the hubs happy, he wants to go back!

What has been your favorite new food? Did it surprise you?


  1. My new current food obsession is Goat Cheese, I am chowing on it almost every day. Spread on Melba Toast with sliced hard boiled egg...So good.

    1. mmmmmmmm i love goat cheese! I tried it for the first time at Emeril's restaurant at the Borgata. They put it on the mashed potatoes. SO good!