Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Week in Workouts, Myrtle Beach Edition

Halfway through this past week, we arrived in Myrtle Beach (in case you missed it!) but I have kept working out! I did mention some of those in yesterday's post, but I will share them again today!
Monday: 1.3 mile run, 40 crunches, a plank, and a 20 minute walk
Tuesday: 1.8 mile run, quick walk, plank, and 100 crunches. I also ran countless errands, which prevented me from a longer run!
 Wednesday: 1 mile run, plank, 75 crunches. We left for Virginia, our halfway point, at around 1:00.
 Thursday: I started the day with a 1.6 mile run, mostly with the hubs. and ended it with a a 2 mile walk, a swim, crunches, and a plank.

 Friday: 1.4 mile run with the hubs, 2 mile walk on the beach, 45 minutes of swimming, 90 crunches, and a 1:00 plank, as well as a killer round of mini golf!

 Saturday: 1.8 mile run, 2 mile walk, 45 minute swim, shuffleboard with the boy, 1:00 plank, 75 crunches, and a 3 mile walk to and from dinner.

 Sunday: 1 mile run on the beach (ouch!), 1 mile walk, 20 minute swim. later I will plank and do my crunches.

my plank streak, not counting today, since I haven't done it yet!

yesterday's weekly calories burned. I had to raise my goal twice, Sparkpeople is getting mad lol

My Sparkpeople weekly goal for calories burned has been 2000, but with all of this activity, with Revolt and with all of my vacation activity, Sparkpeople has been getting mad at me! Too much activity over my 2000 calories, so I had to raise my goal. I admit, I have not been tracking all of my food, and I am sure that when I get home, the scale will cry! I had told myself that I would eat well on vacation, and I have eaten better than I usually do when on vacation. *However* I am still not eating very well! I am eating nice healthy meals for the  most part, but I am also snacking like a mad woman, and not always healthily!

How well do you eat while on vacation?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Runner's World Run Streak.....on vacation

Today is my 27th Day running at least one mile per day! I joined the Runner's World Run Streak Challenge to keep me focused between training plans!
I must admit, some days I couldn't wait to stop at that 1 mile, and many of those days I did just that! These last few days have been especially difficult!
Wednesday afternoon, we started out on our road trip to Myrtle Beach. My son gets car sick so we stopped halfway, in Richmond, Virginia. Our hotel was at the airport, bare bones, with a small gym and very little grounds. Before we left on Wednesday, I did my 1 mile around the neighborhood, amidst the last minute packing dropping the lizards off at the lizard sitter (thanks Grace, Peter, J, P, and H.)

Wednesday was crazy! Lots of running around, last minute packing, picking my daughter up from school (she gores to a Performing Arts HS about 30 minutes away), and then hitting the road. A lovely 5+ hour drive later, and some semi-healthy food choices later, we got to Virginia!

who eats these? Yikes!

Thursday morning, the hubs and I woke up and went for a run. He didn't want me in the "gym" alone, lol, so off to the dreadmill I went. The TV was playing the news about James Gandolfini, which I am still devastated over (as I always am when anyone dies *so* young) and I just hate the dreadmill, and after half a mile, I quit. We decided to run the parking lot instead, and managed an extra 1.1 outside.

my son makes the oddest faces
I had oatmeal and apples at Cracker Barrel, but we did not have a healthy lunch! I was all set to eat a salad, but they had Memphis Style Pulled Pork. Oh.My.Heck.
We arrived in Myrtle Beach at dinner time, walked the beach for about 2 miles, and even got in some swimming!
this places is amazing, the hubs scored us the Penthouse somehow!

Friday was our most active day so far, because the traveling is over! The hubs and I ran, and then we walked the beach some more, another 2 miles at least, then we went to Broadway at the Beach, to play MagiQuest. This is the greatest attraction ever. We have one in Jersey, so we already had wands. That's right, wands. You go on quests in this amazing two floor building, with dungeon, unicorn, trees, castle walls, etc and you have to find things that are hidden there. Check out their website, they explain it better lol. We played for almost 2 hours, running around, up and down stairs. It was awesome!

my run
After that, the hubs had to take the car to a garage. We had work done just before we left, and apparently the part is defective, because it clunked and clanged almost the entire drive down. They say it is fine though, needs to replaced but it safe. UGH! The kids and I had lunch at the Hard Rock, the teenie's favorite place, and then we went to Build a Bear. The teenie made a monkey and dressed it like the Doctor. Two hearts and all. The boy made a dinosaur for his girlfriend (awwww) and me? I geeked out and made a bear that plays the Star Wars theme, dressed it in a C3PO/R2D2 tee, and named it G Lucas, or GL for short. Yeah, I went there.

