Saturday, June 22, 2013

Runner's World Run Streak.....on vacation

Today is my 27th Day running at least one mile per day! I joined the Runner's World Run Streak Challenge to keep me focused between training plans!
I must admit, some days I couldn't wait to stop at that 1 mile, and many of those days I did just that! These last few days have been especially difficult!
Wednesday afternoon, we started out on our road trip to Myrtle Beach. My son gets car sick so we stopped halfway, in Richmond, Virginia. Our hotel was at the airport, bare bones, with a small gym and very little grounds. Before we left on Wednesday, I did my 1 mile around the neighborhood, amidst the last minute packing dropping the lizards off at the lizard sitter (thanks Grace, Peter, J, P, and H.)

Wednesday was crazy! Lots of running around, last minute packing, picking my daughter up from school (she gores to a Performing Arts HS about 30 minutes away), and then hitting the road. A lovely 5+ hour drive later, and some semi-healthy food choices later, we got to Virginia!

who eats these? Yikes!

Thursday morning, the hubs and I woke up and went for a run. He didn't want me in the "gym" alone, lol, so off to the dreadmill I went. The TV was playing the news about James Gandolfini, which I am still devastated over (as I always am when anyone dies *so* young) and I just hate the dreadmill, and after half a mile, I quit. We decided to run the parking lot instead, and managed an extra 1.1 outside.

my son makes the oddest faces
I had oatmeal and apples at Cracker Barrel, but we did not have a healthy lunch! I was all set to eat a salad, but they had Memphis Style Pulled Pork. Oh.My.Heck.
We arrived in Myrtle Beach at dinner time, walked the beach for about 2 miles, and even got in some swimming!
this places is amazing, the hubs scored us the Penthouse somehow!

Friday was our most active day so far, because the traveling is over! The hubs and I ran, and then we walked the beach some more, another 2 miles at least, then we went to Broadway at the Beach, to play MagiQuest. This is the greatest attraction ever. We have one in Jersey, so we already had wands. That's right, wands. You go on quests in this amazing two floor building, with dungeon, unicorn, trees, castle walls, etc and you have to find things that are hidden there. Check out their website, they explain it better lol. We played for almost 2 hours, running around, up and down stairs. It was awesome!

my run
After that, the hubs had to take the car to a garage. We had work done just before we left, and apparently the part is defective, because it clunked and clanged almost the entire drive down. They say it is fine though, needs to replaced but it safe. UGH! The kids and I had lunch at the Hard Rock, the teenie's favorite place, and then we went to Build a Bear. The teenie made a monkey and dressed it like the Doctor. Two hearts and all. The boy made a dinosaur for his girlfriend (awwww) and me? I geeked out and made a bear that plays the Star Wars theme, dressed it in a C3PO/R2D2 tee, and named it G Lucas, or GL for short. Yeah, I went there.

After some wandering, we went back to the Condo. It was raining now, and we decided to just swim for awhile. After we got swimming out of our system, we went up to shower and deal with dinner. Once again, we are all too tired to do much, so we got Pad Thai (and McDs for the boy) and had dinner. If you have ever been to Myrtle Beach, you know there is Mini Golf on every corner. Almost. We headed out to play at one of the cooler looking ones, and brought GL with us. In a backpack. Yoda style. Total geek out.
poor GL

It was a fun course, and a close game, but I won!  Hooray! Time for bed, I am too old for this stuff!

Which brings us to today.
It is 9:15, and I have gotten in my run:
and the hubs got Krispy Kreme (I am not eating all that well, here, I must admit!) and I think we will be walking the beach soon! The internet here is *horrible* so it may be a few days before my next update! We hope to go paddle boarding and zip lining while we are here, I hope to get pics of that!

What are you doing this weekend to keep active? My friend Kurt, my running injury guru, is competing in IronMan Syracuse tomorrow, give him some love!

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