Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Week of Workouts

I have been given free access to Revolt workouts and food plans, in exchange for weekly reviews. As always, all opinions are my own!
I cannot believe another week has gone by! I have been so crazy busy, so this past week of workouts is coming to you on Tuesday? Why have I been so busy? Two reasons!! A brunch I planned for Moms Run This Town, which I mentioned on Saturday, and this:
my fluffy headed boy promoted to High School last night!
That is him, hiding behind his fluffy hair, just to the right of the enormous Superintendent, in all black. My baby starts High School in September. I am the mom of 2 High Schoolers. How does that happen?
Here are my workouts!

Monday: Tabatas, which I really do love, and never seem to get to all 3 each week! I also did my plank, my Run Streak mile, and crunches! I also went for two walks.

Tuesday: a humid 3 mile run, plus I rode my bike to my errands that day, which was fun. The teenie needed books for summer reading, so I rode to our local Recycled Reading book store!

 Wednesday: I did my mile, it is the collage way below, and then my friend Cheryl asked me to run, so I did 3.3 more. I also got to see Spirit of the Marathon II which was awesome! I was so glad it was showing just 20 minutes away!

my run to beat the storm

my run with Cheryl

 Thursday: Another run with Cheryl, but I just realized I have them reversed! Oops lol

This is Wednesday's run, lol

Friday: I did not record my run on Friday, quick one mile run for the streak, and a LOT of errands for Saturday's brunch!

Saturday: Father's Day 5K followed by a great brunch with my MRTT girls!

Sunday: 1 mile run with the dog, followed by a one mile walk. Then we went and the hubs chopped wood at the back of my in-laws property and threw it to me, I walked with it up the hill and made a pile, and then we brought it to the front of their property and loaded it into the truck.

I nice busy, week, although not much in the way of my Revolt workouts, I am afraid! I have planked every day and done my crunches every day as well. My eating has been so-so, but there is much room for improvement!
I am loving the support I get every day at the Revolt facebook page. Everyone is going through the same workouts, so they definitely feel my pain! While I am feeling it, lol.
My family and I will be vacationing starting tomorrow, and I will bring my workouts with me. All I need is my laptop and some workout bands to replace the weights, and I am good to go! You have to just love that about these amazing workouts! You are given access to printouts as well, so if I couldn't use my lap top, I could still do my workouts! LOVE it!
The current Uprising is half over, and in 2 weeks a new one begins! If you want to try it out, click here! It is an amazing deal, a whole month of workouts and food plans for just $10! Three months is $27 and a year is only $50! Amazing!

What did you do this week to get your body moving?

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  1. You had a busy, busy week!

    I'm just running this week. I've been a little tired, so I'm sticking to my 5-10K plan and little more.