After some wandering, we went back to the Condo. It was raining now, and we decided to just swim for awhile. After we got swimming out of our system, we went up to shower and deal with dinner. Once again, we are all too tired to do much, so we got Pad Thai (and McDs for the boy) and had dinner. If you have ever been to Myrtle Beach, you know there is Mini Golf on every corner. Almost. We headed out to play at one of the cooler looking ones, and brought GL with us. In a backpack. Yoda style. Total geek out.
poor GL

It was a fun course, and a close game, but I won!  Hooray! Time for bed, I am too old for this stuff!

Which brings us to today.
It is 9:15, and I have gotten in my run:
and the hubs got Krispy Kreme (I am not eating all that well, here, I must admit!) and I think we will be walking the beach soon! The internet here is *horrible* so it may be a few days before my next update! We hope to go paddle boarding and zip lining while we are here, I hope to get pics of that!

What are you doing this weekend to keep active? My friend Kurt, my running injury guru, is competing in IronMan Syracuse tomorrow, give him some love!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I am headed to North Beach Plantation, in  Myrtle Beach! I will be running at least a mile every day and attempting to keep up with my workouts! We will be zip lining and paddle boarding, and who knows what else?!?
I will try to blog a few times, but no promises!

Are you vacationing this summer?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Week of Workouts

I have been given free access to Revolt workouts and food plans, in exchange for weekly reviews. As always, all opinions are my own!
I cannot believe another week has gone by! I have been so crazy busy, so this past week of workouts is coming to you on Tuesday? Why have I been so busy? Two reasons!! A brunch I planned for Moms Run This Town, which I mentioned on Saturday, and this:
my fluffy headed boy promoted to High School last night!
That is him, hiding behind his fluffy hair, just to the right of the enormous Superintendent, in all black. My baby starts High School in September. I am the mom of 2 High Schoolers. How does that happen?
Here are my workouts!

Monday: Tabatas, which I really do love, and never seem to get to all 3 each week! I also did my plank, my Run Streak mile, and crunches! I also went for two walks.

Tuesday: a humid 3 mile run, plus I rode my bike to my errands that day, which was fun. The teenie needed books for summer reading, so I rode to our local Recycled Reading book store!

 Wednesday: I did my mile, it is the collage way below, and then my friend Cheryl asked me to run, so I did 3.3 more. I also got to see Spirit of the Marathon II which was awesome! I was so glad it was showing just 20 minutes away!

my run to beat the storm

my run with Cheryl

 Thursday: Another run with Cheryl, but I just realized I have them reversed! Oops lol

This is Wednesday's run, lol

Friday: I did not record my run on Friday, quick one mile run for the streak, and a LOT of errands for Saturday's brunch!

Saturday: Father's Day 5K followed by a great brunch with my MRTT girls!

Sunday: 1 mile run with the dog, followed by a one mile walk. Then we went and the hubs chopped wood at the back of my in-laws property and threw it to me, I walked with it up the hill and made a pile, and then we brought it to the front of their property and loaded it into the truck.

I nice busy, week, although not much in the way of my Revolt workouts, I am afraid! I have planked every day and done my crunches every day as well. My eating has been so-so, but there is much room for improvement!
I am loving the support I get every day at the Revolt facebook page. Everyone is going through the same workouts, so they definitely feel my pain! While I am feeling it, lol.
My family and I will be vacationing starting tomorrow, and I will bring my workouts with me. All I need is my laptop and some workout bands to replace the weights, and I am good to go! You have to just love that about these amazing workouts! You are given access to printouts as well, so if I couldn't use my lap top, I could still do my workouts! LOVE it!
The current Uprising is half over, and in 2 weeks a new one begins! If you want to try it out, click here! It is an amazing deal, a whole month of workouts and food plans for just $10! Three months is $27 and a year is only $50! Amazing!

