Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kevin Brue Melanoma Awareness Father's Day 5K, MRTT style, with Zola!

Whew! That title is a mouthful!!
Today was the Point Pleasant Rotary 5K, also known as the Kevin Brue Melanoma Awareness 5K. Kevin lost his battle Melanoma in June 2010, and he is missed by his family and friends. For the last two years, the annual Father's Day Race has been run in his honor, and to help make everyone aware of the dangers of Melanoma, especially since we are a shore town!
I stole this from his sister Bonnie's facebook page. Love their smiles!

This was my second year running the race, and my friend and fellow Moms Run This Town member Grace's first race *ever*.  My other friend and fellow member Colleen also came with us. We started by listening to my daughter since the anthem (so proud, her first of 3 events today!), followed by the kids' race, a 1 mile fun run. They always look so cute crossing that finish line, and we cheered for all of them!
Morgan singing the anthem

We lined up at the start, and got ready to head out!
I took this last night, the race runs right past my house!

It was a perfect day, not too hot, nice flat course. I wanted to push Grace a little without killing her, although I didn't do a good job, because she said a few times she wanted to die! OOOPS! Sorry Grace! She kicked butt, though, because we finished in about 35 minutes! Woot!
We hung around a bit to hear the winners. Being a local race, we new many, so shouts out to:

  1. Ryan for getting 3rd in his age group
  2. Adele for getting 3rd on her age group
  3. Katie for getting 2nd place female (she is 14!!!!)
  4. John for getting 3rd place male, and first dad
  5. Tori R for getting second place male (he is 19!!)
On to brunch! When we got to the house, the kids were all eating, and playing the Wii. Perfect! Many of them cheered us as we ran past my house, and the rest had just come from T-Ball. They were SO well behaved, especially since there were 6 of them, ages 4 to 9. 
The Moms and Dad hung around and gabbed, and had Mimosas and brunch. It was a great time, I must say, so great that I took very few pictures!
set-up before the event, looks pretty, huh?
Time for Zola. I set out all 3 varieties that Zola sent me last week. I received these through Fit Approach, as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, in exchange for a review. I have received no other compensation, and as always, all opinions are my own.
First, I must point out the awesome sunglasses. I am wearing in the pic above. Both the teenie and the boy have asked to have them, and one day the teenie just took them off to school with her. Not cool! They.are.mine.
At brunch, I put out all 3 drinks and told everyone to taste them. The kids were playing Wii. Not so interested. Until.
Little Girl came over and started drinking the Acai juice and *loved* it. She came back for seconds and this prompted Grace and her husband to try it out. Grace even made an Acai Mimosa!
Her husband really enjoyed the Coconut Water, he said it was like breaking open a coconut and drinking what was inside! Nice and fresh and delicious!
The taste test was a hit! Everyone enjoyed the drinks (although Grace and her little one drank most of the Acai lol)
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What did you do this weekend?

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