Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Week in Workouts, Myrtle Beach Edition

Halfway through this past week, we arrived in Myrtle Beach (in case you missed it!) but I have kept working out! I did mention some of those in yesterday's post, but I will share them again today!
Monday: 1.3 mile run, 40 crunches, a plank, and a 20 minute walk
Tuesday: 1.8 mile run, quick walk, plank, and 100 crunches. I also ran countless errands, which prevented me from a longer run!
 Wednesday: 1 mile run, plank, 75 crunches. We left for Virginia, our halfway point, at around 1:00.
 Thursday: I started the day with a 1.6 mile run, mostly with the hubs. and ended it with a a 2 mile walk, a swim, crunches, and a plank.

 Friday: 1.4 mile run with the hubs, 2 mile walk on the beach, 45 minutes of swimming, 90 crunches, and a 1:00 plank, as well as a killer round of mini golf!

 Saturday: 1.8 mile run, 2 mile walk, 45 minute swim, shuffleboard with the boy, 1:00 plank, 75 crunches, and a 3 mile walk to and from dinner.

 Sunday: 1 mile run on the beach (ouch!), 1 mile walk, 20 minute swim. later I will plank and do my crunches.

my plank streak, not counting today, since I haven't done it yet!

yesterday's weekly calories burned. I had to raise my goal twice, Sparkpeople is getting mad lol

My Sparkpeople weekly goal for calories burned has been 2000, but with all of this activity, with Revolt and with all of my vacation activity, Sparkpeople has been getting mad at me! Too much activity over my 2000 calories, so I had to raise my goal. I admit, I have not been tracking all of my food, and I am sure that when I get home, the scale will cry! I had told myself that I would eat well on vacation, and I have eaten better than I usually do when on vacation. *However* I am still not eating very well! I am eating nice healthy meals for the  most part, but I am also snacking like a mad woman, and not always healthily!

How well do you eat while on vacation?


  1. Well done!

    I feel like we stayed at that hotel in Myrtle Beach. The pool looks so familiar (it was colder when we went so we didn't take advantage of it).

    I eat decently on vacation. There are some splurges, but I don't go hog-wild. I keep my portions reasonable and make good choices for the most part, but it's vacation, so I give myself permission to enjoy. :)

    1. You go girl!
      The place we are staying is called North Beach Plantation, they are condos that you can rent from the owners, and there are also cottages. It is so nice here, we are having a great time!