Sunday, June 2, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week 5 and a New Uprising

I was provided with unlimited access to Revolt Fitness in exchange for weekly posts.

Today marks the end of week 5 of my journey with Revolt. I am definitely seeing amazing progress with these workouts! Not so much on the scale, I have lost about 2 pounds, but in the measurements. I have lost at least an inch from my waist, half inch from my thighs (which never seem to budge, no matter how hard I try) , a half inch from my calves, and and inch from my chest (boooo). I took before and after pictures as well. No dramatic changes, but I can definitely see a change in my waist and stomach.
My oh so fancy before picture lol

After, my tummy definitely looks flatter!

I feel like the pics don't show it all! My butt and the backs of my legs are much firmer, as are my thighs. My shoulders are more defined and my biceps and triceps are getting stronger! I can't even imagine how much better I would look if I had been as strict on my eating as I was on my exercise!

This week's workouts were Cardio. They were definitely killers, and sometimes I wondered if I would make it through! Add that to the Runner's World Run Streak, and it was a crazy week!

Monday was a day off, but since I skipped Upper Body during the previous week, I made up for it:


I won this! Woohoo! It's a short sleeved tech shirt, won for posting as pic at their  stall at the NJ Marathon Expo.


the quilt I am making out of my Disney Marathon Weekend shirts!

My run at the Boardwalk

combined with my Cardio

UGH it cut off on the right, but here is the MRTT pic for National Running Day!

My journal is so full for May!

nothing like a fire pit on a Summer Night

hot sweaty 5K in Avon NJ, my time sucked but it was a great day

the boy's birthday cake, and my downfall!

Look how many calories I burned this week!

The boy joined us for a crunch challenge, it was Day 1. He did 40 in less than a minute. Show off!

The next Uprising start tomorrow! It will include all of the Food Menus and workouts you will need for the month, for only $10! You can even see a free workout if you want to know what you are getting into! The workouts take about 30 minutes a day, and are catered to home workouts. You will need very little equipment to get started!
Are you with me?
Check out the Uprising HERE!
I have created a support page on Facebook HERE!

What do you have to lose? For the price of a Value Meal at a Fast Food Joint, you will have a month of workouts and meal ideas! You gotta love that!
Join me! I will be sweating right along with you!

What is your favorite type of workout? Yoga? Strength? Running? Something else?


  1. The cardio circuits this week were killer! I'm a little bit worried about what this next uprising is going to be like... still sore from Friday's workout!

    1. lol have you done today's Tabata? I wanted to die lol

  2. Wow!! The progress is awesome!!! Good for you!

    1. Thanks girl, I am feeling awesome these days!