What did you do this week to get your body moving?

Monday, June 17, 2013

The number on the scale

Last night, as I was falling asleep (which is when I do my best thinking), I was thinking about that number on the scale. I am a daily weigher, I have been for about 14 years, but I have never really let the fluctuation from day to day bother me too much. I noticed early on that the scale has very little to do with anything much at all!

The amount you weigh can have very little to do with your body type. My weight has not changed *at all* in about a year, and yet last year's clothes are loose this year. The fat that used to be on the back of my thighs? Gone. My legs are more muscular as well. My arms? Still weak, but not flabby and my face is definitely thinner!

I have also noticed my abs becoming a little more defined, and there is less fat all over my body. Do I have a long way to go? Yes. My exercise is mostly on track but my eating is not very good! I will have days where I eat healthy and then a whole week where all I want is chocolate and chips. Luckily, the amount of junk I eat has drastically reduced, but it is still there. I recognize this, and I take constant steps to remedy the situation. Eventually, I will get there!
Remember to measure yourself, and take note of all those NSVs (Non Scale Victories!) They really are just as more important than that number on the scale!
source is in the pic!

What has been your best/most recent NSV?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all, especially the Dad's in my life:

the hubs, a good sport to wear those ears to our teenie's Sweet 16

My dad and my bro, what is up with my dad's bandana? He thinks he is cool lol

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kevin Brue Melanoma Awareness Father's Day 5K, MRTT style, with Zola!

Whew! That title is a mouthful!!
Today was the Point Pleasant Rotary 5K, also known as the Kevin Brue Melanoma Awareness 5K. Kevin lost his battle Melanoma in June 2010, and he is missed by his family and friends. For the last two years, the annual Father's Day Race has been run in his honor, and to help make everyone aware of the dangers of Melanoma, especially since we are a shore town!
I stole this from his sister Bonnie's facebook page. Love their smiles!

This was my second year running the race, and my friend and fellow Moms Run This Town member Grace's first race *ever*.  My other friend and fellow member Colleen also came with us. We started by listening to my daughter since the anthem (so proud, her first of 3 events today!), followed by the kids' race, a 1 mile fun run. They always look so cute crossing that finish line, and we cheered for all of them!
Morgan singing the anthem

We lined up at the start, and got ready to head out!
I took this last night, the race runs right past my house!

It was a perfect day, not too hot, nice flat course. I wanted to push Grace a little without killing her, although I didn't do a good job, because she said a few times she wanted to die! OOOPS! Sorry Grace! She kicked butt, though, because we finished in about 35 minutes! Woot!
We hung around a bit to hear the winners. Being a local race, we new many, so shouts out to:

  1. Ryan for getting 3rd in his age group
  2. Adele for getting 3rd on her age group
  3. Katie for getting 2nd place female (she is 14!!!!)
  4. John for getting 3rd place male, and first dad
  5. Tori R for getting second place male (he is 19!!)
On to brunch! When we got to the house, the kids were all eating, and playing the Wii. Perfect! Many of them cheered us as we ran past my house, and the rest had just come from T-Ball. They were SO well behaved, especially since there were 6 of them, ages 4 to 9. 
The Moms and Dad hung around and gabbed, and had Mimosas and brunch. It was a great time, I must say, so great that I took very few pictures!
set-up before the event, looks pretty, huh?
Time for Zola. I set out all 3 varieties that Zola sent me last week. I received these through Fit Approach, as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, in exchange for a review. I have received no other compensation, and as always, all opinions are my own.
First, I must point out the awesome sunglasses. I am wearing in the pic above. Both the teenie and the boy have asked to have them, and one day the teenie just took them off to school with her. Not cool! They.are.mine.
At brunch, I put out all 3 drinks and told everyone to taste them. The kids were playing Wii. Not so interested. Until.
Little Girl came over and started drinking the Acai juice and *loved* it. She came back for seconds and this prompted Grace and her husband to try it out. Grace even made an Acai Mimosa!
Her husband really enjoyed the Coconut Water, he said it was like breaking open a coconut and drinking what was inside! Nice and fresh and delicious!
The taste test was a hit! Everyone enjoyed the drinks (although Grace and her little one drank most of the Acai lol)
Check out their website
Follow them on Facebook
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What did you do this weekend?