Monday, June 10, 2013

A Week of Workouts, Revolt style

This past week was crazy for me, I had a Zombie Run coming up, and I was worried about being sore on race day!
Monday was Tabata day. This was my first experience with Tabata, and I must say, I really enjoyed those 10 second breaks. A lot. I  actually had to take off my green shirt to mop up some of my sweat! Craziness! I also ran a mile for the Runner's World Run Streak.
Tuesday, was the last month of 5 by the 5th. Each month, starting in January, you ran a 5K or 5 miles. I always did 5 miles. Definitely not my best times, but it was a great run, and I planned it to be slow and steady, saving up for the Zombie Run.
 Wednesday was National Running Day! It was a great day, because my new Mizunos came from kindrunner. They are so amazing!

 Thursday was another scheduled run. I went to the boardwalk, checked out the Sandy castle's progress, and enjoyed the scenery. 3 nice miles, at a great pace! I have also been planking, my streak is up to 64 days as of today! woot!
 Friday was not a good day! It poured all day long. When there was finally a break in the rain, I headed out. Apparently, Tropical Storm Andrea did not want me to run, and after I got one block, the rain started again. I was determined to finish, though, but flooding was really making it difficult, I has to run the last 1/4 mile by running back and forth in front of my house. I looked ridiculous, I am sure. I was soaking wet. The run streak was intact. Phew!
Finally, it was Saturday and time to go to Run For Your Lives! My write up is below this post. It was amazing, everything I hoped for and more!

we also walked the pups 

Sunday, I got in another quick one miler to finish out the week. I know, not a lot of Revolt Fitness going on, but these things happen! This week, I am looking forward to several Tabatas and some strength training!

Are these rain storms getting in your way when it comes to running?


  1. YESSSSS!!!! TS Andrea made it near impossible to get out, and now, we have thunderstorms every day. Fortunately, they are usually in the afternoon, and I run early in the morning, but still.

    Love your new Mizunos! Hope they treat you well!

    1. I know, these storms are nuts! we did our mile first thing this morning, at the boardwalk. It started raining as we walked back to our car and the thunder started soon after!
      I am loving my Mizunos, thanks so much!!!

  2. I went out yesterday for a 3 miler in the pouring rain and it was so fun!!!