Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Shin Splints...... Aren't

When I was in High School, I ran Track my Freshman year. I wasn't super speedy, but I consistently got top 5. I developed shin splints and my Coach's solution was to ice me til I was numb, wrap me up, and send me out to run before the feeling came back in my shins. I spent my nights popping Motrin. And crying. My boyfriend loved that. Nothing like a girl who never.stopped.crying.
I eventually quit Track. Smartest thing I ever did, back then!

For years afterwards, whenever I spent too much time on hilly terrain, I would end up in pain for days! Not really the best way to live life. Eventually, though, the pain lessened in those circumstances, until one day, it was gone completely!
Over the last two years, I have had moments where my shins ached. I could stop and stretch and continue my run. It usually happened the first few times I ran in new shoes, or after a particularly hilly Half Marathon.

This week, I began the Runner's World Run Streak. I have never been able to finish one. Something or other always got in the way. But I always start it. Who knows? This could be the time!

Holy crap, did my shin hurt. I stopped to stretch, and it literally made me nauseous! I limped home after that 1.4 miles. It was not pretty.
Tuesday, I forgot to start the darn app, but I ran a mile, and again, the pain. I limped a half mile, and then ran another almost-half mile when the rain started. Now I am starting to get worried. I don't have any big races until August, but I planned to be in tip top shape when the time came! What if I have shin splints. Again!
Wednesday was another gimpy mile. An 11 minute gimpy mile. UGH, moving backwards. And then the light went on!
Old shoes – As your running shoes wear down, they don’t properly absorb shock and the arch support tends to flatten out. Both shoe problems, combined with flat feet, poor running mechanics, and overuse, aggravate the inflamed tissues of the lower leg.

Could my shoes be the culprits? They only have 200 miles on them, but they are test shoes that I got for free. Hmmmmmm........
Today I laced up my old shoes, and went to the boardwalk to run. It is crazy humid and the air quality is crap today at the Jersey Shore. I thought the sea air might help with that!
2 miles. Pain free. Og course, I couldn't breathe to save my life, but that is another story! And that big project in the top left corner? That is the Sandy Castle, being built by Ed Jarrett, to bring support the Jersey Shore after SuperStorm Sandy. It is enormous! When done, it will be the tallest Sand Castle ever built, and will beat his last project in 2010, when he built the World's Tallest Sand Castle! He is accepting donations at his page, which will benefit local residents and businesses that were damaged during the Storm.
But I digress.
Not shin splints, just pain brought on by my favorite  former favorite sneaks. I guess tomorrow I will be going to buy new ones! Thank goodness for gift cards, I still have one for $20 to a local Running Store, that will put a small dent in there!

Have your shoes ever fought back, and caused you pain?


  1. I used to suffer HORRID shin splints... Crying in pain and not able to walk. About 3 years ago I switched to zero drop shoes... Haven't looked back since. I haven't had even an inkling of a shin splint in years. Maybe you should try it?

    1. I will check them out when I hit the Running Store, so glad your shin pain is gone!

  2. It sounds like whatever your old shoes are they worked for you, so maybe you should stick with the same one.

    It is a shame that old-school track coaches have left so many runners facing a life time of shin problems. I see it frequently from former college and high school athletes who were pushed to run through their pain.

    1. Debbie, I have been running with the same shoes for 2 years (new pairs, same style lol) so I am hoping to just get a new pair of the same ole shoes :) If it ain't broke, don't fix it lol. If they suggest trying a new style, I might give it a go. BUT I really do love my Adrenalines, so I may stick with em!

  3. Shin Splints bite!! One of the reasons I don't run.. LOL!

  4. I'm feeling it is time to buy new sneakers, though I'm trying to hold off another couple of weeks. I've actually been feeling it in my thighs, and lately my knees. As I don't have a favorite style, it is always an ordeal. I want my next pair to last through my November races (I bought the current pair last October). Be strong!

    1. WOW your shoes last long! I over pronate so mine never last more than 300 miles!